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Shipping & Returns

Holland Industry seeks to provide you the best shopping experience. We do this by providing you fast & free shipping on minimum orders, one to three years warranty on selected items (please inquire before purchase), great variety of product selections, price match guarantee (we price match only on selective local competitors). With all great services we require customers to be aware of our shipping & return policies. Below are the list of conditions.

Shipping & handling time

- Your order is received by our system immediately upon completion of checkout. We strive to provide local customers (Ontario/Quebec) 1-2 days delivery however customers in other provinces will take between 3-5 days for delivery. Occasionally some items will take up to 2 weeks to arrive because it may be on backorder. If you made a large order we may send the available items and send the remaining separately. Be sure to contact us by phone or email if your order is urgent. Please note that we do not provide a delivery time guarantee at the moment however we always apply all of our resources to serve our customer's need in a priority manner.

Damaged liquid upon delivery

- Liquid products that are damaged upon shipping should be inspected before unpackaged. Do not open the package if there are leaks. Contact us with pictures and receive instructions on the next step. Liquid bottles and products must be unopened and unused. In the case of a product expired, the customer should not use the product. Upon using or unsealing the product even after the expiry date, the customer is responsible for the full purchase of the product, and it will not be refundable.

Damaged glass upon delivery

- Do not attempt to unpackage or use a damaged glass item if arrived damaged. Please take a picture of the product and contact us with instruction on the next step.

Non-working item upon delivery

- This only applies to electric products. If you receive an electronic product that does not work as advertised upon delivery, we will provide a prepaid return label for the product as long as it's within the range of 30 days. We will check the item for defects and if we determine that the product is functional, the customer must pay to ship the item back. If the item is defected as suggested by the customer, we will pay to send a new working item to the customer. Beyond 30 days, the customer must pay to return it to us for assistance with the manufacturer warranty. We recommend that the customer contact the manufacturer first and figure out the manufacturer warranty process, resolution may be faster dealing with the manufacturer directly. If the product has an in-store warranty, the customer may have to pay to ship it to us and for returns.

Wrong delivered item/order

- If you received an incorrect item from your order, please contact us immediately with your order information and tracking number for a prepaid return shipping label. We will send out the correct order as soon as possible.

General return

- If you require returning an item or order for a refund in cases where you may not need the product anymore, you have 30 days to decide on this matter. Contact us for the proper return address; you are required to pay for shipping. Once returned, we will refund you the product total (including HST). Initial shipping cost is not refundable.

Soil, coco coir, bagged growing media return

- Soil, coco coir, and bagged growing media, even if expired, should not be opened or used. If a buyer opens the product and then changes their mind, we cannot accept it as a return. This policy is in place to prevent the resale of potentially tampered or contaminated products, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of future buyers.

Please read through our Shipping & Returns guideline and be aware of these conditions. We follow these guidelines to provide the best shopping experience for everyone. If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@hollandindustry.com.

Delivery refusal:

If a buyer refuses to accept a delivery, they will be responsible for all expenses incurred for both the shipping and returning of the shipment. Additionally, the buyer will be held accountable for any extra costs charged by entities such as the courier, broker, customs, or government agencies. To avoid this situation, please note that if you change your mind about your order, contact us on the same day as the order is placed to cancel or hold your shipment. Once the carrier has picked up the package, stopping the delivery may not be possible, and both shipping and returning fees will be charged to the buyer. In case of a returned order, a restocking fee of up to 20% may apply.

Updated on Mar. 28.2023