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gaia green rock phosphate 0-3-0 2 kg

by Gaia Green

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A natural phosphorus fertilizer that is easy to apply.

Rock Phosphate can be a good amendment for replenishing soil phosphorus supply in depleted soils.

Rock phosphate slowly releases phosphorus over many years.

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Rock Phosphate is a naturally occurring mineral which is ground to a fine dust to improve the release of phosphorus for plant growth. This powdered mineral is then granulated with a natural binder called lignosulfonate. This granulating process produces a consistently sized particle which is easy to apply and is completely free of dust. After application, the pellets dissolve in water, returning the rock phosphate to a powder form. In addition to its binding qualities, Lignosulfonate naturally chelates the trace minerals in the rock phosphate, helping to improve availability. Plants with high cation exchange root systems (legumes and grains) are found to be effective in obtaining phosphorous from soil and rock phosphate. This product is very effective when used in conjunction with cover cropping programs. Gaia Green Rock Phosphate contains 27% total phosphate with 3% immediately available.

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Product Dimension: 25.4 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.27 Kg
SKU: 2208

Manufacturer: Gaia Green

Date first available: August 25 2018
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 1583 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #19 in Gaia Green
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Verified Purchase

February 27, 2023

I'm NOT getting paid for this review and I'm NOT getting any type of incentive at all. This is an honest review based on my personal experience.

I've been using Biobizz Nutrients the full line along with Biobizz Light-Mix soil for over 6 years and I got really tired of mixing gazillion bottles almost every feeding. After trying a whole bunch on slow-release nutrients from other companies someone recommended I try Gaia Green Organics All Purpose 4-4-4 + Bloom 2-8-4 + Worm Castings 2-0-0 + Mineralized Phosphate (bat guano) for my indoor setup for cannabis grown in Biobizz Light-Mix soil so i did and on half of the plants and the other half were still getting Biobizz Nutrients and to my surprise I did not see any difference in yield, taste, smell, and overall health of the plants. All of them finished together on time with very good results. I planted 20 plants 10 AUTOS and 10 PHOTOS, 5 AUTOS and 5 PHOTOS got Gaia Green Organics nutrients and the ONLY thing I still need to adjust is how much i should give to AUTOS because autos started flowering a bit too early which means they got overfed a bit. So on my next cycle I'm gonna feed them ⅓ less than I have the first time.
What I really LOVED was how simple and fool-proof it was to use all 4 products because I only feed them 3 times. Let's say I'm about to plant germinated seedlings into solo cups or 4x4" containers so for the 1st feeding which is before planting I'll amend the soil with All Purpose 4-4-4 & Worm Castings and then fill the pots, plant the seedlings, and water with pH'd water to 6.5 - 6.8 with Recharge inoculant and Fertilome Root Stimulator to help grow massive roots and a thick stem. 2 weeks later I'll transplant them into 1 gallon plastic pots using that same mix I have left over from when I amended the soil, then 2 weeks later I'll transplant them into their final 5 gallon AC Infinity smart pots using new untreated Biobizz Light-Mix soil but this time I'll amend the soil with 50/50 mix of All Purpose + Bloom + Worm Castings and after transplanting I'll do a full defoliation and flip them to flower by flipping the light from 18 hours ON & 6 hours OFF to 12 ON & 12 OFF, then between week 4 & 5 in flower it's the last and final feeding which I'll top feed by adding nutrients on top of the pot with a little bit of soil to help nutrients dissolve easier but this time I'm adding Bloom + Worm Castings + Mineralized Phosphate and feed ph'd water until harvest. It's that simple. No more mixing 1,000,000,000 bottles with almost every feeding, it doesn't get easier than that. The most shocking thing was that I was not expecting to get the same exact results as I did with Biobizz Nutrients which is a top Organic nutrients brand for over 20 years in Europe. Gaia Green Organics is obviously also organic company and they've been one of the top Organic nutrient companies in Canada for number of years. I'm glad I decided to try them because I've saved a ton of time by feeding only water in between feedings instead of wasting my time measuring and mixing all those bottles together. I'm gonna continue using Gaia Green Organics nutrients.
I highly recommend trying this brand especially those who are all about Organics like myself. You'll be very happy you did.

Additionally, using these nutrients is great because if you need to go away for a week or two and you have to ask someone to watch after your plants, all they have to do is pH the water before feeding to 6.5 and then water the plants. It's very easy to do so you don't have to worry about them over or underfeeding your plants especially if that person had never grown cannabis before or not good with math because mixing up liquid nutrients requires some math knowledge. I made that mistake once, didn't even occur to me that someone can ruin my plants because they don't know how to calculate grams & mL and what tsp, tbsp measurements represent ?

I hope this review is helpful. HAPPY GROWING!

Shawn Johnson


Verified Purchase

June 09, 2022

Im very stoked with this purchase!! After seeing the results from growers like Mr.Cannucks & plenty of others using this product I decided why not go with “Gaia Greens 4-4-4” & there “2-8-4 power bloom” for my cannabis grow. There’s plenty of other products that have around the same benefits like “Dr Earth” or “Down to earth” where you have to mix each compound into the soil to make super soil. I figured it was the easiest and best choice for me!! But NOTE.. ALL GROWERS ARE DIFFERENT but if your planning on growing your own cannabis inside or outside with photo plants or not I definitely recommend Gaia Green to anyone starting off or wanting to switch to organic growing!!!



Verified Purchase

Your garden will thank you

July 15, 2020

We conducted a little experiment and added this fertilizer to half of our tomato plants to see if it makes a difference and it is safe to say that this fertilizer is incredible!! The plants that received the fertilizer are triple in size compared to the ones who didn’t receive it. Even for the inexperienced gardener this product is a breeze to use, its small pebble like and you simply shake it on the ground around the plants. Price comparison wise it is cheaper here then anywhere else we looked and product arrived in appropriate size packaging (I read a lot of reviews saying it arrived in a huge box etc). I would highly recommend this for your garden! Your plants will thank you.



Verified Purchase

its all about making things more simple

July 11, 2020

My biggest problem as a new cannabis grower is that i experiment with nutrients too much, i have about 15 bottles of stuff that i persistently overfeed and underfeed with, gaia green makes feeding your plants as simple as possible..i still use a few of the other bottles but i am finding i am stressing out the plants far less and i dont have to think about it much...top dress and done for 3 weeks...the plants seem to be responding very well and my purple kush auto has buds the size of baseball bats...with the gaia green i use worm casting and bat guano...good results compared to other grows of the same cultivar



Verified Purchase

Great for Cannabis

November 27, 2019

Plants love it. Makes growing in soil almost fool proof. Amend according to instructions and then just water. No feeding regimens required just pay attention to your girls, they will let you know if more is needed but usually safe to wait a month before you go ahead and amend again.
I like to do 75% all purpose and 25% power bloom for veg and vice versa for bloom. Usually my girls get hungry around 5 weeks from seedling and about 4 weeks for clones. I mix in soil before I plant for veg and top feed for bloom. you want the best for your herb go with gaia green!



Verified Purchase

Great for organic cannabis

May 03, 2020

I have been using the 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 for about a year now to grow organic cannabis in coco. This stuff is absolutely incredible, and all you have to do is follow the instructions on the product.

The only thing I do differently is when I buffer my coco, I only put in the same amount as if you were top dressing, and it doesn't negatively impact my plants, as they require much less nutrients during the first 30 days anyway. You will also have to supplement with calmag if you are growing in coco though, as it has a calcium deficiency as a medium.



Verified Purchase

Mover over Miracle Grow!

December 27, 2022

I bought this for use in my indoor cannabis plants. It is super easy to use -- you don't need to worry about over-fertilizing or flushing like you do with chemical fertilizers. It takes a week or two to notice anything after use, but once it starts getting broken down, it makes a very noticeable difference in the growth and health of the plants. The only downside is the smell, especially after it gets wet, which is a bit... "organic". But I can live with that, since it works so well.



Verified Purchase

Organic is the way

November 21, 2021

I’ve been growing cannabis with multiple Brands of nutrients I’d have to say Gaia green has made my plants flourish in ways I’ve never seen! I’ve used 4.4.4 all around my house plants but my succulents and they even look unreal! Mixes amazing with coco and other mediums! Too dressed a older plant to there recommend dose and it saved it from sticks and buds to a bush Gaia green is definitely good and mean



Verified Purchase

Wicked Product !!!

February 22, 2021

Can not say enough about this wicked product, easy to use, follow the directions & you will be guaranteed healthy large yielding plants. IT IS THAT EASY !!!!!! Set it and forget it, sit back & reap the rewards. This organic powerhouse gives everything a plant needs.
We have been using Gaia Green for over a year now & will not go back to bottle nutrients.



Verified Purchase

January 29, 2022

This seller is an absolute saint. Had a problem and they corrected it instantly. They went far above what most would do. Thanks for the awesome service as well as the great products that you carry.

By the way Gia Green 4-4-4 is an excellent product that I've been using for the last several years and would recommend it to anybody looking for this NPK ratio.

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