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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients is a fertilizer manufacturer whose motto was "always the most modern". Thanks to this, his product is the most modern and the most important on the market. These are the best, if only because every day in the Advanced Nutrients laboratories we examine the most advanced cultivation technologies that can help you maximize your crop. The range of fertilizers and stimulants Advanced Nutrients Canada is the most diverse and progressive, takes into account the needs of the plant at every stage of growth and flowering, and offers the cultivator a large arsenal to achieve maximum performance from each square meter of greenhouse.

The Canadian Advanced Nutrients Company is known to many farmers for one reason: it is known for its openness and cooperation with farmers.

Thanks to the latest scientific research and our own laboratory research, the Advanced Nutrients series includes not only a variety of basic fertilizers - both premium and economical segments - as well as fertilizers that have been specially developed for hydroponics with the patented ph-perfect formula, but also stimulants with different effects both on the metabolic processes of the plant and on improving the root environment. Advanced nutrients Canadian stimulants include microorganisms, bacteria, enzymes, phytohormones, useful phosphorus and potassium complexes - there are so many that for convenience, stimulants are divided into four levels: hobbyist, expert-breeder, professional breeder and Grand Master breeder.

The range of advanced nutrients is really diverse - basic mineral and organic fertilizers, root and flowering stimulants, practical kits that have been thought out and made by the manufacturer according to the gardener's level. We have created a detailed overview of Advanced Nutrients stimulants and fertilizers, describing the key properties and characteristics of each individual product or product line.

Mineral fertilizers

Advanced Nutrients mineral supplements are offered with certain technologies in several product lines. We will tell you more about the composition and properties of using these fertilizers.

Two-component Jungle Juice

A highly effective and cost-effective two-component formula enriched with organic extracts. Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 2-Part gives the plant nitrogen, potassium, magnesium. The fertilizer composition also includes magnesium, iron, sulfur, cobalt, boron, copper, molybdenum. All substances are in chelated form, which facilitates the absorption of nutrients by plants.

Three main reasons why you should pay attention to this line:

1. Contains high quality extracts from algae, alfalfa and paulownia from Asia.

2. The exact amount of nutrients your plants need. It can be safely used in combination with other fertilizers at ideal pH.

3. This is a budget offer for the Advanced Nutrients brand. The optimal combination of price, quality and utility is suitable for inexperienced gardeners, as well as for owners of large commercial greenhouses. It contains everything necessary for the full growth and flowering of plants, and guarantees an impressive harvest.

- Jungle Juice Micro gives your plants a proper start and provides them with nitrogen, iron, calcium and other high-quality trace elements in the exact proportions required for the plant.

- Jungle Juice Grow supplies nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other secondary elements necessary for active growth during the growing season.

- Jungle Bloom Juice gives plants phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur, creating large inflorescences with a bright taste and aroma, so you get maximum performance!

pH Perfect

The Perfect pH system, specially developed by the Advanced Nutrients Laboratory, solves the problem of maintaining the pH within the required range. No more daily acid tests with expensive pH meters. You have just defined the desired value of the solution that will last for a week!

The main advantages of pH Perfect technology:

1. Automatically adjusts the set pH value and stores its value for a week.

2. High-quality basic food by extracting plant ingredients from an unparalleled range of amino acids.

3. The composition contains fulvic acid and a strong nonionic surfactant. They form a release matrix in several stages to ensure 100% absorption of nutrients by plants.

4. All trace elements that make up the fertilizer are in the form of chelates available to plants. Chelation is a process of preventing oxidation of trace elements by attaching a chelate molecule to it. Trace elements must be bound so that the plant can absorb them. They cannot remain in free form because they oxidize immediately after entering the water and form stable compounds that plants can no longer use.


Several fertilizer lines have been developed based on the Perfect pH system.

pH Perfect Grow / Micro / Bloom

A three-component system in which you must use Grow, Micro and Bloom in combination. A balanced formula that provides the plant with high-quality nutrition in precise proportions at every stage of development. Many tests have shown that plants grow best in most cases when using pH Perfect GMB in a 1: 1: 1 ratio. However, experienced growers can experiment with this formula and change the proportions to get the best results.

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Parts A&B

A two-component nutrition system that has been specially developed to increase the potential of plants. Sensi A and B are good because they are two components and are easier to use. However, the quality of these fertilizers has been proven through thousands of garden and scientific tests. Sensi Grow ingredients stimulate rapid growth, lush foliage development and stable plant structure, and provide higher yield. Sensi Grow contains pharmaceutical grade precursors, reagents and enterosorbents. The fertilizer is suitable for almost all cultivation methods and soil types.

pH Perfect Sensi Coco

A two-component nutrient system specially developed for coconut cultivation. Coconut fibers would be an ideal substrate - especially for eco-conscious producers - if there was no risk of nutrient deficiency. The basic fertilizer should therefore solve this problem. pH Perfect Sensi Coco provides the right amount of potassium, avoiding the toxicity of this element, which is already abundant in coconuts. It also contains chelated forms of magnesium and calcium that the coconut cannot sustain and are available to the plant. Because iron is also a limiting factor for coconuts, Sensi Coco also contains additional iron in chelated form to avoid substrate deficiency. Even the most inexperienced gardener who first started growing coconuts will get very professional results thanks to the pH range of Perfect Sensi Coco.


pH Perfect Connoisseur

A two-component food system specially developed for connoisseurs and connoisseurs with a refined taste and maximum quality. Gourmet - programmed feeding of the ultra-premium class. A real breakthrough in plant growth. Up to 40% more harvest in the same period! With this type of fertilizer, you get tasty and aromatic fruit filled with saccharin and carbonates, as well as large, vivid flowers. The exclusive two-part formula "Grow" and "Bloom" should impress with the results of the most experienced producers. As a result of this colossal work of the Advanced Nutrients group of scientists, many of the Perfect Connoisseur pH basic fertilizers have become the "peak" in the basic food ranking. For the same reason, it is the most expensive. This line is not intended for beginners and those who have not built a high performance equipment system (light, ventilation, temperature, etc.).

Basic organic fertilizers

Advanced Nutrients organic fertilizers are made entirely from natural organic elements known for their quality and excellent grades.

Iguana. Juice Organic

A 100% organic single-component liquid fertilizer, compound, completely soluble in water, offers optimal growth cycles and predictably high yields. Juice Organic Iguana contains only pure, effective premium nutrients.

- Only 100% organic substance that contains all macro, secondary and trace elements, as well as other cofactors required for optimal growth and optimal efficiency

- Contains fish and yeast extracts that are rich in macroelements, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and 20 L-amino acids that are the building blocks of plant growth

- Maximizes both growth and flowering of plants and provides important trace elements from organic ingredients.

- Gradually supplies all the nutrients that the plant needs for a long time to ensure its full availability during the growth and flowering phase

- Contains lignosulfonates, which prevent aggregation of nutrients and increase their absorption efficiency.

If you want 100% organic farming with an amazing taste and aroma, Iguana is for you!

Mother Earth Super Tea

A unique organic product that can be used as a basic food product and as a supplement to the basic nutrition program for minerals. Mother Earth Super Tea Organic consists of two ingredients, Grow and Bloom, which are mixed in equal proportions throughout the entire growth cycle. The taste and aroma of the fruit largely depend on the ingredient in the organic plant nutrition program. Mother Earth Organic Tea Bloom A 100% organic product that complements or completely replaces the basic flowering vinaigrette. It is based on processed organic sources of nutrients that contain a large number of micro and macro elements, amino acids and vitamins.


Root stimulants with beneficial bacteria

Roots are a very important part of the plant because they provide nutrition for them. That is why monitoring their health is so important. By using the roots' ability to build a symbiotic relationship with beneficial fungi and bacteria, we can effectively care for the root system. Microorganisms contribute to the decomposition of dead parts of plants and transform them into additional nutrients. Cleaning the root zone also contributes to better oxygen penetration into the roots.

The specialty of advanced nutrients is that they grow all bacteria themselves and don't buy them from third parties. In their laboratories, they test the tolerance of various types of bacteria and fungi and identify the most efficient working groups. As a result, they reproduce quickly and colonize the root zone of plants.

Advanced Nutrients Canada products include three types of root stimulants that differ in the number of microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) and their type.

Voodoo juice

It contains 6 varieties of useful strains of microorganisms, whose effective work leads to an increase in root mass. To ensure a long shelf life and excellent viability, Voodoo Juice microbes are placed in an "antagonistic" complex that keeps them inactive until Voodoo Advanced Nutrients are mixed with water, where the "antagonist" complex dissolves and the bacteria activate.


It contains 24 types of various microorganisms - 8 types of root hair bacteria and 16 types of mycorrhizae. Injecting very effective, useful mushrooms contained in Pirahna fluid into the root zone gives many amazing benefits. Pirahna Advanced Nutrients contain powerful endo- and ectomycorrhizal fungi that cause root growth, maintain a healthy balance in the root zone, and increase biomass rich in essential oils. First, fungi help increase the effective root area of ​​plants and their total length by up to 75%. Scientific studies have shown that plants can receive 86% more nitrogen, 234% more phosphorus and 75% more potassium than plants without these fungi. This naturally leads directly to vegetative growth, larger leaf area, production of more buds, better flower structure, and weight gain!


Bacterial mix of 57 microorganisms. This formula has been specially developed for use with all hydroponic systems, as well as drip irrigation systems, periodic floods etc. Tarantula Advanced Nutrients contains about 10 million live bacteria per gram of product, making it by far the strongest of all root stimulants. Increases growth rate and yields. This fertilizer has been developed in accordance with the strict Advanced Nutrients quality standards and strengthens the plant's resistance and helps in the fight against root diseases. Increases root mass and branching, which leads to an increase in yield.


Nirvana - a metabolism and immunity enhancer

Nirvana Advanced Nutrients is a completely organic biocatalyst with powerful extracts that stimulate and support increased plant metabolism: Accelerates the growth and development of buds and provides all the nutrients necessary for real enlargement of the kidneys, and thus the kidneys.

The unique 100% organic complex "Azomite" contains quicklime, carbon, iron, hydrogen, quartz, gold, magnesium, nitrogen, sulfur, magnesium oxide and antimony, chromium, cobalt, boron, molybdenum, copper, phosphorus pentoxide, manganese, silver, zinc and Dozens of other substances. At the base, Azomite is the product of a volcanic eruption and relict volcanic rock.

And of course, humic and fulvic acids from the richest source - leonardite (soft brown charcoal) - provide active transport of substances within the plant.

Triple drug filtration allows use in all hydroponic systems, not only on coconut soil or ground.

Revive - Reanimator of plants under stress

This stimulant is a first aid kit. This will cause nutritional imbalances, transplants, diseases and stressful situations associated with growing growth disorder, even in critical cases, when the pump suddenly stopped working and you only learned it a few hours or days later.

This concentrated combination of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, chelated iron and chelated zinc enables a quick and effective rebirth to save plant life. Advanced Nutrients Revive guarantees that plants will regain their perfect condition when they encounter the most common diseases related to lack of nutrients. This can happen if something happens that you have no control over, especially if you use low quality fertilizers.

Bud Ignitor - stimulator for increasing the number of ovaries

The use of this stimulant during the first two weeks of flowering increases the number of ovarian points. And instead of 30 to 55% of potential ovaries, your plant forms 70 to 100%. When your successful plants absorb the extracts of flowering plants contained in the Bud Ignitor Center, they immediately transfer all the energy they previously put into vegetative growth and release them for unusually abundant flowering. Advanced nutrients Bud Ignitor uses new generation technology to allow you to even take on the entire extra growth cycle every year. This initiates earlier kidney production and increases kidney performance and density, producing more buds and every inch of the kidney rod. In addition, the plants themselves create reserves of potassium and phosphorus, which begin to work actively and help the plant better use its potential and create maximum inflorescences.

Overdrive - flowering stimulator

After the maximum flowering phase, the plants enter the late flowering phase (the exact duration and duration depends on the plant variety you grow). During this time, most farmers no longer expect much from the development of flowers. Instead of accepting this situation, you can make even better use of your plants in the last phase thanks to Advanced Nutrients Overdrive.

Bud Blood Liquid - a great ingredient for flowering

It allows plants to bloom as quickly as possible and get harvest earlier, while increasing crop yield and significantly increasing flower weight, quality and density. It contains excellent forms and proportions of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and other key ingredients that increase the weight and volume of the flower. In addition, special ingredients in Bud Blood Liquid improve the absorption properties of the root system. This means that plants absorb nutrients and water more easily. The same ingredients protect plants against incorrect pH values, nutrient deficiencies, water and oxidation problems.

Big Bud Liquid - a performance enhancer

The unique and patented Big Bud Liquid product enjoys a special success and deserved love of producers and producers around the world. The Big Bud Liquid stimulator has been specifically designed to increase yield even when growth conditions are not optimal and there is not much time to get maximum performance. The Big Bud formula, like other stimulants from the Advanced Nutrients series, is patented and so effective that the product is protected by a special reimbursement program if the purchase result of the stimulant does not meet the buyers' expectations.

Big Bud Coco Liquid - productivity and yield stimulator for coconut substrates

 A variety of the already known Big Bud Liquid, adapted to the properties of the coconut substrate. The formula is adapted based on the ability of the coconut to retain calcium and magnesium ions, as well as increased potassium content. There is therefore no problem with a shortage or excess of these substances.

Otherwise, Big Bud Coco Liquid has the same advantages and composition as Big Bud Liquid (L-shaped amino acids, ascorbic acid and citric acid).

Bud Factor X - stimulates the release of resin

Bud Factor X strengthens the system resistance acquired by plants and produces significantly higher amounts of essential oils and terpenoids, which has a direct effect on taste and aroma, as well as on resin production, better harvest quality. In addition, these powerful ingredients allow plants to cope better with stress, delay aging and cause fruit rot. Bud Factor X also helps plants produce thicker stems and twigs, indicating the possibility of more difficult harvests because they feel they can lift extra weight. Bud Factor X supplements, like all Advanced Nutrients ingredients, improve growth and flowering.

Bud Candy - flavor enhancer

It gives the plant a large amount of carbohydrates, which it loads with energy. The specially developed formula of easily digestible carbohydrates is the right combination of arabinose, dextrose, glucose, maltose and xylose from natural licorice, grape and cranberry extracts. The use of bud sweets guarantees the sweet aroma and taste of the harvest.

Flawless Finish-stimulator for the final stage of flowering

Contributes to the cleaning of minerals accumulating in fruits and leaves, improves the taste. The product finds the answer in the hearts of the most demanding gardeners who want the most fragrant, sweetest and cleanest harvests.

It uses empty chelates that act as small but powerful vacuum cleaners to remove excess chemicals from the plant environment, roots and other plant tissues, including fruit and flowers. The end result is excellent plant growth that releases at least 85% of the pre-washed materials. This way you get the cleanest harvest. When used as intended, it allows the gardener to control the quality of the final product more closely. Apply Flawless Finish just before the next harvest.


Supplements and vitamin complexes for plants

Rhino Skin

Addition to silicon, contains potassium silicate (a form of easily absorbed silicon). Deficiency of silicon (Si) is a very common problem in the hydroponic method.


Phosphorus-potassium complex. Properly stimulates flowering, thanks to which more flowers are formed during hydroponics. In addition to increasing the size, weight and density of colors, the drug formula, which contains the desired type and ratio of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, also increases the content of essential oils and taste.

Kushie Kush

Amino acid complex to increase performance. Thanks to Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush you get sticky, resinous, heavy, dense and sticky inflorescences. This is especially important when growing medicinal plants, where the content and quality of essential oils are the most important indicator.

B-52 with Advanced Nutrients

Vitamin energy Contains B vitamins, humic and fulvic acids, algae extract and other ingredients for intensive plant growth even under stressful growth conditions.

Ancient Earth Organic

Complex of fulvic and humic acid obtained from the best source - leonardite (soft brown charcoal). Contains only water-soluble humates. Stimulates seed germination and root growth, significantly improves plant health and quality.

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra

Mega calcium and magnesium complex. Calcium, magnesium, iron and amino acid cocktail in L form (i.e. Available to plants). Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra is a new and improved version of the classic Sensi Cal Mag because it contains a full set of trace elements, including enough iron and 20 L-shaped amino acids to provide the potential of each nutrient in Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra. Every detail is given to make this product the most scientifically perfect.

CarboLoad Liquid

Carbohydrate cocktail for rapid growth and fertile soil for bacteria. It contains a wonderful 100% organic combination of simple and complex carbohydrates that provides the plant with a quick energy boost and provides "fuel" to withstand further growth and flowering. CarboLoad Liquid also offers optimal conditions for the development of colonies of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms. Increases the effectiveness of the root stimulants Voodoo Juice, Piranha, Tarantula.


A concentrate of 80 types of enzymes that have been carefully selected to achieve the greatest effectiveness of the drug. The stimulator supports the breakdown of dead plant cells and transforms them into nutrients. Promotes root renewal.