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Much like its predecessor, Terpinator®, Purpinator® can be used with any nutrient line and will provide the building blocks for improved aromas, potency, and flavor unique to your genetic cultivar for a superior finished product.

Anthocyanins are a type of plant color pigment that belong to the larger group of compounds known as flavonoids. Typically, blue and red pigments in plants are influenced by anthocyanins such as cyanidin, which can be found in a plant cell’s vacuoles. The color of an anthocyanin pigment is generally linked to the cell sap pH which is located in the vacuole. The pigment cyanidin is blue in a high pH solution, violet in neutral solution, and red in more acidic conditions.  When combined with blue-light in the action spectra for pigment production of 400-500 nm, Purpinator® will cause the plant to produce more flavonoid compounds and anthocyanins, helping your plant show more purple. 

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