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Happy Frog Cavern Culture Fertilizer 4 lb bag

by FoxFarm

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Boost your plants' growth and yield with this exceptional organic fertilizer!

Enhance root development and nutrient uptake for healthier, happier plants!

Strengthen your plants' resistance to pests and diseases with this all-natural solution.

Improve soil structure and promote beneficial microbial activity for long-lasting results!

Achieve superior growth in both indoor and outdoor gardens with this versatile and eco-friendly fertilizer!

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Happy Frog® Cavern Culture™ Fertilizer 1-12-0, 4 lb bag A blend of bat guano, seabird guano and rock phosphate Encourages multiple bud and flower development Produces sweeter tasting fruits and veggies OMRI Listed for Organic Gardening Guanos have been used for centuries as fertilizers for all kinds of plants. Happy Frog® Cavern Culture™ Fertilizer is a proprietary blend of bat and seabird guano, rock phosphate, and soil microbes specially formulated to deliver the nutrition necessary for flowering and bud development. Mycorrhizae and bacteria are included to help increase root efficiency and convert nutrients into a form plants can use. Experience the tried-and-true successes of our ancestors with Cavern Culture in your own backyard.

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Shipping Weight: 1.81 Kg
SKU: 2522

Manufacturer: FoxFarm

Date first available: October 10 2019
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 294 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #45 in Grow Mediums
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Verified Purchase

You gotta buy this stuff:)

November 16, 2019

This stuff is really good! My Bougainville plant is on hyperdrive. Blooms that won’t stop and I haven’t even fed it in a month. This stuff is wonderful! I even gave it to some of my vegetables, so I could harvest seeds. Highly recommended!



Verified Purchase

Specific Ingredients

January 29, 2021

Looks like another quality product from Fox Farms. Not much information online about this product. Just generic sales pitch. Looks like it has the stuff I need. It's Organic Man!

David. lee


Verified Purchase

Highly recommended for flowering plants

May 07, 2022

Highly recommend for flowering plants it rejuvenates the soul from what was taking out during the vegetation stage I will definitely incorporate this into every grow



Verified Purchase

Plants love the stuff!

March 01, 2021

Granules have just the right thickness and easily mixes on topsoil. My plants love the stuff ! Lush plants add to the warmth of my living room. Great value.

Phil B.


Verified Purchase

Great pick me up for potted plants

October 11, 2021

I use this at the auto dealership where I work. We have many older large potted plants, and a couple heaping tablespoons really perks them up.

Happy Camper


Verified Purchase

Serious flowering boost!

November 07, 2019

Really good stuff. If you need an extra source of phosphorous that's readily available to roots..just water it in and watch those pistils pop!



Verified Purchase

It just works

October 11, 2019

Product showed up damaged and seller immediately shipped out new bag.

Use this when building soil and it works great.

D. Cox


Verified Purchase


February 24, 2022

Expired twice over and they just stacked new dates over old ones. It still worked



Verified Purchase

Simple to use

June 13, 2021

This was a very easy to use product and it worked great



Verified Purchase

Powdered with Micro orginisims included to break it down

September 03, 2019

This guano is powdered and includes microbes.

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