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dense 500 grams

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massive 10 litres massive 10 litres


bud booster 500 grams bud booster 500 grams


back country blend bloom 5kg back country blend bloom 5kg


dense 1 kilogram dense 1 kilogram


terpinator 1 litre terpinator 1 litre


gp 3 part grow 1 litre gp 3 part grow 1 litre


gp 3 part bloom 1 litre gp 3 part bloom 1 litre


gp 3 part micro 1 litre gp 3 part micro 1 litre


gpf uptake (fulvic acid) 1 litre gpf uptake (fulvic acid) 1 litre


gph uptake (humic) 1 litre gph uptake (humic) 1 litre


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Shipping Weight: 0.5 Kg
SKU: 1746
Date first available: November 07 2016
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Dense Bud Compactor is potassium fuelled product designed to give more density as the name suggests. Plenty of potassium is needed to help your plants function correctly, especially during the flowering stage of your plants life cycle. Potassium is key to activating over eighty plant enzymes, some of which regulate your stomata’s from opening and closing which is important for correct gas exchange and water usage. Lastly potassium is also very important in the operation and conversion of phosphorous into an energy source for your plants. NPK 0 0 62 Tip: Soilless or Coco fibre 1-2 grams per litre / 4-8 grams per gallon. Hydroponic use 1 gram per litre / 4 grams per gallon of nutrient solution.
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