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espoma cottonseed meal 3.5lbs espoma cottonseed meal 3.5lbs


espoma garden gypsum 6lbs espoma garden gypsum 6lbs


espoma greensand 7.5 lbs espoma greensand 7.5 lbs


espoma kelp meal 4lbs espoma kelp meal 4lbs


espoma rock phosphate 7.25lbs espoma rock phosphate 7.25lbs



All plants, like any living organism, need nutrition. Plants take nutrients for growth, flowering and fruiting from soil, water and air. However, without proper and timely feeding, plants grow slowly and / or stop blooming.

Espoma understands this and offers a wide range of fertilizers for a rich harvest. For 90 years of the company's operation (since 1929), the most effective solutions for gardeners have been developed.

Espoma fertilizers are 100% organic products that allow you to achieve great results using natural resources.

Assortment of Espoma organic fertilizer

At the moment, the manufacturer offers a wide range of products that are effective both for growing plants in the open field and when using hydroponic installations.

Espoma products can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Soil for potted crops. These are soils that are enriched with essential nutrients, minerals, trace elements and macronutrients.
  2. For horticultural crops. These are specialized blends enriched with beneficial Bio-tone microbes.
  3. For lawns. Prevents weeds.
  4. Protective equipment. This category of Espoma organic fertilizers reliably protects plants from various diseases and pests.
  5. Liquid fertilizers. They are distinguished by a high content of natural proteins and beneficial microorganisms.
  6. Single fertilizers. This group includes 100% pure plant products, pH regulators, and so on.
  7. Synthetic Espoma fertilizer for vegetables. These are fast acting agricultural mixes.

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All presented products have been certified and meet high quality and safety standards. The presented wide assortment allows you to choose the right option for solving any task. Take the first step to a rich natural harvest today!