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Big Bud Coco Liquid 250 Ml

by Advanced Nutrients

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Big Bud ® Coco is designed specifically for use with coco coir to live up to the special flowering demands of coco for growers like you. The addition of Chelated Iron (Fe), Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) alleviate the potential elemental problems commonly seen in this unique growing media because they powerfully deliver these critically essential secondary and micronutrients to your valuable plants at the most crucial time so you get the optimized yields you desire. Put Big Bud Coco to work for you today and start getting bigger more delicious buds in your coco grow room now.

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Shipping Weight: 0.45 Kg
SKU: 3045

Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients

Date first available: October 26 2020
Average customer review: 4.4 out of 5 stars 525 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #99 in Advanced Nutrients
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James Roach


Verified Purchase

July 28, 2022

I grow my stuff in a tent, so I can control the nutrients better, and I've been using Advanced Nutrients for a bit. I like how it's all perfect Ph balanced, so I don't have to test my soil. I used to, but I only use Advanced Nutrients, and with everything mixed together, I've never had a Ph problem

I've gotten amazing results using this brand, and have gotten really good product. The instructions are very clear, and you can mix all of the nutrients together; depending on schedule. I soil grow, and it does great in coco fiber

Just be careful of the caps, as the caps get loose, so you might have to bag some of the bottles, to prevent smells, but that's the only negative thing I have to say for Advanced Nutrients' line of products

I tend to use a lot of their different nutrients, and have never had an issue. My product comes out tasting great, and the potency has been amazing

Advanced Nutrients has a huge variety, and it can get pricey, but these bottles can create a large grow, and the value speaks for itself in the end. I'd rather drop the money on all of these bottles, and have a great harvest, than only use the bare minimum for a mediocre harvest; which, I could do in regular soil, without as many nutrients

You can use this on outside grows too. The results will vary, based on soil & weather conditions, but it really helps give those outside plants an edge up



Verified Purchase

January 11, 2022

Not obvious when reading about it, but it's not for potted plants. This is for hydroponics, or a feed and drain system.
Will keep because it probably does a good job with it's intended purpose, it's just not clear when reading the description.

Andrew Frederick


Verified Purchase

September 05, 2022

Advance Nutrient are some of the best out there. I use their coco coir sensi grow an bloom with big bud and overdrive. It's the best an easiest I've ever used. I switched from botanicare an dont regret it.



Verified Purchase

September 18, 2020

Watch out not much inside thought it was consitraight have to use alot,this being said don't go far two little of feeding for the price.



Verified Purchase

July 01, 2017

If you use any of the AN products buy this one. I use the whole line and it works wonders. I love them under my LED grow light.



Verified Purchase

September 14, 2023

Girls definitely seemed to like it., would use again for sure.



Verified Purchase

January 09, 2018

Made my buds go crazy. So huge! Would definitely recommend!



Verified Purchase

February 11, 2022

Deff a must get , youll see results .they do get big .

tonya p.


Verified Purchase

October 29, 2017

seems to be working great will be buying more of this

Kimmie Tay


Verified Purchase

September 15, 2022

Want to maximize on your yield this is the go to!

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