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azos beneficial bacteria 12oz

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- Azospirillum brasilense 1,000,000 CFU/g - Natural Growth Promoter - Use for Rooting Cuttings & Transplants - Fixes Atmospheric Nitrogen into Plant Available Food - Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers Azos is an all-natural, growth promoting, Nitrogen fixing bacteria ideal for cloning and transplanting. Azos converts nitrogen into a usable form that is readily available to the plant. Nitrogen is critical for forming vegetative matter and supporting abundant growth. Azos promotes growth, while boosting natural root development. Azos Application Root Cuttings : 1. Add 4 tbsp (65 ml) per 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water. Soak grow plugs / rockwool cubes for 10 minutes. 2. In a small container, mix 1 part Azos with 2 parts water. 3. Dip tips of new cuttings in solution for 15 seconds and set in plugs. * For best results, pH water to 6.0 before mixing Azos with water. Propagation machines : (ex. EZ Clone, Turbo Cloner) 1. Adjust pH of water to 6.0. 2. Add 1 tbsp of Azos per 1 gallon of water. Transplanting : Add to hole, directly around plant roots or dust entire root ball. Set plant, backfill and water. * For best results, transplant with Mykos. 1 - 3 gal container ....... 1 tbsp 5 - 7 gal container ....... 2 tbsp 10 - 20 gal container ... 3 tbsp 25 - 50 gal container ... 4 tbsp 100 gal container ........ 1/2 cup In ground and raised bed applications : 1 tbsp per plant hole. When Water : Mix with water and apply weekly through Veg / Grow. Hand water or add to reservoirs. 5 gal ....... 2 tbsp 25 gal ..... 3 - 4 tbsp 50 gal ..... 6 - 8 tbsp 100 gal ... 3/4 - 1 cup For Xtreme Results : Apply once every two weeks. Repeat application after heavy water. Mix with warm water. Use Mykos when tranplanting. Add Azos to Xtreme Tea brews at the rate of 2 tbsp per 1 gallon and apply weekly.
$89.99 + $46.03 Shipping
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Product Dimension: 20.32 x 20.32 x 15.24 cm
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Date first available: September 29 2017
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July 13, 2017

Verified Purchase

This does actually appear to work. I've applied it to portions of my lawn and noticed thicker growth after a month or so. I've also used it on a variety of house and garden plants with good results. It seems to work best when dealing with lower quality soil. You'll still see some benefit even with a good compost mix, but it can produce dramatic improvement in low quality soils. My topsoil is very sandy, with extremely poor water retention, and even with relatively high fertilization I normally develop bare or dead patches over the summer months. After treating with Azos, it almost looks normal. I also tested a mixed treatment with both Azos and the Mycos fungal spores, and those are really looking amazing. I'll be adding both to my lawn care regime once or twice a year from now on.



September 19, 2020

Verified Purchase

Ive been using azos for 6 plus years off and on and on is always way better. This stuff works well or I wouldn't use it. I only like true results. I'm mixing it with my veg res at 1 tsp per gal. Most mixes. You can use a little less nitrogen in your mix when using azos. Great for cloning and transplanting. Product had two yrs left on expiration date. This product is great for more efficient nutrient uptake and more roots. Yes more roots for sure. Use half of the recommended rate at first to see how your plants respond. Duh. And dont use a high ppm nutrient solution at first either. Also make sure your ph is 5.8 to 6.2. Always check your readings if you want huge plants.

Janeve L. Hellar


May 11, 2013

Verified Purchase

I was sent a small sample of this product when I ordered a plant heating mat. After my plants germinated and developed a root system, it was time to transplant my plants to larger containers. I followed the directions on the package and dipped my seedlings in a solution made with the Azos microbes. To my amazement, the plants grew large and strong in a very short time. I compared the seedlings to those that were not dipped in the Azos solution. Those that were dipped were twice as large as the ones not dipped.



April 09, 2014

Verified Purchase

Follow the directions because I think more isn't better in this case. I ran a few tests on my strawberries and this stuff definitely works but don't use more than directed. Had my strawberries screaming for the sky!! This is my second bag and it is expensive in my opinion but its a tool in my box now and I will continue to use it. Hopefully if there are more people using it the price will drop so give it a try. (I have no affiliation with this product or company just a experienced grower/farmer)



May 07, 2015

Verified Purchase

This is truly great stuff. I usually make a solution and dip the rootballs of new transplants in it, then pour whatever is left over the new plants. The plants never miss a beat--no noticeable transplant shock. The plants grow bigger and faster. I use it for garden plants and houseplants--even use it when transplanting orchids! Always have a good result. Been using this stuff for about 3 years and I can't overstate how good it is. Definitely worth the money.



March 20, 2018

Verified Purchase

5 star product!!!....secret weapon for clones, used with Root Riot plugs and a humidity dome, followed the directions and clones are the healthiest I've ever had!!!......non stressed, green, and praying.....kinda pricey but so worth it. Was going to buy a aero cloner, but this is way more easier. Aloha



January 01, 2021

Verified Purchase

At first, I was put off by the higher price compared to mykos. But unlike mykos, this is a bacteria and it comes not in a granular form, but a very fine white powder. So a little goes a long way. I just sprinkle a tiny amount and that is sufficient.

Patricia A Gallucci


April 13, 2015

Verified Purchase

Great for cuttings and seedlings! I use this with their WP (wettable powder, as directed). This with their Mycos WP makes a foot of root in a week. Very worthwhile. Highly ;) recommend!



December 04, 2014

Verified Purchase

If you want to increase the health, stability and growth of your plants... this is a must, especially during transplanting!!! Product was fresh ( plenty within expiration)..

Juan Eubanks


February 02, 2021

Verified Purchase

Pretty good deal good product fast shipping only thing the zip close is hard to close up after it get powder in the zip track so have another zip lock bag to put this in

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