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pH Perfect Micro 500 ML

by Advanced Nutrients

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pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom is a 3-part premium base nutrient trio precisely formulated to give your high-value crops the exact nutrient ratios and concentrations they need. No competitor offers this full spectrum of quality ingredients. When pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom is fed to your plants, they benefit from an unmatched array of amino acids. You’ll also witness amazing results from the fulvic acid and powerful non-ionic surfactant, which form a multi-stage delivery matrix to ensure your plants absorb everything. And the powerful chelation guarantees that every nutrient is more available to your plants’ precious roots than ever before. And that’s not all: pH Perfect® Technology works around the clock to calibrate and adjust the pH for you, so you never have to use meters or add harsh pH-adjusting chemicals ever again.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 20.32 x 20.32 x 15.24 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.25 Kg
SKU: 2177

Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients

Date first available: July 28 2018
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 80 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #44 in Advanced Nutrients
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Mr Pink


Verified Purchase

Great! But Messy To Dispense...

June 10, 2022

I like that its working well old hydro soil and a super soil mix purchased here.

CONS: Not easy to dispense desired amount. Pours down side of bottle and onto work surface. An otherwise terrific product for beginners. TIP....use as directed!!!
Will be purchasing more of their line of nutrients.

Gary M. Wiedel


Verified Purchase

July 25, 2022

These pics are 5 days apart. 400ppm to 600 ppm rise over those 5 days. I'm happy with the growth. The ph perfect thing is ok and it tries to stick around 5.8 but it'll drop below that so have your ph up and down just to make sure. I use micro, grow and bloom btw.



Verified Purchase

February 23, 2019

Although marketed for hydroponic growers, it can be used - with care - as a foliar spray to correct micronutrient deficiencies very rapidly (like 24 - 48 hours depending on the element). But use with extreme care since most elements are supplied as salts...

Alfredo Zepeda


Verified Purchase

March 08, 2018

It works out great just make sure you put the right amount. Put a lil bit more you will see burn effects on the leaves. Don't forget to add BLOOM & GROW nutrients and CALMAG if your going with DWC. PH METER ITS A MUST HAVE. GROW SOME AND SMOKE SOME.

The Curmudgeon


Verified Purchase

April 15, 2018

Item(s) as described, Reasonable S&H, Good Transaction. I like this stuff. More important - my plants love it!

Sir Nicholas the 3rd


Verified Purchase

Easy to use, great results

October 03, 2022

All my plants greatly benefited from using this.

Easy to use and I like that it works regardless of PH.

keith lavertue


Verified Purchase


December 21, 2020

Easy to use great product!



Verified Purchase

April 05, 2020

If you know you know

Gloria Hampton


Verified Purchase

October 01, 2020

Love this stuff



Verified Purchase

December 04, 2016