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Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert 78 Cells (EA)

by Grodan

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78-cell side perfectly fit 1.5 in A-OK Starter Plugs or round Macroplugs.

Use the mesh side for sheets of A-OK's, Mini-Blocks, or Gro-Blocks

This durable Dutch tray has double-sided features.

Ideal for Mini-Blocks and Gro-Blocks

The tray fits in a standard 10 x 20 flat and keeps the Rockwool elevated from the bottom of the flat

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Easily sanitize as any hard-plastic product; even dish-washer safe! This terra-cotta coloured tray was designed by Grodan and is exclusively manufactured for the Grodan company.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 60.96 x 25.4 x 7.62 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.35 Kg
SKU: 1352

Manufacturer: Grodan

Date first available: October 29 2015
Average customer review: 4.4 out of 5 stars 51 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #6 in Trays & Domes
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Verified Purchase

October 27, 2018

You half to use upside down for cubes 1inch and above Rockwool other wise good for macro and starter plugs grodan! I like using for cloning in a 10x20 tray! With a humidity dome and T5 light above it and work with that’s et up on table .. pull out mom clip clones put in plugs/ cubes and water from sides/ down to bottom .. don’t directly water them .. make them search for the Food.. kinda the whole point of this being elevated that and to prevent mold .. it allowed me to do what I wanted to do... for that I am thankful 100%+ increase in seeds and cuts vs paper towel method and a baggie with a propagation tray of course and my little secret .. (Hint:Air) LOL enjoy !



Verified Purchase

November 10, 2020

The major complaint with it is that I use anything but a 1.5 Inch seed started (commercial) for the seeds I wanted to use the small pebbles to drop the seeds onto but the holes in the bottom are too large and the pebbles fall through unless they are large. If using rock wool cubes the roots should come out easily. So I give it between 3 and 4 stars overall.



Verified Purchase

November 17, 2019

Works great. If growing hydroponically. But have found the same product at a store an is only $15 for the exact same product.

Brent Woodbay


Verified Purchase

May 29, 2016

Lived up to the sales pitch. Keeps the bottom of the cubes out of the water and keeps them in a nice stable position.



Verified Purchase

March 21, 2017

After buying traysthat don't stand up it was nice to find these. They are very versatile and plan to use both sides.

jerry b


Verified Purchase

June 27, 2021

Used with the Early Grow 93807 Domed Propagator, 2 Height Extenders, Green. Couldn't be happier.

steve richard


Verified Purchase

May 08, 2018

fits the 1.5 inch rockwool slab perfectly, was great for starting my plants



Verified Purchase

November 07, 2020

Great product, however twice as much as any hydroponic store...

Matt D. Papa


Verified Purchase

March 26, 2021

Solid! Now I just wish it came with a sturdy container as well!



Verified Purchase

January 27, 2022

Simple, and works as advertized! Great addititon.

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