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VitaMax Plus 23 Litres

by Grotek

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Boost your plants' growth and yield with this nutrient-rich formula.

Experience improved root development for stronger, healthier plants.

Enhance nutrient uptake and utilization for optimal plant health.

Fortify your plants against stress with essential vitamins and minerals.

Accelerate flowering and fruiting for a bountiful harvest.

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Introducing a breakthrough in plant nutrition and growth, the VitaMax Plus 23 Litres is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your plants' overall health and yield. This innovative formula is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that plants need to thrive, providing the Five Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and H (How) for superior results.
Who can use VitaMax Plus? This product is perfect for hydroponic gardeners, nursery growers, and professional horticulturists who want to optimize their plants' growth and yield. What does it do? VitaMax Plus promotes increased root development, improved nutrient uptake, and better resistance to environmental stress. When should it be applied? Use VitaMax Plus throughout your plants' entire growth cycle, from seeding to harvest. Where can it be used? This versatile formula is suitable for use in both soil-based and hydroponic growing systems. Why choose VitaMax Plus? With its unique blend of essential nutrients, this product ensures that your plants will have everything they need to grow strong, healthy, and productive.
How does VitaMax Plus work? By combining vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in a carefully balanced formula, VitaMax Plus helps your plants make the most of the resources available to them. This results in improved root development, enhanced nutrient uptake and utilization, increased resistance to stress, and accelerated flowering and fruiting.

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Manufacturer: Grotek

Date first available: July 09 2014
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