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General Hydroponics Nutrients

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calimagic 1 litre calimagic 1 litre


calimagic 10 litres calimagic 10 litres


calimagic 23 litres calimagic 23 litres

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calimagic 4 litres calimagic 4 litres


calimagic 500 ml calimagic 500 ml


diamond nectar 1 litre diamond nectar 1 litre


diamond nectar 10 litres diamond nectar 10 litres


diamond nectar 4 litres diamond nectar 4 litres


flora blend 1 litre flora blend 1 litre


flora blend 10 litres flora blend 10 litres


flora blend 23 litres flora blend 23 litres


flora blend 4 litres flora blend 4 litres

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flora kleen 1 litre flora kleen 1 litre


flora kleen 10 litres flora kleen 10 litres


flora kleen 23 litres flora kleen 23 litres


flora kleen 4 litres flora kleen 4 litres


flora micro hard water 1 litre flora micro hard water 1 litre


flora micro hard water 23 litres flora micro hard water 23 litres


flora micro hard water 500 ml flora micro hard water 500 ml


floranectar banana bliss 1 litre floranectar banana bliss 1 litre


floranectar fusion 1 litre floranectar fusion 1 litre


floranectar fusion 10 litres floranectar fusion 10 litres


floranectar fusion 23 litres floranectar fusion 23 litres


floranectar fusion 4 litres floranectar fusion 4 litres


floranectar sugarcane 1 litre floranectar sugarcane 1 litre


floraseries quart trial pack floraseries quart trial pack


florashield 1 litre florashield 1 litre


general hydroponics floranova bloom 1 litre general hydroponics floranova bloom 1 litre

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general hydroponics floranova bloom 10 litres general hydroponics floranova bloom 10 litres


general hydroponics floranova bloom 4 litres general hydroponics floranova bloom 4 litres


General Hydroponics Nutrients

General Hydroponics is a French brand currently part of the Hawthorne Gardening Corporation. He has been a leading innovator in hydroponics for over 40 years. The company shares its customers' passion for growing plants, as that is exactly where it started. The company currently has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe, where researchers are developing fertilizers, substrates, and aeroponics systems to help growers around the world take care of their plants and achieve the best results.

General Hydroponics nutrients

Today, GH nutrients are used to grow fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants and flowers. The brand's products are specifically designed to meet the wide range of needs of gardeners who grow plants for themselves or for marketing. The main criterion in the development of unique brand products is the creation of useful, sustainable and environmentally friendly products. General Hydroponics flora series and other series are universal due to the use of unique innovative solutions and developments. As a result, General Hydroponics nutrient products create a unique microenvironment for plants, which allows for excellent results. 

Today the manufacturer offers various series of products:

  1. Floragro. This is a modern mineral fertilizer for obtaining the maximum yield of vegetables.
  2. Maxibloom. This is a mineral composition that stimulates an increase in the fruiting and flowering of plants, which has a positive effect on the volume of the obtained crop.
  3. Floramicro. A unique product of three components that improves the taste and aroma of vegetables and fruits, maximizes the genetic potential of plants.
  4. General Organics Go Box. This is a complex solution of fertilizers and growth stimulants, which allows you to achieve maximum results in the growing process. Suitable for all modern growing methods.

Where to buy General Hydroponics in Canada products?

You can buy General Hydroponics organic nutrients and formulations in the specialized online store "Holland Industry". The catalog contains a wide range of products for any task. General Hydroponics nutrients meet international quality and safety standards and have safety certificates.