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GH Flora Micro 4 Litres

by General Hydroponics

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Increase your plants' growth with the perfect nutrient combination

Get the right balance of vitamins and minerals for your plants

Promote robust and healthy growth with the right nutrition

Optimize your plants' growth with the best nutrient combination

Unlock the full potential of your plants with the right nutrients

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General Hydroponics FloraMicro Advanced Nutrient System 1 Gallon is an ideal nutrient solution for your plants. This complete nutrient system provides the essential primary, secondary and micro-nutrients for robust and healthy growth. The FloraMicro nutrient system was specially formulated for hydroponic systems, but can also be used for soil-based systems. With the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals, this nutrient system helps to promote vigorous growth and optimize the plants' potential. The 1 gallon bottle contains enough nutrient solution to supply your plants with the essential nutrition for up to 8 weeks. This nutrient system is suitable for all types of hydroponic systems and types of plants, including vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 5.44 Kg
SKU: 0598

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: April 26 2011
Average customer review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 1429 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #18 in General Hydroponics
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Verified Purchase

July 03, 2014

The most amazing results I have seen. The amount you use is 1/4 t. per gallon. You will get flowers so heavy they bend down, and will even rip away from the stalk if not supported. I would recommend using a silica supplement to help strengthen the branches, they will need the help. Start with the liquid and finish with the dry. The liquid helps the plants form extra bud sites. When done right, the branches will fill out to be solid spears. Your stuff will look better than sugary, it will look salty, like it has been rolled in course salt. Make sure to be ready for copious amounts of scent too. I run these products at 1500 ppm with a starting hard water reading of 200ppm. I usually begin at a weaker 800ppm reading for the first week of flowering. My preference for ph rating is in the high 5 range. The stuff even likes to be used with plain tap water. General Hydro does it again.

Jimmi Legg


Verified Purchase

It works great

September 05, 2020

Started using the General Hydroponics Flora fertilizers recently and was happy with the results but decided to try out the Kool Bloom supplements. These products work great, they are like steroids for plants. Also the package is 1kg not 2.2 oz, it only takes a small amount and the bag should last quite a while. One thing I do is to mix the dosage in a liter of hot water to make sure it totally dissolves. I am extremely happy with this product and highly recommend it along with the Kool Bloom liquid. Funny thing I tried buying the Kool Bloom powder at my local grow store they said it was back ordered and had no idea when they would have stock, but found it here at a premium, still happy.



Verified Purchase

May 09, 2017

in the last few weeks of flower this will help your ladies put on some serious weight. i use it the last 2-3 weeks before flush and i have noticed a big difference using this in the last few weeks over the liquid cool bloom. the fact that they can in fact add so much more bulk when you think they are done is quite intriguing. I am by now means a master grower nor to i claim as such but i am experienced and i know when i am wasting my money on a product, i have tested many different lines of nutrients and my go to regiment is consisted of several different brands. this is now a permanent part

use it you will not regret it

Georgia Boy


Verified Purchase

September 10, 2020

Even the astronauts use this for it's superior Ph stability & guaranteed high performance. Most of all your fertilizers on the market do not contain Calcium, Molybdenum, or Cobalt. This does. So, if you want your tomatoes, peppers, squash, aloe, baby's breath, lavender, watermelons, and whatever else you want to grow to thrive; then look no further. This is a "Micro" formula which must be used with a "Macro" fertilizer as well. For Vegetative growth I use Sea-Grow 16-16-16 and Sea-Grow 4-26-26 for flowering, fruiting, nutting, & budding growth along with the FloraMicro :)

j Smith


Verified Purchase

Arrived early

September 05, 2020

This stuff works amazing for the last week or 2 before flush, this stuff shocks the plant into producing ridiculous amounts of resin and trichomes (ie cannabinoids and terpenes) DO NOT USE MORE THAN RECOMMENDED. Like i said, this stuff is MADE to shock the plant, increasing it will not turn out the way hope it will. Use too much and (if your plant survives) it will be greatly stunted and all your buds are now FULL of nutrients. Some of them are immobile nutrients which means no amount of flushing will get rid of them.

matt shissler


Verified Purchase

April 09, 2021

I love how well this brand worked with an auto watering system. It's not thick. But that's it. Down side, the container is messy. It's all but impossible to not drip and spill while shaking and/or pouring. I should at least be able to shake the container like the directions say, and not worry about wasting a mix worth to make a mix. I make 4-5 gallon mixes. Pouring into a measuring glass is just as fun. The nutes flow in the glass and down the bottle to the sink at a 90 degree and below..the waste is unreal.

Michelle DAlessandro


Verified Purchase

February 24, 2023

Got really great results in using the flora series and this with it. I was so happy and proud of myself for my first time growing cannabis. My plants are fire ? and I have been told impressive for a first timer. Thanks update this stuff makes my colas so big in like a couple days after starting it. Already flused 2 and now 3 more and still one in greenhouse feeding.. this stuff is awesome I really hope what I heard is not true that they may discontinue this product or general hydroponics?? Great price ?

Mac Lelland


Verified Purchase

August 27, 2022

I’ve seen great results my first time using this. It does everything it says it will do. However, I am using max lighting and noticed I can up the nutrients 3x the recommended dose. (I do not recommend doing a 3x dose unless you’re very experienced.)

I upped the dose by 1/4 teaspoon over 10 waterings and still the plants wanted more (yellowing a bit prematurely.) I had to flush before I got the dosage raised the proper amount, so I may consider adding it in top of the liquid kabloom next time.



Verified Purchase


October 16, 2022

This gives your plants an extra high dose of phosphorus and potassium and a small amount of Nitrogen during the end of the flowering period. If your skeptical learn about NPK, this fertilizer is what "tomato" plants want in its final weeks.




Verified Purchase

June 26, 2016

This stuff is the butter to your bread. I've never used anything else and brother, my basil is some of the strongest and tastiest in the seven kingdoms and beyond. All anyone needs is this and the pretty pink stuff and you can make your plants go "kerboomkaplow" in no time, huge vegetative growth and consistent yields is what any farmer needs. This is the basic tool, your pencil to paper, it's a must have for any serious grower.

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