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calimagic 4 litres

by General Hydroponics

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CALiMAGic™ is a concentrated blend of readily available calcium and magnesium. It is formulated to assist fast-growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. CALiMAGic™ helps optimize plant nutrition and enhances plant growth and development while preventing blossom end rot and tip burn in many crops, such as tomatoes and lettuce, as well as other calcium-intensive plants.
$79.99 + $39.36 Shipping
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Product Dimension: 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 5.44 Kg
SKU: 0937

Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

Date first available: June 25 2014
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Bestsellers Rank: #19 in General Hydroponics
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January 02, 2020

Verified Purchase

I have bought this product 3 times. It supplies your plants with calcium and magnesium. It does away with tomato end rot when used at the right strength. Highly recommended for all your plants micronutrient needs! It does have some nitrogen in it. That is something to consider when in the flowering (bloom) period with your plants.



April 15, 2021

Verified Purchase

After using easily a dozen or more calmag supplements I have to say calimagic has been the most stable, reliable and least finicky solution yet. I cannot see myself going back to any other brand as long as it remains in its current state of quality.



March 09, 2016

Verified Purchase

Don't listen to the other review that said to stop this product two weeks into flower. The plants consume tons of calcium and magnesium during flower production, and I would suggest using this if you don't want to see those week 4 deficiencies.

Leigh-Anne Bayer

  Indispensable nutrient for your crop

February 08, 2021

Verified Purchase

Super easy to use CalMag supplement. If anyone tells you that you don’t need to supplement your cannabis plants with these 2 nutrients, they’re wrong. If I had to give up all my nutrients except for 1, I would keep this 1 item

Mr Frosty


March 04, 2022

Verified Purchase

Perfect, and as described.
Always consistent,always great, as is with all GH chems.

Remember if your a new user, this adds some Nitrogen, so decrease your Base Nitro to avoid overfeeding,
(glossy leaves)

Travis Fl


March 20, 2021

Verified Purchase

I grow in coco coir and perlite so I am at a calcium and magnesium deficiency. This works great to counteract that. A few mls per gallon and I'm set. Plants looking great and by the gallon is a great value.

Kyle J Caldeira


March 15, 2019

Verified Purchase

I have been using this product for years and I have to say I wont use any other except the one I make myself. Worth every oenny. You use a lot of Calmag when growing so follow the instructions.



July 14, 2015

Verified Purchase

Using this at the rate of one T per 5 gallons in reverse osmosis water. I also use the General Hydroponics Maxi series as my base nutrients, so only secondary nutrient supplementation.



February 28, 2020

Verified Purchase

Arrived quickly. Quality product. Been using it for years, but was great to have it delivered to my door, and for less than I was paying at the store?



February 06, 2020

Verified Purchase

A must for most places who’s water is low on calcium, magnesium or zinc! Brown spots be gone! A garden must have!

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