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general hydroponics floranova bloom 1 litre

by General Hydroponics

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Get Fast and Nutrient-Rich Results for Your Plants.

Maximize Your Harvest with Powerful Fertilizers.

Get the Professional Quality You Deserve.

Give Your Plants the Boost They Need.

Maximize Growth and Yields with Advanced Nutrients.

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FloraNova Bloom is a powerful, professional grade fertilizer designed to maximize yields and help your plants reach their full potential. It is a one-part fertilizer that provides the essential nutrients for optimal growth and blooming. It is made of highly concentrated natural and organic ingredients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals. FloraNova Bloom is easy to use and can be used with any hydroponic system. It is safe to use and won’t harm plants or the environment. This fertilizer is designed to provide the optimal balance of nutrients to ensure your plants reach their maximum potential. It is designed to provide the right amount of nutrients to your plants, resulting in better yields and a healthier, more vibrant harvest. FloraNova Bloom is the perfect choice for any gardener who wants to maximize their yields and get the most out of their plants.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 25.4 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.6 Kg
SKU: 0607

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: April 26 2011
Average customer review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 1338 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #38 in General Hydroponics
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Ty B


Verified Purchase

October 21, 2016

This product has far surpassed my expectations.

This is my first try at doing hydroponics, and I'm using a 5 gallon dwc bucket. I've been following the Lucas method, using simply this with my tap water (which is at 120 ppm).

It's a bloom forumula, but it works wonderfully throughout veg too. You really don't need anything else. Additives may help, but this formula is certainly complete, and thus far the plant has thrived better than most of my soil grown plants. No deficiencies to speak of. Just lush fast growth.

A few pointers for fellow hydro novices that I've been following with success:

1. Shake the bottle. Shake it again. Shake it even if you're not using it at the moment. The stuff is so incredibly thick and it does tend to separate, so shaking it will ensure that the intended nutrient balance is given to your plants. A good 3-5 min of shaking usually does the job.

2. Get a TDS meter and know your source water. I have 120 ppm in my tap water, which seems just fine. I add this food to the water until it gets to my target level. I don't subtract the initial ppm from the total either. (I.e. if I'm shooting for 1000 ppm, I go for 1000 ppm total, including that original 120)

3. Adjust the pH of your source water before adding the nutrients. It's buffered and will usually hold whatever you set it to for a long time. Adjusting the pH first means you wont have to add highly concentrated adjusters that may potentially force some of the salts out of solution.

4. Keep the temperature of your reservoir 60-70 F. This is very important. Temps lower than that will make the plant grow slowly, or even die. Temps higher than that cannot hold enough oxygen and suffocates the plant. That's not to mention the opportunistic parasites that will attack your roots in a low oxygen environment.

5. Change out and clean your reservoir every 1-2 weeks.

I'm so impressed that I think I'll try some additives like Floralicious Plus, and/or KoolBloom.

Verified customer


Verified Purchase

January 25, 2017

Very very high concentrate!
A little goes a very long way...

Start with 1 Tsp per gallon and SLOWLY increase from there. Watch closely for any foliage or leaf tip burning and back off a half teaspoon from there.

If You over fertilize with this product Your fruits will fry and Your plants will die.

If You use as directed and pay careful attention to Your plants You can realize AMAZING results with this stuff.

I would advise a feeding schedule that also includes FloraNova Grow right up until harvest, just a mild solution to keep foliage green.

Once leaves turn colors they no longer photosynthesize, so give just enough FloraNova Grow to keep leaves green while FloraNova Bloom as heavy as the plants can tolerate.


Fertilize until harvest and just use fresh water 24 to 48 hours before picking fruits.

This product is so well suited to the plants requirements that if You're feeding all they can eat then there are no leftovers building salt caverns in Your fruits or roots!

This isn't Your mom's miracle grow, which is as close to poison as a plant will grow in, this is an exceptionally pure and well made product that all but excludes the need for ANY other product.

Short answer:
If You only had FloraNova Grow & FloraNova Bloom to feed Your crops, and You follow the labels, You could conceivably grow ANY fruit or flower to it's fullest potential from seed to harvest without adding any other man made product.


A little goes a long way, so buy the pint if You only grow as a hobby, shake very well, cap tightly and store in fridge, but NEVER FREEZE.

For just a few dollars more You can get twice the amount of product in the Quart size, and it will keep in the fridge for years & years so fear not of wasting it.

Happy Gardening!!!

Matt D.


Verified Purchase

September 11, 2017

I use this veg on small clones seedlings along with rapid start sure makes killer roots use coco only hand water. REALLY MESSY IT GETS ON EVERYTHING SLIMY BROWN ICE CREAM LOOKING AND STAINS EVERYTHING TOO FYI. does seem to work great when im too broke to use the regular ph perfect from advanced. I only use it because this with my hard water takes a ton of ph down and the advanced ph somewhat perfect gets it to 6.4 or so and seems to be cheleated enough that it works great. But this is a good fertilizer never have to really go over a teaspoon a gallon really. Use it with a shot of moab from mad farmer and ypu will get some monsters. just wish it wasnt so damn messy and if it sits very long turns into malted shake and bake so only order a qt at a time or whatever you can use fairly quickly before it comes out of suspension. There maxibloom is good too but getting it to dissolve is ridiculous, I wanna play not shake a damn bottle for 4 days. trust me on the MOAB that stuff is rocket fuel you literally see the difference in a day or 2. Usually end up back using advanced sensi coco, with bigbud smells awesome like malted milk balls or a shake at least the coco version, bud candy, and flawless finish since my water is just tap. seems to help vs just tap flush im not buying bottled to flush and an ro costs a lot my water will plug one up in a week or 2 so much mag and calcium in it. I don't even let it sit I would think the flouride would be more of a problem who knows. water everyday chlorine everything no sittin no bubbling never had a problem always wondered why they freak out about chlorine in plants plants dont seem to care one bit and the chlorine is strong here.

Ellie Kimble


Verified Purchase

April 24, 2012

I originally bought this for the intent of doing a hydroponic system, (mostly just watering rockwool cubes and transplanting them into bigger cubes.) The hand watering technique didn't go so well and everything died because they had to be water more often than I anticipated, so I switched to soil. I heard miracle grow was good for first timers trying to start plants from seeds, but started to notice as the plants got bigger that they were showing signs of nutrient deficiencies. Instead of trying to diagnose individual problems and their subsequent solution, I started adding the Flora Nova to the water. Not only did it clear up all the problems that the plants were showing, but the plants responded within the couple of days by looking healthier and significantly bigger. I also thought that the nutrients were pretty expensive, but you really are only adding at most two teaspoons to every gallon of water. This product, along with the Flora Nova Grow, will last me at least 6 months, if not more, with watering up 10 plants every other day. Another great thing, is that it automatically neutralizes the pH of the water that you are using. I use tap water, and try to leave it out at least 24 hours to let the chlorine 'escape' but sometimes the pH is still really acidic and I need to water as soon as possible. When I mix it with the nutrients, I can water right away and there aren't any signs of nutrients being locked out from the fluctuating pH levels. In conclusion, it's a great product, I haven't tried any other brands of nutrients, but I probably won't because this will last forever and suits my purposes just fine for buying in the future.



Verified Purchase

April 01, 2016

Compared to the vast number of synthetic fertilizers out there floranova got this right. People realize 2-3 part fertilizer becomes burdensome and expensive and offers zero advantage. Growing in coco or dwc buckets.. this stuff outshines em all in ease of use and effectiveness. I harvested beautiful buds, thick and frosty without any amendments-none. 1 tsp / gallon is as strong as I went with twice daily coco feedings. That was 800ppm in RO water. Trust me when I say it is concentrated and that a few extra drops will make a difference in the ppm. Starting pH 6.4 and after 5ml it went to 4.6. I used 1ml of pH up and it put me at 5.8 every time, perfect for hydroponic growing. 1 bottle 1 measurement and your golden. The floranova grow works just like the bloom. You guys should market this better because the vast number of hydro growers have been misled by online sites about the superiority of 2-3 part ferts...it simply isn't true. It's really hard to keep clean tho lol, you'll get it when you try it.



Verified Purchase

February 07, 2013

this is my main nutrients i just add some silica and bloom booster so i have some more hardy healthy plants making them stronger stems and less stress and transplant stress and heat stress i use the Dyna-Gro Pro-tekt Tek-032 0-0-3 Silicon Supplement and some kushie kush for bloom stage with my plants and i get a better yield out of my plants and they moslty need the nutrients from the general hydroponics flora nova nutrients i also use the flora nova grow part and then when i have achieved my growth in vegetive stage i use one teaspoons per gal at first then build up to two teaspoons of flora nova bloom per gallon of water then build up to three as plants get larger i use the flora nova bloom with some other nutrients during the bloom stage but just grow and silica for veg stage works great i use them in deep water culture and aeroponics systems

E. A. Jacques


Verified Purchase

November 13, 2015

I have tried a lot of fertilizers and in my mind the Flora Nova series is on the top of the pack.

While mainly designed for indoor hydroponics it can be used for outdoor grows like I have as well. I have used the Grow and Bloom both and have experienced some of the best vegetation growth and blooms I have ever had.

The only down side is it's not exactly clear how much to use based on the small chart on the side of the bottle. But to be honest, based on my experience, it takes some experimenting getting used to any fertilizer(s) you chose to use. I can only suggest keeping good records and being consistent to make sure you are not just applying using a willy nilly approach.

Other than that - best stuff on the market (IMHO) and all I will ever use.

Vintage PowerReader


Verified Purchase

August 15, 2012

I grow hungry plants,and sensitive plants in soil and I really like this product.I cannot burn the plants at all, and the PH is good. I leave the gallon of water out to release chorine, not really a problem here. I end up using one tablespoon per gallon. Top feed every other watering. The output is the best, the plants go beserk with happiness.the key is big happy roots and strong stems.
I started using floralious also, and was amazed at the smell and weight .I switched to using the cleaner also. floranova rocks.
I tried f farm, found it very expensive and confusing to use, except. I have fiqured out out to use their grow food,one capful per quart or gallon.



Verified Purchase

November 30, 2020

The NOVA series one part from GH is still good stuff. It's nice to have the 3 part to fine tune sometimes but overall this is my go-to. I use some of the other products from the GH line such as CalMag and FloraBlend with this base and get results.
For those using hydro or aero setups: This stuff is thick and tends to clump up in still water, just as it does in it's container. It needs lots of flow/disturbance to stay completely mixed for more than a few days. When it does separate it's easy to clean and flush though.



Verified Purchase

General Hydroponics GH1632 Flora Nova Bloom Is Recommended

September 30, 2015

Purchased this product to use in two small Hydroponic gardens as a one part nutrient vs other choices which may require mixing. I chose the Flora Nova Bloom because my plants are mature. There is also the Flora Nova Grow for earlier stages of growth. The tomatoes and Basil are doing very well since switching from the previous brand. Make sure you follow the directions and don't over feed. General Hydroponics website is also a good resource. I would buy this product again.

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