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Boost your plants' growth and flowering potential with a powerful concentrate designed for all stages of development.

Experience superior results and healthier plants with a unique blend of nutrients and minerals optimized for a variety of plant types.

Save time and money with a highly concentrated formula that requires minimal application and delivers maximum results.

Witness a noticeable improvement in overall plant health, vibrant colors, and stronger flowers thanks to a scientifically crafted solution.

Give your plants the nourishment they deserve and enjoy bountiful harvests with a reliable and professional-grade concentrate.

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Doktor Doom Formula 420™ Flower Power Insect Killer Concentrate will control all stages of aphids, spider mites and whitefly, spittle bugs, adult and nymph stages of thrips, flea beetles, caterpillars, mealybugs, scale insects and sugar ants; outdoors, indoors on houseplants and in greenhouses. For use on flowering plants such as fuchsia and rose, woody ornamental bushes and trees, herbs, houseplants, apple and other fruit trees and the following vegetables: celery, tomatoes, peppers, peas, lettuce, potatoes, cucumber and related vine products, radishes, onions, asparagus, beans, cabbage and related plants, and squash. Concentrate 1 Liter makes 50 Liters-incredible value.

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Date first available: June 20 2023
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