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Plant Success Great White Mycorrhizae 4 oz

by Others

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Experience explosive root growth and nutrient absorption with this powerful mycorrhizal inoculant.

Boost your plants' overall health and vitality, while increasing their resistance to diseases and pests.

Improve the efficiency of your garden's water and nutrient uptake, resulting in bigger, healthier plants.

Witness a noticeable increase in crop yields and overall plant performance with this easy-to-use powder.

Enhance the symbiotic relationship between your plants and beneficial soil microbes for optimal growth.

$79.99 Loading Data

Discover the ultimate secret to achieving explosive root growth, enhanced nutrient absorption, and overall plant health with the powerful Great White Mycorrhizae! This premium, all-in-one mycorrhizal inoculant is specially formulated to create a strong symbiotic relationship between plants and beneficial soil microbes. With its unique blend of 15 different beneficial bacteria, 19 different mycorrhizal fungi, and 2 species of trichoderma, this product ensures optimal plant growth and performance.
Designed for use in hydroponics, soil, coco coir, and other growing mediums, the Great White Mycorrhizae powder is incredibly easy to use. Simply mix it into your growing medium, or apply it directly to your plant's roots during transplanting. By doing so, you will notice a significant improvement in your garden's water and nutrient uptake efficiency, leading to bigger, healthier plants and increased crop yields.
Additionally, this powerful inoculant helps your plants become more resistant to diseases and pests, ensuring that they remain healthy and vibrant throughout their growth cycle. With the Great White Mycorrhizae, you can rest assured that you are providing your plants with the best possible care, resulting in a garden that thrives and flourishes.
Invest in the Great White Mycorrhizae 4 oz today and experience the difference that a powerful, effective mycorrhizal inoculant can make in your garden. Witness the incredible benefits of enhanced root growth, improved nutrient absorption, and increased resistance to diseases and pests, all while enjoying bigger, healthier plants and impressive crop yields.

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Date first available: July 25 2018
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Verified Purchase

Best root booster

September 03, 2020

Amazing I've added a few photos just so you can see. I'm just 5 days after transplanting to these cups you can see a huge difference already. Healthy roots, healthy plants. Currently testing in seedling stage to see but I expect great results. If you're unsure due to price try 1 oz and see for yourself. You could do 70+ solo cups with that size just a dash goes a long way!



Verified Purchase

Effective product. Works well in hydroponics.

September 10, 2020

If you don't mind spending the extra dollar, this product will defiantly deliver exactly what you are looking for. I tried it in my DWC reservoirs to keep clean. This stuff works like a charm, I can see the myco colonizing on my roots. I barely need to clean my reservoir compared to before. My roots stay very white now.



Verified Purchase

Great product but they need to move the sticker from the instructions

December 26, 2020

Came sealed i dont know what the others are saying the "scoop" is not included but it is 1 tsp soo how hard is that to get from the dollar store. The only thing about this that kinda made me mad but its not much is they put a sticker right on the instructions so I had to carefully peel it off to get the info I needed

matthew medeiros


Verified Purchase


November 14, 2020

The product itself works very well. When it was shipped the sealed lid seemed to have been opened and I noticed the jar was about half full. I then proceeded to weigh the bottle and it came in at 1.65oz. Not sure how much the jar weighs but it would seem that there is in fact 1oz in the bottle as described.

Kelley C


Verified Purchase

Works well

December 31, 2022

Within three weeks of the first dose, my anthuriums I imported that hadn't produced growth since I got them in early October all started showing new leaf growth. I've also dosed my juvenile Thai Con which has put out 1 new leaf and another will be out shortly. Very impressed and will buy again once I run out.



Verified Purchase

Awesome product

March 05, 2021

Always great product and fast delivery seal wasn't broken and it wights 111 grams cause of the scoop wights 2 grams witch is stupid couse it shouldn't wight 113 with scoop.Cause of covid thats why no scoop thank God I saved my last one but other then that great product love this stuff



Verified Purchase

Dodgy seal

November 19, 2019

It's too soon to know if it has helped my plants. One thing I did not like though was my seal was not glued on anymore, it was just sitting there. Them being the only provider for mycos that I can find, if I returned it I would be forced to order from them again if I wanted it.

Victoria Lynn


Verified Purchase

Amazing Product

February 07, 2022

This stuff is amazing. They say it best with "explosive root growth". The strains include bacillus which will help fight off root rot even. You can't go wrong with GWS, it's expensive but worth every penny. Nothing you give your plants will affect them like this will.



Verified Purchase

expensive but worth it

July 07, 2016

its expensive ... but apparently worth it. in an experiment with bean plants i planted one in a pot with the greatwhite and one in a pot without, the beans with the great white sprouted first, and are currently twice the size of the other beans after about 3 weeks.



Verified Purchase

PRICEY but works

March 07, 2022

First time using the product so not familiar if prices went up before my purchase but I got the smallest amount for a test run and it can half empty but the product works very well. After about a week into transplanting plants took off.

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