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advanced nutrients iguana juice grow organic fertilizer

by Advanced Nutrients

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Iguana Juice Organic
A 100% organic single-component liquid fertilizer, compound, completely soluble in water, offers optimal growth cycles and predictably high yields. Juice Organic Iguana contains only pure, effective premium nutrients.
- Only 100% organic substance that contains all macro, secondary and trace elements, as well as other cofactors required for optimal growth and optimal efficiency
- Contains fish and yeast extracts that are rich in macroelements, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and 20 L-amino acids that are the building blocks of plant growth
- Maximizes both growth and flowering of plants and provides important trace elements from organic ingredients.
- Gradually supplies all the nutrients that the plant needs for a long time to ensure its full availability during the growth and flowering phase
- Contains lignosulfonates, which prevent aggregation of nutrients and increase their absorption efficiency.
If you want 100% organic farming with an amazing taste and aroma, Iguana is for you!

If you want an all-organic one part liquid grow formula, try Dr. Hornby's Iguana Juice Grow, which has been field tested and proven to give exceptional growth during vegetative cycle. The growth during the vegetative cycles was so impressive it came close to equaling the performance of our legendary synthetic master mix formula. And when we put Iguana up against our competitors' one part products, Dr. Hornby's Iguana Juice was totally superior because its exclusive blend of organic compounds encourages strong, dense branching, a large healthy root system, fast growth, that prepares the plant for a spectacular flowering cycle. Dr. Hornby's Iguana Juice contains a fish base from the super clean ice cold waters of the far North Pacific Ocean, plus over 70 minerals, krill extract, yucca extract, earthworm castings, seabird guano and bat guano and alfalfa. Backed by our supersonic performance guarantee.

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Date first available: June 09 2020
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