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harvest more trim bin black

by Harvest-More

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Enjoy a streamlined harvesting experience with this revolutionary product

Improve your harvesting efficiency with this essential tool

Get the most out of your plants with this cutting-edge product

Make the most of your harvest with this innovative solution

Enjoy a hassle-free harvesting experience with this product

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Harvest More Trim Bin is an innovative product that helps to streamline the harvesting process. It is designed to make the job of harvesting easier and more efficient. The Trim Bin is an essential tool for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their harvest. It is perfect for large-scale harvesting or for small batches of crops. The bin is made of durable and lightweight plastic, making it easy to store and transport. It is also designed with adjustable height settings, which allow you to customize the height of the bin to suit your needs. The bin also features a removable sieve, which helps to sort and separate the harvested crops.

The bin is designed with a special cutting mechanism that can efficiently trim any crop. This helps to reduce waste and improve the overall quality of the harvest. It also comes with a built-in scale, which allows you to accurately measure the weight of the harvested crops. The bin is also easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Harvest More Trim Bin is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their harvesting efficiency. It is designed to make harvesting easier and more efficient, and it is perfect for large-scale harvesting or for small batches of crops. The bin is made of durable and lightweight plastic, making it easy to store and transport. It is also designed with adjustable height settings, which allow you to customize the height of the bin to suit your needs. The bin also features a removable sieve, which helps to sort and separate the harvested crops.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 48.26 x 39.37 x 15.24 cm
Shipping Weight: 5.77 Kg
SKU: 3426

Manufacturer: Harvest-More

Date first available: June 04 2021
Average customer review: 4.70 out of 5 stars 5261 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Harvest
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Verified Purchase

September 24, 2020

The trim bin arrived a day earlier than expected. It comes w no shrink wrap or packaging other than having the name, company, logo, etc on a thicker paper-type boarding wrapped around the middle. (Thickness equivalent to a milk carton.) It easily slides off and I found the brush rattling around in between the two bins. I’d read that others didn’t receive theirs so I was happy mine was included. A little protective stuffing would’ve been appreciated though as I can see the delivery drivers throwing the box around and it cracking. It does seem very durable but I do see the issue others mentioned regarding the screen not being perfectly flush w the bin. One side is flush. The other not so much. It isn’t a big deal and a little liquid silicone will fix the problem. But it should be addressed considering the price point. I suppose I could have drilled into a regular bin and changed one side to allow my arms to rest in a more ergonomically correct position & added a micron screen myself. But I don’t want to bother with the hassle. The makers might want to think about adding a place for a few tools and making the edges more adaptable to adding a magnifying glass clamp although it’s still very possible to add one. I looked over the entire bin and I’m sure mine is new and hasn’t been used as other reviews complained. There’s quite a bit of static cling on the bins which is natural considering be material. I’ll wash both bins before use and figure how to get rid of it. I may try running an all natural, organic, non-scented dryer sheet on it and see if it helps. All in all, I’m happy w my purchase even though it’s more expensive than it should be. I can see the price set at $34.95 but not $54.95. Or for that price, a few more accessories like the side bag holder or an extra filter should be included.. The company should look into making and offering more additions & accessories like a seed compartment, tool holder, magnifying glass w clamp, removable cup w lid for iso alcohol (to clean blades w out getting up), and a place for garbage like stems & cleaning wipes. I haven’t used my trim bin yet as I’m still over a month from harvest but I’ll certainly update this review w pictures after I use it throughout my annual harvest. My intended use is for small scale trimming (realistically 1.5-2 pounds per year, but hey, I can always dream & wish for more, right?) but I hope this lasts quite a few years beyond since it will only be put to work on an annual basis.

Bobby Mac


Verified Purchase

March 19, 2020

Haha! What can I say.... it does what its supposed to!

I always used some bins, containers, Tupperware, (whatever I could find?) I just couldn't justify spending "X" on a trim bin! But having purchased one, I have to say I am glad I did... My first trim with it was about 6 plants and I ended up with about several grams of kief (pic. shows 1/2, I ended up giving my bro 1/2) that I would have never collected (not as much anyway).

So, about the bin. It is definitely a quality product built to last. It has the perfect size/shape I am able to sit in my high shop chair and the bin rest comfortably on my lap (i do keep the back positioned against my work bench which helps keep it "put") where I can drop several branches into it and work on trimming them down to flowers and eventually trimming the flowers, sugar leaves etc. It definitely simplifies things and the best of all is the (200 micron?) screen allows only the good stuff through... So when it is time to collect kief its white/light brown, no green tint... Cant say to much more, it is what it is, right!

cant think of anything bad?
has a replaceable screen
comes with a kief brush
amble room
filters the kief really well (no plant matter)
quality build/material

little pricey - but worth it, IMHO
If you found my review helpful - it would be much appreciated if you pass that help along and kindly click the found "helpful" button. Thanks in advance - Happy shopping, Stay Safe!

El Jay Kay


Verified Purchase

January 08, 2021

I used this while trimming my whole crop which was fifteen plants. I purchased it because I figured I was losing a lot of trichomes while trimming. I usually trim over a cookie sheet lined with foil, so I got this because trichomes stick to the foil. I'm unsure if the holes in the screen were too small or what, but it didn't seem to accumulate that much kief. With the fires and all the smoke and ashes in the air during grow season, I think a lot of the material that fell through the tiny screen holes was just that....ashes. The strains I grew are known for their abundant trichome production and my end product definitely lived up that. I just felt like there should have been more kief in the bottom tray. The other reason I didn't give it the full five stars is because they claim that the screen is removable and can be replaced, yet nowhere on the packaging does it state how to replace the screen or where to purchase replacements. It doesn't come with a manual containing that information either, just the cardboard wrap around the trays. I don't think it was worth the high price. Cookie sheets are easier to store and take up less room than this bulky thing. You know I'll be using it next year, though. lol Gotta get my money's worth out of it, right?



Verified Purchase

October 16, 2019

My "Trim Bin" arrived a day early by UPS which was a nice way to begin my day. I watched several videos on how to properly use it for collecting tricomes to use for making hashish. I started with only about one ounce of dry trim that I had saved from this year's harvest, even though I've got several pounds of trim to sift. I poured the ounce of trim into the screen catch and lightly worked the material in a "Wax on. Wax off style for about 30 seconds. The entire bottom level was coated in a very fine, thick layer of blonde colored kief of the most prized tricome heads. Using the included brush was only somewhat helpful in collecting the kief due to static electricity generated from the plastic and the relative humidity in the air. I found that using an old bank debit card worked excellently for gathering everything up into a container to use later for my hashish. I will upload pix of how everything turned out asap! Well worth the buy and I will buy another one when this one wears out.

Micheal P.


Verified Purchase


March 20, 2022

I really like this product. I bought two in case I have a friend over to help me trim, and both came as advertised.
My only problem was the excessive plastic smell that both emitted from them for about a month. I can even smell it still if I stick my face close enough to them, but the first few days, the smell filled my entire house it was so strong. I have had PVC flexi piping that emitted the exact smell.

Besides that issue, these are life savers. They save my back, no more hunching over tables or bins on the floor. And the screens are a nice fine mesh, only letting thru THC glands, with very little plant material.
When I'm done fine trimming my stuff, I actually use them for screening my shake and the dry lower stuff, a bonus use I get out of them. I get a real nice kief with barely any junk, and use that to squeeze some real nice hash rosin in a press.

Well worth the money for me.



Verified Purchase

March 04, 2020

Yeah, its a trim bin, used these at work and fell in love with the ergonomics and "slouched" position it accommodates. The arm scoops are perfect, use it in your lap, a bucket, office chair etc. My only real gripe is the mesh keif collecter can be poked through with scissors, as durable as it is, it is not cut proof. (folks at work taped in the holes with sticker paper) No real issue unless you are harvesting trichomes and don't want leafy matter in the sift. The included brush is a nice addition as well.

After seeing countless similar products, I have to say the deep scoop of this one can fit waaay more material. Others seem to be pretty shallow, If you have got a lot of herb to manicure/trim this one is for you!

Price is a little steep, but the material used doesn't feel cheap, its pretty heavy plastic material with heft and give to it. Pair this with a Chikamasa and you're good to go.



Verified Purchase

October 23, 2020

Like many, I had always used things like plastic dish tubs or tupperware containers to trim into. When I saw the design of this tub with its cutouts for your arms, I decided to try it. I'm an arthritic old lady and resting my arms against the sides of dish pans and tubs was decidedly uncomfortable. This trimming tub changed that. I can now sit comfortably in my recliner, put a good movie on, and trim for hours and hours. To me, the fact that it catches the kief is simply a bonus. The real value is in the design and how much more comfortable it is to sit and trim for hours. It is far more than a glorified dish pan.

To those complaining about not receiving a brush....I never use mine. I find that it doesn't work well to brush up the kief and I always end up using a straight edge of some kind, like a credit card or razor blade.

Playithard Makeitfun


Verified Purchase

October 30, 2019

Best thing I've ordered in a year! Man, you can trim anywhere. It can get really uncomfortable trimming for hours on end. This thing is a game changer. Trimming "Bud" is fun...... for about 15 minutes. Then.... well, better get comfortable! The Trim Bin is perfect for kicking back, watching a movie or something, while getting your trim on! It also has a second bin to catch all your Trichomes that fall through the screen on the first bin. Just fantastic! Probably gonna buy another one! Just one more thing.... Make sure you get the brush that comes with the Trim Bin. I had to send my first order back, after receiving a replacement with the brush. (the brush helps collect all the Trichomes that fall into the second Bin) Hope all this helps! Take care and Keep Growing Friends!



Verified Purchase

May 05, 2020

Just received the bin and it looks great, and I know the screen will filter as intended, but there wasn’t a brush included with the tray as mentioned in the product description and on the packaging itself. Also, the cardboard wrap around the tray was torn which means it was torn enroute or was already torn before shipment (potentially the reason for the missing brush.)

The tray is good, but I didn’t receive everything. I’d have to return the entire package to *hopefully* receive one with a brush, so to avoid the headache I’ll just be sticking with the tray only. Potential buyers should be aware that the brush may not arrive and the tray packaging may be damaged, which could affect its ability to be given as a gift if that’s the intent.



Verified Purchase

May 01, 2021

I was apprehensive about buying this because of the price. That was an unfounded worry. This thing is great. It makes trimming flower very easy, my back and arms have thanked me over and over. There is always some popcorn and trim that normally I throw out, I use flower for tincures and edibles. I decided to see what kind of keif, I could get by freezing what was left from one tray of flower that I had trimmed. I froze it and rubbed gently and crushed anything that was bigger with a gloved hand against the screen. I couldn't believe it, a nice yellow powder that is totally dry and ready to press. I'm able to utilize what I once threw away and also have a comfortable trim tray I can use while watching TV or music in a comfortable chair.

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