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Atomic Feed

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Atomic feed is a modern manufacturer of high-quality fertilizers, the main task of which is to increase the weight, mass and density of crops grown. The main action of Atomic feed nutrients is to provide the growing plants with the deficient chemical components necessary for their normal growth and development. The company's products are suitable for all cultivated plants, can be used both for traditional soil and for hydroponic installations.


Atomic feed nutrients have many benefits:

  1. Contribute to effective gain of density, weight and mass.
  2. Increase cation exchange, which promotes development and growth.
  3. Enhance taste and aroma characteristics.
  4. The impact on cultivated plants is at the atomic level, which increases the effectiveness of using the considered compositions.
  5. They are universal, as they are suitable for all plants and soil, including hydroponics.
  6. During the production process, each stage of the process is carefully controlled. Before being sold, products go through a multi-level quality control system.
  7. The formulations meet international quality and safety standards.
  8. The balanced composition of active substances in high concentrations ensures an economical use of the product.

Fertilizers from Atomic feed help farmers achieve rich harvests while respecting the environment. This is possible thanks to innovative developments, regular research and the work of a team of first-class specialists. As a result, the yield of crops is effectively increased and the negative impact on the environment is reduced.

Atomic feed in Canada

Today, the brand's products are represented in more than 35 countries around the world. In Canada, you can buy fertilizers on favorable terms at the hydroponics shop "Holland Industry". At the moment, the catalog contains three volumes of the “Flower Flex” product: 300 grams, 500 grams and 1 liter. The larger the volume, the more profitable the purchase.