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big bud liquid 250 ml

by Advanced Nutrients

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Big Bud Liquid - a performance enhancer

The unique and patented Big Bud Liquid product enjoys a special success and deserved love of producers and producers around the world. The Big Bud Liquid stimulator has been specifically designed to increase yield even when growth conditions are not optimal and there is not much time to get maximum performance. The Big Bud formula, like other stimulants from the Advanced Nutrients series, is patented and so effective that the product is protected by a special reimbursement program if the purchase result of the stimulant does not meet the buyers' expectations.
Application: 2ml per liter of solution.
Big Bud is recommended to be used from the second week of flowering as an additional top dressing to the base fertilizer, such as Sensi Bloom or Connoisseur. It is necessary to stop using big dietary supplements three weeks before harvest.
It can be used in conjunction with fertilizers and boosters from Advanced Nutrients, especially Sensi Bloom and Connoisseur from the pH Perfect line.

In the same way bodybuilders have to take in extra amino acids after a workout to bulk up on proteins – the building blocks of life – so too do your buds need a big amino boost. If you give them one with Big Bud ®, they will gain in size, mass and potency from the rich assortment of bio-available, L-amino acids in the formulation. Of course, your plants will get the optimal amounts of phosphorous and potassium for strong flowering, but in addition to this perfectly dialed-in PK spike, they’ll get a rich spectrum of secondary metabolites, allowing them to expend less time and energy knitting together their own amino acids. Instead, your crops will be freed to channel all that energy into building bigger, heavier buds – directly! Finally, the addition of L-ascorbic acid pushes your crops to peak performance while protecting them as an important antioxidant. Try Big Bud Liquid today if you want bigger, bulkier buds – and because our Grower Guarantee ensures your satisfaction, you risk absolutely nothing.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 20.32 x 20.32 x 15.24 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.25 Kg
SKU: 3598

Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients

Date first available: November 25 2021
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Bestsellers Rank: #77 in Advanced Nutrients
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October 17, 2016

Verified Purchase

A good booster, but is only to be used when all other variables are good. If you are experiencing problems, this is not the solution. If you plan to feed solely with a mix of these additives, I would also suggest against it. The product is best utilized as an additive, during the earlier flowering weeks. Even with the transition to, it works well.

Also, for those who are not deceived by the weed guy on the front, it is not beneficial to only that. Tomatoes had a better flavor to them when using this (in my own results), and with the size of bottles (and cost), it was more of an experiment tried this year, along with other additives in the lineup. Pricey, but they seem to help when you have good conditions and cannot seem to figure out how to improve.

This one seemed to help the most, and I believe it is from the molasses-smelling additive within. There are probably cheaper ways to get the same effect, but I did notice a benefit in its utilization (when it came to flavor - and this year was kind of horrible in terms of gardening)



July 12, 2020

Verified Purchase

My plants did very well for the first month of their growth cycle, but about 2 weeks ago I noticed the lower branches and leaves were turning yellow. I did a little research and discovered that they were probably starving. I bought Big Bud on a whim (mainly because it was the quickest delivery time) and I do not regret it. I applied it about a week ago and am already seeing great results. The yellow leaves have been trimmed away and new branches leaves have appeared.
My only concern with the product is the quantity and price. I understand that quality ingredients cost money to make and there is value in this product, however I feel that a slightly larger bottle is called for given the price. That said, I will be ordering another bottle when I run out.

josie schwarcz


October 12, 2021

Verified Purchase

This is my 1st time buying nutrients like this. I am an up and coming Gardner and am learning as I go. I researched this type of product for a week and this was what was suggested. I bought the smallest size and when this teeny tiny bottle showed up for the amount I paid I almost returned it. I read the instructions and only need 2 ml (1/2 tsp approx) 2-4 times a week. This bottle will probably last 2 growing seasons. Its a great bargain. 48 hours after my 1st use the flowering began in full force and is going very well thanks to this product. This company makes other items which I've planned to purchase for spring planting. I also appreciate that its not toxic.

matt m.


May 13, 2020

Verified Purchase

Seems good but some comments have worried me. I’ve seen bigbud in YouTube videos and the liquid looks milky, this looks dark so after a call to advanced nutrients I’ll be able to confirm/deny if it’s genuine.
UPDATE: advanced nutrients didn’t get back to me however ordered another lot off of another source as I heard it really helps rippen tomato’s near the end of the cycle so felt it was important. The company sent the exact same looking, colored and smelling liquid so I can confirm this is very likely to be real. Have started using both as a comparison and can’t see one. Great stuff.



August 02, 2022

Verified Purchase

Noticeable results after just one use. My plans had leveled off in growth with most of the buds looking mature and ready to pick. Two days after using this fertilizer I could see new bud growth in the lower portion of the plants, along with the leaves starting to turn a deeper green.
(I used a 64oz Snapple bottle. It's hard to follow the instructions and do the math because it is in ML milliliters. Error on the side of using less, not more.)



April 30, 2016

Verified Purchase

It's really your choice based of what nutrients you are looking for. This stuff works well in soil, hydro, and diluted foliar feeding. It does not burn my leaves like others do. Plants that I used this on looked around two weeks older then ones that I did not use it on. There are so many out there that claim they are the best, do your homework before ordering any of them. It may raise the PH of your soil or hydro system so make sure you keep it in check.

Michelle Wilson

  Big bud amazing stuff even for vegetables love it

July 30, 2020

Verified Purchase

I started using big bud this year for all of my vegetables in the garden greenhouse and all my indoor and outdoor flowers it is an amazing product it’s best used with overdrive and super thrive but is good alone as well I’m on my second bottle and this year has been a terrible year for vegetables and flowers but with these products it had made my garden beautiful!!!!


  Big buds gets big buds

December 17, 2021

Verified Purchase

As with other advanced nutrient products, big bud is easy to use and it gets results. I am using it with micro, grow and bloom ph perfect for my mid flower cycle. First feed showed bud growth. I really like the no guess work feeding, from week 2 through 3 weeks before harvest this is what I feed. And then overdrive to finish plant off. Easy peasy.



March 08, 2014

Verified Purchase

Ok this stuff makes any !! I mean any plant bud tons and tons! Its amazing stuff plants u ever seen bud before grow pounds of buds !! Pumkin tomatoes u name it !! It works great on trees and strubs. I never strayed it on plants but wanaa try . My medical plants ever looked so nice I use it every time for 4 years great company

Tim B


June 09, 2022

Verified Purchase

I’ve been using this line for a couple years with good results. Product is great…but I just received this bottle with the metallic seal half removed and bottle missing a third is the product. The seal was clearly peeled up and some leakage dried around the cap. It definitely appears to be a used/returned bottle.

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