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Diamond Nectar 4 Litres

by General Hydroponics

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Diamond Nectar accelerates nutrient absorption into plant roots through a natural process called mineral chelation. Low molecular weight humic acids grab immobile & molecularly heavy minerals & transport them into plant tissues for faster growth & bigger yields.

Diamond Nectar is extracted from mined Leonardite with a high profile of low molecular weight humic acids. It is pH buffered in the range for best plant growth. Can be used for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco blends & hydroponics.

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Shipping Weight: 6.8 Kg
SKU: 0931

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: June 25 2014
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 1639 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #32 in General Hydroponics
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The Chicken


Verified Purchase

December 26, 2017

Diamond Nectar is a very good grade of humic (fulvic) acid. I use it to grow Marijuana.. This is not a necessary product if you are using Floralicious Plus.. Floralicious Plus is really a combo of Diamond Nectar and Floralicious Bloom.. All three have the same amount of Humic Acid and they are all made from Leonardite.. The difference between the three are.. Floralicious plus you can use in all applications that you would have had to use Florabloom for this phase and Diamond Nectar for this application. However Fplus is 48 dollars for a quart.. Fbloom and Dnectar are less than 20 each for a quart.. So you save about 12 bucks using the two and have twice as much!.. That's how I see it!... Lol. I use the Fbloom in veg.. I use it at half strength in a tea I feed them. It needs microbes to break it down and help with the uptake of your other nutrients.. I use it full strength throughout the first four weeks of bloom in a tea I feed them once every 7 to 10 days.. I use Diamond Nectar the last two weeks I feed them in bloom before I start my flush.. I do this because Fbloom has a NPK of 1-1-1 .. I don't want the nitrogen the last two weeks.. That's where Diamond Nectar is better than Fbloom and Floralicious Plus.. It has no nitrogen!. There!!! I wish someone would have explained it to me that way.. From using all three products.. That's how I see it!.. If I had to pick one.. I think Fbloom is more versatile even tho the say Fplus is. I just think the cost of Fplus too much, when I really don't see it working any better than what I get from Fbloom.. And Diamond Nectar is just the icing on the cake! Again.. I'm speaking from strictly a marijuana growing standpoint!

It does a make a difference.. Its a add on to your normal regime.. And you will see a difference in smell.. Fullness.. Color.. Frost.. Taste and what's known as BRIX.. Hope this is helpful!

Brandon Doucette


Verified Purchase

July 30, 2018

I liked it but it was a bit overkill with the flora-series, liquid koolbloom-liquid/powder, and of course my calimagic:) id say save your money and if you have what I listed your good until you get more advanced in your growing ability. I did experience nute lockout on one of my “mater” plants;) but I did it on purpose to see what they could take.... 2200ppm? and my lady was juicy and blinging. But I’m just playing don’t do what I did, 1800 is plenty for a small/personal use environment;) happy growing, Always Forward!!

melissa ann ward


Verified Purchase

January 13, 2019

The only regret I have is not getting the six gallon jug instead of the 2.5 gallon one. I got this an Armor SI at the same time, I saw a major turn around in just a few days while into flower. I went from trouble to would never even think about not using Diamond Nectar in every stage of growth. If you are having trouble, or just want a massive increase in lush green healthy plants. This is the stuff that will take you to a master level, and beyond your dream of green in the grow room.



Verified Purchase

September 30, 2022

My tomatoes love this stuff !! Their website has all sorts of info on growing. Great company great products this will be my forever nute solution! I only have pictures of my tomatoes but I used this on peppers strawberries blueberries and more! I would definitely recommend their entire line up. Once I added the rest of their nutrients in the line up the tomatoes ending up going crazy. I actually cut them down because they were getting to big 7’ tall was a little much!



Verified Purchase

Really helps nutes absorption - So be aware

July 31, 2020

I grow in coco in a CO2 enriched environment. I always went in the PPM range of 900 ( 1800 EC ) while in full Veg.
With this product, I had to reduce the nutes quite much, because I started to notice small nute burns. Now I am down at 700 PPM and nute burns did not continue to increase.
This product really helps increasing nute absorption, there is no doubt about it. This will make you save a good amount of money on the base nutrients.

Thomas Sanford


Verified Purchase

November 21, 2022

Every hydro solution should include this to improve nutrient uptake and make the most of your valuable hydro chemicals. It has allowed me to reduce the standard 3 part GH soliution by about 1/3 of what they recommend with no reduction in growth or yield. I use a couple other supplements but as a basic this, some calimagic, and the 3 part GH you will be good to go for any situation.



Verified Purchase

February 05, 2022

I use this along with g/h trio(micro,grow,bloom) cal-mag, Armor si and kool bloom to grow baseball size buds. Works great. Made from leonardite just like the label says. Although some people are getting different labels I think it’s because you could only label certain products in certain states. So they word the ingredients differently in different states.

Miss V


Verified Purchase

November 29, 2017

Just started with this product. Using with the General Hydroponics feeding schedule. I have other GH products and I love them and I started with Fox Farm- another great product, but the price of GH is much better. I have no complaints with any of their products. Will update but GH has proven itself so I am sure this product will to



Verified Purchase

March 07, 2023

I see a lot of confusion surrounding bottles not being marked as Humic Acid, understandably. There are a lot of laws when it comes to Humic and Fulvic acid and they change by location. I learned this from health supplements. This seems to be the genuine GH Humic Acid product. I would contact them with questions before you return it.



Verified Purchase

Helps plants grow faster and stronger

December 11, 2020

Humic acidmhelps plants absorb nutrients.. and wow does it ever.. highly recommend, just make sure you check your ppm nutes, your plants may experience nute burn with lower amou to due to rapid uptake. I use 3 ml/gallon in my dwc ( way less than half of gh recommendation) in dirt its more forgiving

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