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hydroclay premium clay pellets 25 litres

by Hydroclay

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Excellent value for premium quality clay pellets

Efficiently retain moisture

Provide equal distribution of liquid and nutrients to root mass

Environmental friendly and reusable for new projects

Perfect for Hydroponics, Soil Aeration, Coco Aeration, Orchid, Decoration and more!

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Hydroclay is a premium porous clay pellet used for variety of growing applications such as Hydroponics aquaponics soil drainage growing medium and decorative accessories. Our product does not contain contaminants from processing and our product is completely environmental-friendly.

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Shipping Weight: 7.48 Kg
SKU: 3097
Product Barcode:  10161500

Manufacturer: Hydroclay

Date first available: November 08 2020
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Bestsellers Rank: #28 in Grow Mediums
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  Good for terrarium and light

March 24, 2021

Verified Purchase

I use these for my terrariums and very happy with them. I used to use lava rocks for my false bottom but it made the tanks so heavy. Need to do a thorough cleaning because they are super dusty. The balls vary from small to very large which doesn't matter for my use.

D. Thompson

  Best yet

May 18, 2021

Verified Purchase

I had previously bought another (cheaper) brand of clay pellets. You get what you pay for. These are far superior, no tiny pieces, virtually no dust. They absorb water like they're suppose to, a really nice product to work with.



December 11, 2022

Verified Purchase

I recently repotted all my plants (well over 50) and added this to all the pots. I saw an immediate difference in plant health and growth. Helps maintain moisture and air around roots to prevent root rot.

Yura Song

  Works as expected

July 04, 2021

Verified Purchase

Darker colour than I expected. Sizes are more bean shaped than round spheres. Works perfectly fine though. My plants enjoy it and that's all that matters. Of course came with the typical clay dust.


  Very fast delivery

February 03, 2021

Verified Purchase

I bought this to use in my hydroponic vegetable garden, but decided since it wasnt organic I wouldn't use it. Nothing wrong with the product, just my personal preference.


  Great for bioactive terrarium!!

March 11, 2021

Verified Purchase

Great product, used it as a drainage layer for a bioactive reptile terrarium! It’s significantly more affordable then the options at the pet store!


  Great growing medium

February 11, 2021

Verified Purchase

This works great as a medium for hydroponic growing however I find it quite dusty, I wish it came pre-washed. Overall great product though.

John gibson

  Work for intended use and will buy again

July 08, 2021

Verified Purchase

It is what it is.. Works great a bit dusty tho and minimal broken 1s which is a plus in a bag this size.


  Très satisfaite du produit.

September 13, 2021

Verified Purchase

Utilise pour les plante d'intérieur. Arrosage moins frequents. Les plantes grandissent bien.

Deanna Bender

  Got balls?

November 19, 2022

Verified Purchase

Great value. Clay balls, my plants are thriving even when I over water them.. thanks!

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