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Champion Nutrients

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Champion Nutrients

In order for home plants to delight you with their flowering appearance, you need not only to water them in a timely manner, loosen the soil, and provide them with light but also to feed them. For feeding, it is better to use ready-made mixtures of industrial production.

Fertilizers for hydroponics and substrates are balanced mixtures of minerals, macro- and microelements to enhance and stimulate flowering and vegetation. Each type of fertilizer contains biologically active substances in a specially selected combination, which ensure the growth and development of plant organisms.

Why is it important to use hydroponics?

Fertilizers for plants perform the same function as vitamins for humans: without them, some physiological processes in the body slow down or do not occur at all. Fertilizers provide plants with a healthy appearance and stimulate reproductive functions.

The use of nutrient mixtures has a positive effect on all important stages of plant growth:

  • Full vegetation - the growth of stems and leaves;
  • Stimulation of photosynthesis;
  • Flowering and ovary formation;
  • Fruiting and seed formation;
  • Prevention and therapy of diseases.

How to choose Champion hydroponics for flowers?

The choice of hydroponics depends on their intended use and how the plants are grown. There are fertilizes in the form of granules, tablets, and powders that protect plants from diseases and provide vegetative qualities. There are liquid solutions in bioavailable form to stimulate flowering.

You can buy Champion hydroponics for indoor plants right now without even leaving your home: just make an online application. You can choose the method of payment and delivery yourself: we guarantee careful packaging of the goods to preserve their properties. Order now!

Сhampion nutrients and fertilizers for systems and substrates at the most competitive and favorable prices. We offer high-quality equipment and materials from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers: with us, your plants will bloom and bear fruit all year round.