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Natural Protection for Your Plants with Doktor Doom Botanics Plant Insecticide

Keep Pests Away with a Safe and Powerful Insecticide

Enjoy All-Season Pest Protection with Doktor Doom Botanics Plant Insecticide

Quick and Easy Insecticide for All Your Plant Protection Needs

Keep Your Family and Pets Safe with Doktor Doom Botanics Plant Insecticide

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Doktor Doom Botanics Plant Insecticide is an all-natural insecticide that is perfect for protecting your plants from pests. It is made from botanical oils, providing a safe and powerful way to keep away a wide range of common plant pests. This product is safe to use around children and pets, and won't harm beneficial insects. It is also easy to use, simply mix the product with water and spray it onto your plants. Plus, it is a great all-season solution, providing protection in spring, summer, fall, and even during the cold winter months. With Doktor Doom Botanics Plant Insecticide, you can keep your plants safe from pests all year round.

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Shipping Weight: 0.91 Kg
SKU: 0712
Date first available: December 27 2011
Average customer review: 4.2 out of 5 stars 43 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #2 in Pest Control
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Verified Purchase

Got Rid Of Aphids and Mites After One Use

June 25, 2022

I bought this to kill thrips (ended up not being thrips, was aphids). Killed the aphids after one use and then I used it on a plant that has spider mites, also got rid of them in one use.
There doesn't seem to be any damage to the plant after one use, so I think as a precaution I will spray all my new plants before bringing them in.

Artem Melnykov


Verified Purchase

Almost killed my ZZ plant

April 03, 2022

I bought the spray to remove small flies from my indoor ZZ plant, which was otherwise healthy. I sprayed the plant once. As a result, all leaves wither in a few hours.
I'm sure that none of a fly can survive after this and hope that the plant survives as well.
I won't buy or use it ever again.



Verified Purchase

Amazing for thrips

December 29, 2022

This is the only product that has worked to get rid of thrips within one or two treatments. End-All and other pesticides didn't work long-term. I HIGHLY recommend this product, but it's WAY cheaper at Canadian Tire (if you can find it in stock).

Zied G.


Verified Purchase

Does the job

September 24, 2022

Killed the uninvited parasites but aint sure its bio or eco. Too expensive compared to other outlets.



Verified Purchase

Is quite effective

October 13, 2022

Works well for a single shot spray



Verified Purchase

Works well

February 20, 2021

Works well. Good price. Fast ship

Lindsay D.


Verified Purchase

Product is reliable

May 13, 2023

The product works well.



Verified Purchase

kills thrips 100%

July 03, 2022

kills thrips 100%

Florence Lapointe


Verified Purchase


October 03, 2021