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clonex rooting gel 100 ml

by Growth Technology

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Clonex's mixture of hormones, vitamins, and nutrients is much stronger than ordinary cloning powders and solutions and will propagate your cuttings fast.

Clonex is a high performance rooting compound. It is a tenacious gel which will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to protect the delicate new root tissue. Clonex has a full spectrum of mineral nutrients and trace elements to nourish the young roots. Our scientific breakthrough puts us years ahead of manufacturers of old fashioned hormones and powders.

$49.99 + $33.25 Shipping
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Product Dimension: 20.32 x 20.32 x 15.24 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.25 Kg
SKU: 0909

Manufacturer: Growth Technology

Date first available: June 20 2014
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HPS Jeanann Sadler


January 25, 2013

Verified Purchase

I feel absolute love for a specific rose which goes by the name of "Black Magic" Roses! They are extremely hard to purchase and if you can, you have to order way in advance, like a year or two and wait all that time just to be told your order is being canceled and you are being refunded because they have no more as they have over ordered the product( Which is now the 6th year in a row they have done this to me)! How is that my fault right? anyway back to the review! I apologize for the tangent!

1. Before we begin with directions here is something that all of you need
to know as I have been asked this so many times before, which is About
how to properly cut a stem.
a. For those who do not know the proper way to cut a stem off, You will
want the proper shears for this and make sure they are good quality
and extra sharp as if they are dull you will ruin the whole plant you cut it from.
b. If you happen to (like me) acquire a flower from a florist you will want to get that
stem home and under luke warm water (room temperature) you will submerge
the stem and take your sharp shears and cut just a half inch off the bottom in
a slanted cut as so your flower does not sit directly onto the bottom of the vase
or your stem will not be able to soak up the nutrients it need to grow roots or even
soak up water. Instead it will just die!

2. First and foremost DO NOT rush!
a. You DO want to apply Clonex generously (by Dipping at least 1 whole inch on the
bottom of the cut off stem into the bottle as so you know it has been saturated!).
b. When you have done that, you will then want to place this into a small single flower
c. If you do not have one you can purchase one at your local florist or hardware store.
An even cheaper option is to buy one at your local dolor store like Dollar Tree.
You dont need a fancy one.
d. If you Rush you WILL end up with a dead stem and NO new flower or tree or what
ever else you are trying to grow!

3. You will need lots of flower food.
a. If you are like me and you dont have alot of money, you can use other alternatives the
only problem is if you cut corners with the flowers you are going to see what happens to
the flower when you try to cut corners!
b. Buying a plant food from your local florist or garden center is best! They do have cheap
food for flowers.
c. Make sure you buy the appropriate foods tho! If you happen to try and clone roses, you
will need rose food. If you try to clone a vegetable, you will need vegetable food. If you
try to clone a tree, you will need the appropriate foods for it.
d. Basically what I am saying is some plants require a very acidic type food and nutrient for
them to grow and thrive as well as make flowers and so on, and some cannot have any
or too much acidity or they will die. If you dont use the appropriate foods you can and
will kill them.
e. I see alot of people who have said this does not work, well they are full are it, or they
just do not know the proper steps to take!

4. Making water for the Vase.
a. Before you place the stem into the vase you will want to make up the water and plant
food solution.
b. You will add luke warm(or ROOM TEMPERATURE) water along with the plant food into
the water and let it dilute.
c. You will then mix the water and plant food in the water until it has dissolved.
d. After it has diluted by mixing it and letting it settle for a minute or so you will then take the next steps!

5. Placing the Stem in the vase.
a. After you place your Stem in the vase you will leave it in there until you see it actually root!
b. You will want to change the water and add more plant food like the above steps in steps
4 a-d at least every 3 days so it is not sitting in stagnant water.
c. Plants can survive after being cut without water for about three days before they start to
wilt unless they are left in the sun which in that case will wilt even sooner! So on that note
you will want the freshest cut flower to do this with or you will wind up with a rotting flower
in the water, regardless of how cautious you are!

6. Patience is A Virtue!
a. If you are as impatient as some people are here you can take your chances and actually
place the flower in the dirt after submerging the stem in the clonex, but I would not suggest it!
b. In the cut stage you dont want to risk it as if you forget to water the flower even one day as
these need to be watered twice a day or more depending on the temperature outside then
you risk the entire process going to crud!
c. Its up to you. You either want results or dont!

7. When to place it in the ground!
a. Only after you actually see roots(which can be really tiny) will you actually place the stem
in the dirt
b. Before placing the stem in the ground you will need to maker sure the ground has been that has been
aerated and fertilizer has been added to it!
c. If it is too cold outside make sure you have a pot that is big enough for your plant.
d. The best way to measure a pot so you know it will be big enough is to take the roots
and measure it with a ruler on a piece of paper then mark the other side of the paper
until you have a whole circle then you will take that and figure you will need at least two
inches bigger then that circle(as you will need to make sure you have enough room for growth).
e. If you have grown this indoors, you are probably wondering (If you dont already know)
when to place this new plant of yours outside to acclimate to the weather(as you cannot
bring the plant outside and just place it in a hole right away! You need to give it at least
2 or 3 days to adjust to your yard before placing it in the ground!
f. You will dig a hole that is at least 1' deep and if the stem is bigger you will want to dig a hole
that is big enough for your stem!
g. Do not try to cut corners like I have said again and again above as you will not get the results
you are looking for! It will only end in disaster!

If you have questions please feel free to ask as I will always be available to answer any questions! Also if anyone feels I am missing something please let me know as I feel like I have missed something! I guess I will figure it out!

benjamin bannister


May 13, 2016

Verified Purchase

I bought this because I was doing propagation experiments with (initially) carnivorous plants. I figured the plants could use all the help they could get when trying to grow new roots, and having this rooting hormone was logical.

The proper application of this is to apply this gel over a cut piece of a plant—usually the stem. When dried, this gel helps to close off the wound from possible contagions in the soil. The ingredients of the gel provide the nutrients necessary to promote root growth. Some of the experiments I did are as follows:

• I cut the entire root base of an Aloe Vera plant off so that it was just a stump, I applied this purple gel to the bottom, let it dry for a few hours, and stuck it back in soil. The Aloe is now growing large, looks great, with a completely new root system (pretty amazing).

• I pulled apart, and cut off some Dionaea muscipula (Venus Fly Trap) leaves to see if I could get them to become new plants. With the ones pulled apart, I applied this gel to the rhizome (bulb) and stuck it in its specific soil type, and the ones I cut I did the same. A majority of them all grew into new separate plants.

• There was an "ugly" leaf on my Sansevieria (Snake/Mother-In-Law plant), so I cut it into five pieces and put the gel at the bottom of each. Each piece grew a new root system and it's now a forest of plants.

I also did some experiments *without* any rooting gel to see how that would turn out. I got similar results in that the plant pieces grew into a whole new plant.

From this limited range of experiments I have concluded that plants are pretty strong organisms and they *want to* survive, so they will grow despite getting help or not, given the right conditions. The environment and the care you give them will help determine whether your plants will succeed through propagation.

Take what you will from my experience. Recommended.



November 11, 2020

Verified Purchase

Used to clone 2 rosebushes and 2 highbush blue berry bushes (containers overrun by thrips) two clones of each. Followed instructions, and 3/4 took root and survived.

Be wary gardeners more and less knowledgeable than i, not all will live, , like cooking, gardening is trial and error, be patient!


1) you need healthy clippings, minimum 6-8" (young branches towards bottom are preferable) spray leaves with clonex mist a week or so before cutting.

2) cut at 45 degree near petiole, propagate within seconds and place in container (drinking glasses) with slightly warmer water (tap or better) than outside.

3) once ready take stems for cloning and dip in rooting hormone (clonex gel) To speed process scrape bottom of stem to expose the meat with exacto before dipping.

4) clean out water every 2-4 days depending on water hardness and sanitation.

5) be patient!

6) once root hairs are exposed, supplement with your choice of soil in small increments into glass, (opinion) to acclimate and not shock once planted.

7) plant in cleaned and sanitized container with medium of choice.

8) VERY IMPORTANT! most soils contain enough nutrients for the first few weeks, do not feed plants for at least a month, just give water, spray foliage with water daily in the morning. Once plants show signs of growth slowly add in nutrients, cant stress that enough. Spray foliage with clonex mist every few days to ensure theres no arguing who gets more food, both the leaves and roots are happy. Be sure though to also spray with a water flush to clean off foliage and allow stomata to breath again. Leaves clog up just like roots do they need to be flushed.

9) this stuff works very very well in the right conditions. If you can following instructions like I did you can have results like mine or way better.



May 28, 2021

Verified Purchase

?After using several times i have best results rooting in water, then putting in plugs by opening them like a roll, vs directly inserting into plugs?

Last photo is june 10, so a month later ,
Gettin ready for a pot w organic fert ( not too much yet though)

? all made it
?love the gel formula
? emailed cust service to ask if
I should re dip when changin water out
Ev few days ( said not necessary but wouldnt hurt to do a second dip. .this time i didnt, next time i might..

...also suggested a sm size inexpensive
Option for clonex solution to feed em..

Nxt round i might get a tray w lid and the lil cubes vs water start, and ill try the solution..

Also ill scoop way less out..

Site page sugg refrigerate jar, i will after i make a few more..

3 wks, now i put in some leftover mir grow expandable and put out for a light rain part sun weekend..

Since these leaves were outside, theyre hardened off but i will protect from drying out in hot sun while they grow roots..

They did sugg in email to be careful not to burn them with a heavy duty fert soil...


I got some root riot cubes, opened like a hot dog roll to put around roots..
Kept them covered part of the time w plastic, grad giving them dome time outside in filtered sun..
Month later ready for lil pot..

Mike Honcho


February 04, 2018

Verified Purchase

Over the years I have used many different cloning/ rooting hormones including powders, gels, and even honey while rooting cuttings of various vegetables, ornamentals, and woody trees. I have taken detailed notes of success rates with different hormones and from my personal experiences I have had the best luck with the Clonex gel. I am not sure if that is because it is a superior product, or if it is because it is easier to use (but that is really splitting hairs…). Some plants that are very difficult to clone may require a stronger # rooting powder, but for your average needs I have found Clonex to be very reliable.

Some tips: Store your clonex in the refrigerator to extend the life. Also, NEVER dip a cutting directly into the bottle of clonex! Always pour the desired amount of clonex into a separate clean container to work out of. If you dip straight into the container, you’ll come back in a few weeks and find that your expensive rooting gel has changed colors and gone funky… (I made that mistake a few years ago).

I hope this helps your purchasing decision. If you have any questions about my review, please feel free to message me. I’ll try and reply in a timely manner!

Organic Gardener


June 30, 2018

Verified Purchase

I read some of the negative reviews stating that somehow Clonex is responsible for the deaths of their outings and really feel that could not be less accurate. Clonex like almost every single other rooting compound on the market contains Indole-3-butyric acid at a .31% concentration. This number is actually slightly higher then most other liquids or gels, but lower than some of the available powder formulations. I suppose if you are trying to root a difficult cutting such as a Lilac Bush you may find a powder better due to its far higher concentrations, but for the overwhelming majority of plants Clonex has more of what you want (IBA)in a very usable medium (Gel). Cloning failure more often then not comes down to two conditions, poor mother plant selection and/or poor methodology accompanied by poor after care. A lot of factors can cause cloning failures. I've been teaching people to propagate for years and have found there's always an excuse for poor performance and it's usually not some product especially since I'm using the same product in the demonstration. Clonex like many other rooting products works and is more convenient than liquids or powders because it stays put on your cutting.



August 08, 2014

Verified Purchase

I frequently clone my plants including rubber plants and my white pothos plants. I just take a clipping and put them in water and usually get some rooting in a week or 2. But the roots were very thin and brail.

Wanted something that would give me stronger roots so I got this.

After my trimmings I just poured some clone x in a plate and dripped my fresh cut root trimmings in there right where I cut. Then I put them in water.

About 10 days later I had roots like I had never seen before. They were popping out all over the place right where I had cut and they were big and strong.

So it worked for me.

Lent this to a friend who was growing another type or "skunky herb" who was trying to get his plant to clone and he said he couldn't get his plant trimmings to clone with clone x. But he also said nothing he did worked to get a clone to start rooting, so I'm not sure if that's clone x's fault.

Either way, it's worked for me with no complaints.



June 27, 2015

Verified Purchase

I won't use anything else for propagating plants from cuttings. I've gone through several different rooting hormones like Olivia's or Root Tech, the Clonex seems to encourage much better root growth and branching. Instead of fishbone shaped roots, you end up with an explosion of thick, fuzzy, healthy looking root tips. I've used this and have successfully rooted starts in soiless mix, soil, rockwool cubes...it doesn't seem to matter when using Clonex. My clone survival rate went from 6/10, to almost 10/10 every time. The ONLY drawback I've noticed; if the bottle is opened for some time, and the gel is contaminated by dipping cuttings into it, mold will grow on the lid, and in the product. It dramatically reduces the efficacy of the gel, although it will still work. I pour a small amount of the gel into a separate container, and dispose of it when done dipping cuttings. This seems to keep the bottle safe from any contamination.

TexARC, aka A.Ron Carmichael


June 30, 2021

Verified Purchase

I've used powders for decades. Tried this product on a whim. I had 14 cuttings of fiddle-leaf figs, each 3 nodes in length. This stuff is a very thick gel, so after cleaning the lower stems carefully with rubber gloves on and reverse osmosis water (sterile), I dipped each one in the goo between one and two inches, and then inserted into a beer cup full of sterile perlite soaked in RO water. Covered the cuttings in a dry cleaner bag with the bottom rubber-banded to the body of the cup, and a clothespin sealing the top of the bag. In two weeks, all, every single one, rooted like crazy. In some cases the roots were visible on top of the perlite, so aggressive were the growth patterns. Powder never produced this kind of results. I also tried it on a madagascar cutting/pup, and I think it is going to make it even though I forgot it for over a WEEK in the greenhouse unattended. This stuff is great.



August 14, 2021

Verified Purchase

I had an alocasia plant that was done for due to root rot. It smelled awful and after I trimmed back all the slimy roots and dead leaves, very little of the plant was left. I repotted the plant but it continued to die even after using SuperThrive and The Husky Mix. This was my last try before throwing away the plant. I applied the clonex to the very weak and brown rotted roots and base of the plant. Since it wasn’t a cutting, I used cheap disposable paint brushes and disposable gloves to be cautious and potted the plant in regular potting soil.

After about 3-4 weeks I randomly decided to take a peek at the roots since I started to notice the plant bounce back. It went from probably 4 rotted roots to HUNDREDS of fresh white roots!! It literally filled the entire 6in pot it was in! I am amazed and highly recommend this for rapid root growth to save your plants!

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