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flora blend 1 litre

by General Hydroponics

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Flora Blend is a 100% vegan product and contains no animal derived ingredients. It is fermented from a proprietary blend of plant materials, plus seaweed, rock powders and micronized leonardite. A diverse mixture of highly bioactive microorganisms and feed them a feast of select food sources in a hyper oxygenated environment. These beneficial microorganisms multiply consuming these food sources and through bioconversion processes new organic compounds are formed. These highly soluble organic compounds increase and promote healthy root structures, build the plants immune system and provide carbon building blocks for plant processes responsible for color and flavor of fruits and vegetables. Flora Blend is a completely digested ferment, which translates into a very stable product and long or indefinite shelf life. FloraBlend is very clean product that can be utilized in all hydroponic systems. Derived from: alfalfa meal, brewers yeast, cottonseed meal, potassium sulfate, rock phosphate, sea kelp, and soybean meal.
$19.99 + $33.32 Shipping
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Product Dimension: 25.4 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.6 Kg
SKU: 0942

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: June 25 2014
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August 07, 2018

Verified Purchase

I had used this as foliar spray along with BioAg Full Power, thoroughly spraying under/over leaves and letting it soak the roots. It was sort of an accidental discovery at time I had sprayed this over tiny seedlings (to give then water) and over time I realized spray worked pretty good and therefore continued to do so. This resulted very good root structure and overall plant health compared to the plants that did not receive Flora blend.
Comparing side by side it did improve overall plant health. Consider using half the strength in the beginning and increase as plants get mature.
Another plus, no bad or strong smell. I had stopped using General Organics line just because of the smell.
Store in cool place and shake well before applying. Note that this should not be your only fertilizer but rather an additive.

Mason A

  seems good, Hasn't killed anything yet

October 25, 2018

Verified Purchase

Hard to tell if a product like this is doing anything since it doesn't really "do" anything dramatic, but I've added this to my vegetable and flower hydroponic water and as well as my watering can for germinating seeds and keeping seedling soil damp and it isn't killed or hurt anything after 2 or so weeks. Most of my seeds have germinated well under a week but that could just be the perfect conditions I'm sowing them in.

Barney R.

  A Must Have

January 29, 2017

Verified Purchase

Although this is my first time using Flora Blend, I really can't say for sure how much of an effect it is having on my plant. One thing I can say is my plant is looking pretty good. So, after watching the progress the plant is making, I can also say the plant seems to be loving the Flora Blend. Would definately buy more when I need it.



January 24, 2012

Verified Purchase

Purchased this item, received it well before the delivery date. I have been useing it at least once every 2 weeks,did not want the plants to get use to it. This stuff is really great. It brought my plants back to life. The house plants are really growing strong. Love this product.

Big time shopper


September 26, 2017

Verified Purchase

Excellent product for those who don't like to mess with making a compost tea . Have used it on my plans with great results . General hydroponics products are of good quality I have no complaints and have always liked General hydroponics products GH is the best.



April 14, 2014

Verified Purchase

This stuff is great, I like it for newly rooted clones and veg period, the stuff works great! I have also seen that some strains of plants don't like something so strong when outdoor, so this flora blend is the thing to use.....good stuff....



November 21, 2017

Verified Purchase

My tomato plant is loving this product! The growth is amazing when you add this to your fertilizer or it can be used alone. You won’t be dussapinted if you add this to your watering!

Eric WIlliams


January 21, 2016

Verified Purchase

The was packaged perfectly. Fresh, not crusty, no leaks, and not dirty. When you open the bottle for use, the seal was sealed tight. Thanks. This stuff is perfect for roots.

Rico Suave


February 07, 2019

Verified Purchase

This is one of those products that you think works, but you're not really positive. My plants are very happy with me using this, and are healthier. So I'll keep on doing so.


  Green leaves healthy plants

January 24, 2020

Verified Purchase

I have used lots of addictives before some I don’t think do anything but this stuff my plants loved all 6 plants looked amazing gonna always use it !! Thx GH

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