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Shipping Details

At Holland Industry our teams of shipping and customer service representatives are devoted to offering the best shopping experience with every single order that is received on an hourly basis. The pride that we take in our shipping and delivery expectation is above and beyond. That is why we believe that transparency is the key to providing this expectation. Please read our assuring guidelines below to learn more about what to expect from each and every order that you make.

Always In Stock

Our key to ensuring that you will receive your order on time is having physical stocks that status are displayed on our website. You may always bet on our inventory when it is displaying the In-Stock status however computers and human communications in rare cases sometimes aren’t perfect so in such situations, if we do not have the inventory (when it says In-Stock) we will contact you immediately to collect your suggestions to resolve your order.

No Drop-Shipments

We do not operate or rely on “drop shipping” or “on-time delivery” on any of our orders (unless given you such precaution). Such practice commonly causes complications and significant delays in deliveries which is why we choose not to offer such services. We will not commit to any orders that we cannot provide delivery expectations within a reasonable duration of time.

Immediate Refund

In such cases that we cannot commit to your order, you will be notified by email and an immediate void or refund will be processed.

Lightning Fast Handling

Every order that is received takes priority in our handling department. Upon approval without payment complications, the orders would be on the shipping floor within hours! We also do shipping on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) to get your orders out there on time! Our handling cut-off time is between 12 PM - 2 PM daily (including weekends). If you are in a dire rush with your order, please call our head office during operating hours and request immediate processing if possible.

Delivery Expectations

Upon viewing each of our product listings, besides our exceptionally reasonable shipping quote is a delivery date expectation ranging from the earliest to the latest delivery date. Please note that these are the dates range are based on the timing of your order. These date estimates are based on dates given by the selected carriers with the best rates. Please note that these dates are not guaranteed upon dispatch from our facility. Our selected carriers do not deliver orders on the weekends. We entrust our carriers with our shipments however complications during transit are beyond our control. In such cases, we would work closely with our carriers to swiftly resolve any complications so that your order will be delivered accordingly to its earliest possibility.