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atami bloombastic 10 litres atami bloombastic 10 litres


b'cuzz bloom 1 litre b'cuzz bloom 1 litre


b'cuzz bloom 10 litres b'cuzz bloom 10 litres


b'cuzz bloom stimulator 5 litres b'cuzz bloom stimulator 5 litres


b'cuzz growth 1 litre b'cuzz growth 1 litre


b'cuzz root 1 litre b'cuzz root 1 litre


b'cuzz root 10 litres b'cuzz root 10 litres


b'cuzz root 5 litres b'cuzz root 5 litres



Atami is a modern high-tech research bureau with an excellent reputation among gardeners around the world. Atami nutrients are high quality fertilizers that have been produced in Holland since 1997. Today the company is one of the world leaders in the production of a wide range of nutrients, additives, stimulants and substrates for plants. Atami bloom stimulator and other products of the brand can be used for any modern crop plants, both for growing crops in traditional soil, and in hydroponic installations.

TOP ATAMI product lines

Atami fertilizers can be divided into 3 main categories:

  1. ATA. Designed for gardeners looking for the most easy-to-use yet effective formulations without compromising on quality.
  2. ATA Organics. 100% organic series.
  3. Bcuzz bloom stimulator Atami. The series is designed for industrial cultivation of plants and obtaining a rich harvest.

Particularly noteworthy are the Atami hydroponics units called "Wilma Large". The units are pots filled with growing media. The necessary nutrients are delivered to the pots through droppers using a specialized pump. As a result, plants receive a complex of essential nutrients and water for harmonious growth and development. 

Due to the use of Atami bloom and other fertilizers, plants absorb more water and nutrients, while eliminating the possibility of overdose. The Wilma Large system has higher yields than conventional pots. This is the best option for those who are just mastering the hydroponics system.

Product characteristics

Fertilizers from Atami are a high quality mineral cocktail with perfectly balanced proportions. Substrates are characterized by increased airiness, so they contribute to the development of a healthy root system and a bountiful harvest.

The company's products are constantly tested and improved. At the moment, the entire range meets high quality standards. High concentration and pure quality make fertilizers economical to use.

Bio-mineral fertilizers are presented in 40 countries of the world and are in high demand among both professional gardeners and beginners. You can buy Atami nutrients in Canada at the hydroponic shop "Holland Industry".