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General Hydroponics Go Box

by General Hydroponics

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Quality starts here! The General Organics Go Box contains a pure V-GANIC nutrient line formulated from botanical extracts and natural minerals. Contains NO animal derived ingredients.

Providing gardeners with a complete line of superior organic plant foods and supplements. Each product in the "GO" line enables you to enrich your garden, your life and the planet. General organics products bring together the time-tested materials of traditional gardening with the ecological and efficient methods of the future. General Organics represents our deep commitment to sustainability, quality, simplicity, and innovation. BioThrive Grow and BioThrive Bloom- These products have been created by the same team that brought FloraNova to the market. In fact, the head of research and development for General Hydroponics, has a strong background in sustainable agriculture, and this line is just the beginning of his vision of pure organic hydroponics.

The General Organics line is a total departure from the conventional rules of hydroponics. Right out of the bottle the products can be mixed and hand watered on plants growing in soil, or soilless media.

- 16oz BioThrive Grow
- 16oz BioThrive Bloom
- 8oz CaMg+
- 8oz BioRoot
- 8oz BioWeed
- 8oz BioBud
- 8oz BioMarine
- 8oz Diamond Black

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general organics camg+ 1 litre general organics camg+ 1 litre


gh general organics biothrive bloom 1 litre gh general organics biothrive bloom 1 litre


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gh general organics bioweed 1 litre gh general organics bioweed 1 litre


liquid koolbloom 4 litres liquid koolbloom 4 litres


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gh armor si 10 litres gh armor si 10 litres


gh general organics camg+ gallon gh general organics camg+ gallon


gh flora gro 208l gh flora gro 208l


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gh general organics bioroot 10 litres gh general organics bioroot 10 litres


gh general organic biomarine 10 litres gh general organic biomarine 10 litres


gh floralicious plus 23 litres gh floralicious plus 23 litres


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Shipping Weight: 4.54 Kg
SKU: 2050

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: February 01 2018
Average customer review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 1518 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #1 in General Hydroponics
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Verified Purchase

November 02, 2018

I'm giving it 3 stars because this is a very good brand and you get a lot in this box. So I hate to diss the company. I use the GH Up & Down set with no issues.

I grow legal medical marijuana. For some reason with these nutrients (I always check pH and ppm every time) I was fighting deficiencies for weeks.

I even started varing the pH, within range, some to make sure all the different nutes had correct pH to work with. Run off water (25% run off) was consistently high (7.5) which I've never had issues with. And I water throughly when fabric pot is dry. I even re-calibrated my pH meter to make sure that was working correctly.

I had to switch to another entire set of nutrients halfway through my grow. Plants immediately balanced out after I started using new nutes and I've had no more issues.

I still think it's a good box to try, if your wanting to try their Organic line up. I've seen great results in grow journals. I just personally didn't have good results with their Organic line. It could be the particular strain of plants, but I'm growing different strains and they all had issues.

Also realize these are Organic. Not the same of there regular line up. Bottles are all a good size, though they should increase the size of the CalMag bottle since cannabis plants require a lot of CalMag.



Verified Purchase

July 28, 2018

The 5 stars is for the value. The GoBox is a great startup pack for people who want organic nutrients. I’m using this to feed cannabis. If you decide to buy, here’s some info from my experience:
• I got burn at 75% from what is recommended on the feeding chart. 50% is as high as I go for the base nutes (BioThrove), but I’m at 25% for the supplements (smaller bottles). You wont need the CalMag if growing in soil.

•You don’t have to PH if you’re mix is in the correct range of PPM/EC. It is my understanding that these organic nutrients will ‘fight’ itself into a mid 6 ph.
My tap water is always 7.3-7.8, after mixing nutes it drops to 5.5-6.0. This was alarming at first and I’ve tried PHing the mix, but I’ve never noticed a difference as far as plant health. Currently, I mix silicon into the water first which spikes the PH to 9.5+ then the nutes drop ot to 6.3-6.5 so I’m digging that.
So, expect a huge drop in PH, but as long as it doesn’t drop below 4.7 or so, you should’nt have PH problems. (**from my experience)

I’m almost out of the BioThrive, but I plan on buying a larger bottle and stay with it. As far as the supplements, it’s hard to say if they are necessary. I plan on looking into other products.



Verified Purchase

April 26, 2012

This is an awesome kit that has everything you need for amazing plants. The 1 star reviewers complained about using in Hydroponics: I wouldn't recommend organic fertilizers and nutrients for use in hydroponics. It doesn't take an expert to figure out why your hydro system reacted poorly to the addition of pureed squid. Beginners hankering for some hydroponic action would be best suited with an Aerogarden, this kit would be best used for soil.

I've done ~2 years of researching the best additives for plant health are and just about all of my "secret" finds are included in this kit (they are very upfront about the ingredients on each bottle, which is reassuring). This will not only improve the health of your plants, but will improve the health of your soil as well (which is both environmentally friendly and better for your wallet in the long run). Lots of time and research clearly went into putting this kit together in a cost effective manner.

Really wish I had found this kit years ago, I would have saved much $! Get the kit, and if you are feeling frisky google the ingredients of the various additives and learn a thing or two on why your plants are so happy!

J VanHuss


Verified Purchase

September 05, 2021

My order arrived very quickly. All bottles in my box were intact, and seals were very secure. I read many complaints of leaking, but I had no issues. I've used several different nutrient lines before. This kit has performed as well as or better than anything I've seen or used. My plants absolutely thrived in every phase of growth. Currently only half way through flower, and colas are already so heavy with thick, sticky buds I've had to tie several branches up help support the weight. Have had no pH issues requiring adjustment. A couple of the components smell pretty bad, but are tolerable, though I've kept it refrigerated to help prevent spoilage. I'm reordering now, and I highly recommend to either new or seasoned growers using soil substrate. You will not be disappointed!



Verified Purchase

November 29, 2016

So far I have had pretty good results, just be sure to flush every so often like you would synthetic ferts cause the bottle says to feed every feeding. If you go to their website they have a pretty good feed schedule.
Do not mix this stuff way beforehand like you would with other ferts
pH is usually pretty right on but keep an eye on it.
Complete line, but I would still recommend either mykos and xtreme tea compost brew or recharge to supplement the soil with healthy microbes
Do not use water that has been treated with chlorine or chloramine kills off all the good stuff.
As many mention this stuff smells, but all organic matter smells so get over it if you want to use organic supplements.. I mix mine up in the garage and carry to designated spot.

Mark L


Verified Purchase

General Organics Go Box

January 14, 2020

I am on my second Go Box. The first one was more than enough to look after the feeding needs of three and 1/2 crops of 4 plants each. I find this product really well suited for small personal grow rooms managing 1-4 plants. Following the suggested receipt makes it easy to keep your plants healthy, growing through veg and flowering without any other additions really needed, no additional pH adjustments are needed, it is as easy as following the instructions. Good results at the end of the day as well.



Verified Purchase

Missleading size and shipping

June 03, 2020

lgr bottles are 473 ml and small are 236 ml. All the pictures are blurry and imply you are getting 1 ltr and 500 ml. That being said after shipping and customs the package comes to about $37 per bottle. I am feeling a bit ripped off. if I had received more information i may have ordered the items I wanted rather than buy the whole set. I think they should have to note the bottle sizes in the description or fined for deception so people can compare shipping costs and get the best bang for buck.



Verified Purchase

This was great for me bc I do not have a natural ...

April 21, 2018

This was great for me bc I do not have a natural green thumb. This took most of the stress and worry away. As well, the price was good for what it gives. I grew 7 lovely flowering plants in my tent over this past winter with this kit. I still have enough of most nutes to grow another 4+. I knocked a star off bc as many others have stated, the bottles can leak/burst I lost a fair bit of a couple products this way...and it smells bad!

Quack Assassin's


Verified Purchase

September 25, 2021

I've used this successfully so far for two cycles. Everything you need is in one box. I like that I can get the four parts of this package that I use the most in quart and gallon size for replacement. just make sure when you order replacements that you have enough to last the stretch the gallons seem to take longer to get to you than the quarts do.

Nick connolly


Verified Purchase

Product is working great so far

June 22, 2018

Product is working great so far. Only complaint I have is that the caps don’t seal very well. You can turn them upside down and squeeze gently and liquids will pour out. This aloo leads to being able to smell the nutrients(which don’t smell great) all the time in my grow room.

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