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GH Rapid Rooter 50 Cell Plug Tray

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Rapid Rooter® plugs are all-natural soilless grow plugs made of composted tree bark and organic materials. These plugs are perfect for seedlings or cuttings. Transplant plugs in soil or soilless hydrogardening applications.

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mfgar isopropyl alcohol 99.9% 4 litres mfgar isopropyl alcohol 99.9% 4 litres


clonex rooting gel 100 ml clonex rooting gel 100 ml


root bound 500 ml root bound 500 ml


plastic nursery pot 1 gallon plastic nursery pot 1 gallon


soil a 1 liter h&g soil a 1 liter h&g


soil b 1 liter h&g soil b 1 liter h&g


bud-xl 1 liter h&g bud-xl 1 liter h&g


gaia green glacial rock dust 2kg gaia green glacial rock dust 2kg


clonex rooting gel 100 ml clonex rooting gel 100 ml


gh rapid rooter bulk plugs (1400/cs) gh rapid rooter bulk plugs (1400/cs)


clonex rooting gel 1 quart clonex rooting gel 1 quart


clonex clone solution 4 litres clonex clone solution 4 litres


jiffy preforma landmark 72 (ea) jiffy preforma landmark 72 (ea)


growerbasics seedling heat mat 10"x20" growerbasics seedling heat mat 10"x20"


grodan macroplugs 35 bags of 50 (1750) grodan macroplugs 35 bags of 50 (1750)


grodan macroplug round w/ slit bulk grodan macroplug round w/ slit bulk


Product details
Product Dimension: 50.8 x 25.4 x 7.62 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.96 Kg
SKU: 0781
Date first available: November 06 2012
Average customer review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 520 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #11 in Propagation
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Verified Purchase

January 23, 2016

You cannot go wrong with these. All you gotta do is pop all the cubes out of the tray holder, soak the cubes you will use for a few seconds in distilled or mineral water then shake excess water out. Then fill the tray up with slightly warm water as this will help provide startup humidity. Then go ahead and if you are taking cuttings, use your rooting gel or powder and insert your cutting into the hole in the cube. I then like to take a small chunk out of the cube to cover the small gap left and to keep my cutting firmly held. Repeat for however many cuttings you are taking. If you are planting from seed this tray will also work well and all you gotta do is drop the seed in and do like i said and pinch a little piece of the rooter cube off then push it gently down on top of the seed. Within 4-8 days you will see roots coming out the bottom and sides of the cubes if they are cuttings. And you will notice the seed sprouting by 5-10 days. Don't let the rooter cubes dry out; you want just enough water in the bottom of the tray to just barley see it touching the bottom of the cubes. If you put too much water in the tray chances are you are going to just rot the stems of the cuttings or the seeds will never sprout. I've had MUCH better success at cloning rates with this product coupled with a good rooting hormone versus just planting directly into soil with a rooting compound. You can get your success rates to 100% with cloning if you keep your routine sterile.



Verified Purchase

November 03, 2018

I have never been able to sprout herbs for longer than a few days. I always killed them. My thumb must be black instead of green! But every single seed I planted has sprouted successfully and is doing well. I can see the roots growing all the way down the bottom of the plug and I can tell that with patience I will be able to transplant my seedlings and start an herb garden in my kitchen. This tray makes it very easy to use the right amount of water and the seeds seem to really do well in the moss. I used tape and cut-up index cards to attach labels to each row. I have dill, basil, chives, thyme, cilantro, oregano and rosemary planted right now.

Watching the seeds sprout and grow more and more each day has been so cool. I'm 100% going to buy more plugs and re-use the tray once these little plants are ready to move on. I would recommend this for anyone who has ever had a tough time growing plants from seeds but really wants to do so.. this tray would be fun for a classroom I think.



Verified Purchase

April 04, 2013

I bought these trays based on reviews and everything that people say that is positive is 100% true. The Rapid Rooter tray comes with these pre-moistened "plugs" with little holes in each one. So, you just drop the seed in each hole (big like sunflower or even smaller seeds like poppy seeds) and the plug keeps the seed moist yet still provides a dark enough environment where it can grow easily unlike forcing it's way through dirt. Besides being easy, it's very clean, odorless and I found there is also no need to "soak" seeds overnight before planting since the Rapid Rooter plugs keep everything moist. To water, you just pour 16oz. of water in every few days. I also purchased 7-inch, clear plastic domes separately to make little greenhouses out of these trays. A great product!

Jong S. Rho


Verified Purchase

April 10, 2015

I used this with seeds rather than cuttings. For that purpose it did real well with certain seeds and not so well with others. I would not use this with really small seeds as they may have a problem getting their first leaves out of the center hole onto the surface. In addition, the picture of the seedling on the packaging shows a healthy seedling with a decent root system and true leaves - for certain types of plants that like a lot of water (such as Basil and Cilantro) it does work well. However for other seeds, the first true leaves started turning yellow fairly early, which signals there is too much water. So its basically a trial and error thing. Based on my experiences, I would use this for cuttings rather than seeds.



Verified Purchase

January 03, 2015

I didn't use all the rooters at once. I put the ones I didn't need in a plastic ziploc, and filled the tray with the amount I needed for cuttings from a poinsettia plant that are doing well. I filled the tray with water, inserted cuttings and monitored water levels and refilled when necessary. I didn't follow directions to put them under fluorescent lights for 24 hours. I live in Hawaii, and my room gets lots of light in the day, so I decided to try it using the indirect sunlight coming in my room. After a couple of weeks I see some new leaves and the beginnings of roots starting to come through a few of the rooters. When there are more roots showing, I plan to move them to pots.



Verified Purchase

June 04, 2016

Greetings all,

This is my second try with this product.

I am cloning cuttings, have not tried seeds....yet.

The first time I found the cubes dried out too fast for me, no time for constant baby sitting. So I went back to my tried and true 4" net pots with peat and perlite mix.

But that requires much more space which is at a premium indoors.

So this time around what I did different was fill the bottom with a layer of cloning solution. This allowed the cubes to constantly wick.

No more drying out, no more baby sitting.

My solution per gallon:
10 ml K-L-N 



Verified Purchase

March 14, 2016

Cloning made easy and affordable. I'm a big fan of rapid rooter. Pick yourself up a heat mat and humidity dome. That's all you need to reliably produce clones of your favorite plants. If you don't have the money to spend on an EZ clone or similar product, no worries. While cloning machines are great, I achieve great results with a simple setup like this. I would estimate my success rate at around 80%. To me this is quite acceptable. Just a little tip. Soak these in some ph. neutral water for a couple hours before you use. And ise some clonex or similar product. Keep the some on for a few days to maximize the humidity.



Verified Purchase

May 09, 2013

This thing did well for tomatoes, but my peppers did nothing in these plugs. I will give the peppers a little more time to see if anything happens.

Every seed for the tomatoes sprouted though!

Fill with 16oz of PH adjusted water, place a dome lid on top, put on heat mat at 90F (depending on plant) and let sit in dark place until it sprouts.


Update: A day after this review I seen my peppers are starting to root. :D



Verified Purchase

February 09, 2016

Awesome product. Great for seed germination or clone root growing. Although realize the outer tray is quite WEAK and THIN (its made very thin) and came to me slightly cracked on the bottom, so I had to calk it up otherwise the tray would leak water. I wish it was made of a thicker, better material, but as long as the tray is not cracked, you're good to go. The 'plugs' are the perfect material to hold your seedling/clone and keep it perfectly moist. Great product other than the weak material.

Becky in Texas


Verified Purchase

April 21, 2020

These things work!! I was a bit hesitant to purchase these since I’ve ordered similar products that came a bit moldy. These work and quite quickly. I’ve started seeds inside and out and have had great rewards either way. I had an issue with my order and seller was quick to response. If you order just the pods and not the trays, I did both, use your rinsed out k-cups to hold the pods and place in old food containers. You’re gonna love these things

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