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Flood Table 2' x 4'

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Enjoy superior growth with a 2' x 4' flood table.

Get the perfect harvest with an Active Aqua flood table.

No need to worry about pests with a hydroponic grow tray.

Maximize your space with a 2 x 4 flood table.

Get the best roots with a Holland Industry flood table.

$84.99 Loading Data

The 2' x 4' flood table is the perfect size for any grower looking to maximize their space and get superior growth with their harvest. This Active Aqua flood table is designed with a deep pool and strong frame that will ensure your plants stay safe from pests and diseases. The hydroponic grow tray is made of durable black plastic and is easy to assemble with minimal parts. The Holland Industry flood table is perfect for any indoor or outdoor garden, and will help you get the best roots and the perfect harvest. This flood table is ideal for any hydroponic grower, and will provide you with amazing results.

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Shipping Weight: 6.8 Kg
SKU: 1430
Product Barcode:  B084ZT3W8H
Date first available: March 18 2016
Average customer review: 3.9 out of 5 stars 43 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Flood Tables

Randy Hunt


Verified Purchase

May 09, 2020

These flood tables are great, have been using them for two seasons.
They are heavy duty, sturdy and have stayed as good as new even after being under grow lights for several months for two years. The plastic has not gone brittle, and the price at Holland was as good as I could find anywhere, two years ago these were not easy to locate.
I would buy again..

D. Fuentes


Verified Purchase

October 26, 2015

We bought 2 of these trays to use not for their intended purpose as flood tables, but for our indoor and overwintered plants. We have them setup long-ways side by side in front of a 6 foot sliding glass door inside the house and that's where we keep our plants in containers that reside in the house all year long and where we bring in our veggies in containers from the garden before it gets cold outside so they can continue to give us vegetables. They are completely sealed and waterproof and we can use them on our carpet without fear of anything leaking out and without dealing with individual trays for all of our plants. Next spring we will probably use them to give additional light to our vegetable seedlings after we transplant them into 6" netpots with homemade soil mix and we will try flooding the trays to see if it's an effective way to water our baby plants from the bottom up since the pots have holes in all sides and the bottom so they should absorb the water quite easily and because the center of the tray is raised it should drain well, I think they will work very well for this purpose and save me a lot of time and effort watering them all individually each day.

These are made of sturdy plastic, do not leak and look like they are going to last a long long time. I wish they has a version that was maybe 1.5 feet instead of 2 feet as this sticks out a bit far into the room but they have lots of room for plants and containers of various sizes, now I'm looking for more plants to fill them up haha. Lemon Meyer Lemon Tree maybe this year? Overall this product exceeded my expectations as far as quality and is working well for what I am using it for. I may buy some more for my greenhouse one day if the baby plants in netpots flood watering idea works out.

Rose Rubin


Verified Purchase

March 15, 2017

I bought this to use as a doggy loo on my deck. I paired it with some fake grass. What I like about this is it has deep grooves for drainage that help keep it clean. I was easily able to cut a drainage hole and add a piece of tubing so it drains right over the side of my deck when I rinse it. And my dog seems to like it....it was a huge success. But if you are looking to use it for hydroponics then what you need to know is this tray is sturdy, very sturdy and heavy duty and will serve you well. This is not 'cheap' but well made, durable plastic. Its a good product.



Verified Purchase

September 18, 2016

A larger 2' x 4' flood table perfect for floating a 2' x 4' lettuce raft with no need to trim the raft. Set up with air wall lines below the raft to increase aeration and bulkhead connectors to attach to a 15 gallon reservoir for nutrient exchange and you have a low evaporation, high yield hydroponic setup for salads and leafy herbs you can leave for a week without worrying about it. May buy a second to make our family of 5 completely independent of the Supermarket for our salad greens.



Verified Purchase

December 06, 2014

Flimsy and broke during shipment the first time it was sent and arrived broken (crack on the top edge) weeks later on the second attempt to deliver this tray which we purchased. This is the thinnest and cheapest plastic of any table I've purchased/acquired.

I also don't like that it comes with just UPS stickers and no packaging at all. It is easily broken and damaged during shipment.

James Tipton


Verified Purchase

August 14, 2015

Received as expected however the product was received with only cellophane wrapped around it and even that was only in the ends. Not much protection during shipping but none the less it was in good order. And is being used as was its intended purpose.

John A


Verified Purchase

November 27, 2014

Ordered because of its affordability, Great product, If you have house plants this is what you need to put them in to avoid water damage to your floor. Functions excellent Very durable.



Verified Purchase

Be aware of overall size

August 16, 2015

quality is fine but be cautioned that this table will not fit in a 2x4 tent or space. Overall outside diamentions are far greater 29" x 53".
The base is a full 2 x4 ft.



Verified Purchase

October 03, 2017

Didn't really end up using these as humidity dome trays. They do work good for that, but I have found that they work well as a catch tray for two 3gl airpots.

J. Aufderheide


Verified Purchase

March 12, 2013

JAlan Aufderheide

Just be aware the 4x2 dimensions are inside not O.D. Also drilling holes is easier from the backside.

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