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Bud Blood Advanced Nutrients - a great ingredient for flowering
It allows plants to bloom as quickly as possible and get harvest earlier, while increasing crop yield and significantly increasing flower weight, quality and density. It contains excellent forms and proportions of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and other key ingredients that increase the weight and volume of the flower. In addition, special ingredients in Bud Blood Liquid improve the absorption properties of the root system. This means that plants absorb nutrients and water more easily. The same ingredients protect plants against incorrect pH values, nutrient deficiencies, water and oxidation problems.
Application Of Bud Blood:
Bud Blood is suitable for all systems and all types of soil or substrate. Just add a compound of 2ml per liter of water for irrigation or a nutrient solution that you usually use. Ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium: 0:10:6.
This Supplement can be used in conjunction with fertilizers and boosters from Advanced Nutrients.
Never mix fertilizers, additives and boosters in a concentrated form (i.e., directly from bottles). Always add them to the tank or water for irrigation separately and mix thoroughly before adding the next substance.

Your plants need Phosphorus and Potassium (P&K) from the earliest days of bloom phase so they can maintain nutrient healthy roots, vigorous growth, sturdy stems and stalks, and maximized production of flowers. Feed Bud Blood Powder to your plants as soon as you switch to 12 hour light - ing so your plants get the P and K they need for a successful bloom phase.

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