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flora kleen 1 litre

by General Hydroponics

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Mineral Salt Clearing Solution

• Dissolves accumulated fertilizer salts
• Reduces plant stress from excess & imbalanced nutrients
• Use as a final flush a few days before harvest to promote maturation & sugaring
• Safe for all systems & media while plants are growing

FloraKleen® removes fertilizer residue that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, & potting soils. Monthly use purges your hydroponic system or potted plants of excess salts that can accumulate as a result of regular fertilizer application. Use any time throughout the plants life. FloraKleen is an excellent final flush & improves flavor. Its high concentration & low price make it the economical choice for maintaining your plants.
$15.00 + $33.18 Shipping
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Product Dimension: 20.32 x 20.32 x 15.24 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.36 Kg
SKU: 1396

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: February 23 2016
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June 24, 2013

Verified Purchase

I have a hydroponics system with a 55 gallon reservoir, and salt buildup becomes a problem with the amount of nutes I need to use. I noticed my pipes filling with the salt, I decided to try this and what do you know, after letting it run overnight I noticed my pipes starting to clear. I decided it was clean enough and emptied out the water, then added fresh with my nutes.

A few days went by and the FloraKleen was still working it's magic. My pipes eventually got "brand new" clean. No buildup since the last time I've used it. Great, powerful stuff! Make sure you follow what it says, and within about 8 hours you can change to your nutes and within a few days time your pipes will looks great!


  Life saver

December 30, 2018

Verified Purchase

Super happy with this product. Got rid of nute lockout caused by salt buildup (which was caused by letting coco dry too much too many times) in a single application. Fantastic product. Saved an entire crop for about 50 cents (only took 20 ml). Just using water didn't work because the salts precipitated. This cleared everything right out, even cleaned the saucers. My plants were visibly feeling better just a few hours after application. I strongly recommend this to anyone having buildup issues. I'll also be using it for the final flush. This will allow me to feed for an extra week and still get 0 EC at chop time.



July 03, 2014

Verified Purchase

This stuff corrected a mild over fertilization on a young plant, almost instantly. Two days later, it was back to growth as usual. When I use this as a final flush, I water twice a day at fifty percent run off. It does a better job of dissolving salts if you give it repeated light flushing, versus one heavy flush. I do that for the final three days in plain ph adjusted tap water. The fragrance will become very potent from this. It also causes the plants to get extra sticky. You want to fertilize as long as you can to get all that heavy and explosive growth at the end.


  This stuff

May 29, 2019

Verified Purchase

Frosted my plants over night after 1 gallon use with 1 tsp, then 1 gallon without (this was my final small flush to just check final ppm ect, but wanted to test this out) just from 1 gallon of this on my final flush my plants noticebly got frostier over night like it snowed on her all night. Making my plants fade out normally aswell, unlike before my plants would always fade with some sort of deficiency this stiff is just making my plants yellow out. Amazing. Cant wait to try final product with this, looks by far the best quality stuff using this and flora series.

J. Kelly


May 21, 2016

Verified Purchase

I had to write a review. This is an amazing product, really. Last year I used Flawless Finish by Advanced Nuitrients (which costs more) and then tested the run-off water. I had to flush with plain water several times to get a test result of 300 or less. Needless to say it was a lot of work. I used FloraKleen once and then washed out all the trays under my pots. The next time I watered I tested run-off in tray and got TDS results in the 200s. Unbelievable!! I highly recommend this product. Don't waste your money on anything else!



March 28, 2020

Verified Purchase

If you are using GH products, you should be using a EC/ppm meter. Their recommendations for feeding get very close to dangerous for plant roots (2000 ppm). If you're not using deionized water between feedings you'll have salt build-up. This will be obvious with clay pellets because white crystals will form on them. FloraKleen is great for every once in a while or specifically when your nutrient solution goes over, say, 1300 ppm


  Yes it Works

February 16, 2021

Verified Purchase

Been using awhile now. Not really sure if it works well or not. Never a problem with the final product so I’m committed!!
All kidding aside, it does a great job by quickly flushing out your medium (coco). 1200 to 200 ppm in 5 days using one gallon dumps once a day. You won’t get that result with straight H2O. Allows you to pump your plants further into flower. Highly recommended.

Chris M.


January 27, 2021

Verified Purchase

i used to run so many gallons of water to drop the PPMs in my coco. im talking 15-20 gallons per 5 gallon pot. now i use 1/3 the water using florakleen to drop it around the same ppms as using just water. its not expensive either! def will never flush without using this. i also like to use every now and then on my just water days to help with any salt build up that could be accuring



November 05, 2013

Verified Purchase

This is an excellent product. I had a case of nutrient burn in a couple of my plants due to fertilizer salt residue and was a little worried that I might lose them or at the very least ruin my yield. I ran a mix of florakleen and water through my soil twice in place of normal watering and only ended up losing a few leaves. This stuff saved the day. I highly recommend it.



January 10, 2014

Verified Purchase

great product for growing eatable plants...ever since my friend told me it's what he used...I was hooked!
Tasted & smelled amazing!!!

the only reason I gave it four stars is because they don't tell you the ingredients.....on the bottle.....(maybe I need to buy a bigger one liter perhaps)...but still I would like to know what I'm using...I ingest it...

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