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Pure Blend Pro Grow 4 Litres - NA0160GS

by Botanicare

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Experience enhanced plant growth and vitality with this premium hydroponic nutrient solution.

Boost your plants' productivity and yield by providing them with essential nutrients and minerals.

Achieve optimal plant health and vigorous growth with this easy-to-use, all-natural formula.

Improve the overall quality of your plants and produce by using this scientifically proven blend of nutrients.

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers – go organic with this high-performance nutrient blend.

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Pure Blend Pro Grow is a top-of-the-line hydroponic nutrient solution designed to provide your plants with the essential nutrients and minerals they need to thrive. With over 300 unique elements, this all-natural formula is specifically tailored to promote optimal plant health and vigorous growth. By using this premium nutrient blend, gardeners can experience enhanced plant vitality and productivity, leading to higher yields and improved overall quality.
This organic nutrient solution is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, making it a safe and eco-friendly option for both plants and consumers. Its scientifically proven blend of nutrients ensures that your plants receive the proper balance of elements, promoting strong root development and lush foliage. Furthermore, Pure Blend Pro Grow is incredibly easy to use – simply mix the desired amount into your hydroponic system, and watch your plants flourish!
In addition to its impressive benefits for plant growth, Pure Blend Pro Grow also helps reduce the environmental impact of traditional gardening methods. By eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers, gardeners can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Plus, the use of organic nutrients results in healthier, more nutritious produce, making it a win-win for both gardeners and consumers.
Experience the difference with Pure Blend Pro Grow – a premium, all-natural nutrient solution that delivers impressive results without compromising the health of your plants or the environment. Your garden will thank you!

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Product details
Product Dimension: 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 5.44 Kg
SKU: 1314

Manufacturer: Botanicare

Date first available: September 15 2015
Average customer review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 504 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #22 in Botanicare
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Verified Purchase

January 01, 2016

I would defiantly recommend Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow. If you follow the stage of growth schedule and ml per gallon amounts provided on the container, the nutrient level and pH are always where they should be in a hydroponic system.

I use it in both my hydroponics and soil based gardens. Pure Blend Pro Grow offers natural organic enhancers like Fish Meal, Seabird Guano and Kelp. My vegetable plants grow faster and are more productive since I switched to this product.



Verified Purchase

January 31, 2023

I am using this for Kratky hydroponics. I am new to this so this is the first time of using the product. I found it difficult to know whether the instructions were giving quantities for watering plants in soil or otherwise. I used a PPM meter and found that l had to use quite a bit to get to 1000ppm which is what l wanted for 5 week old lettuce and herbs. i was using a 5 litre container. I have only used it for one plant as l am worried it may keel over and die!

Michael Sosa


Verified Purchase

April 23, 2020

Great nutrients for a hydroponic grow. Directions to use are very simple and in plain English on the back of the bottles. Plants have been thriving and growing very well. I would recommend these nutrients to anyone that asks. Plants have very nice green color. And nutrients last over 2 weeks without showing any deficiencies.



Verified Purchase

June 21, 2015

This stuff works so well with not just my vegetables for consumption but my house plants as well. Tip: Some plants can not tolerate much and therefore I use about 1 Tsp per Gal. for my rubber plant and My Yucca likes more than a Tbls per Gal. .
Of course I'd suggest using RO filter water as well.



Verified Purchase

April 13, 2020

Started growing tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes as all the COVID stuff is going on. Will not be able to say if these give better food than the miracle grow organic options or regular potting soil until the end of the season. This should last for an entire season of normal vegetable garden.

A guy in CA


Verified Purchase

January 26, 2018

Once again, Sunlight rocks. Great service, fresh products. Have been really happy with Botanicare, especially during veg cycle. No burning and no deficiencies. Plants seem to almost explode with new growth.



Verified Purchase

November 01, 2019

Natural and organic based. Only issue is you need high dosages per liter so im deducting a star. If it was less watered down or more affordable this wouldnt be a big issue but this stuff is not cheap.

matthew g


Verified Purchase

A trusted company that been around for years.

May 18, 2020

great chemistry for healthy plants! All in a one part liquid formula.. i been using for years and I'm not switching anytime soon.

Shawn friel


Verified Purchase

July 19, 2022

This product is Exceptionally good and does amazing things for your plants. It outperforms other nutrients.

Johnny A.


Verified Purchase

August 12, 2023

One part ,,not 3 or more !!Less mixing, money saving.Works great ,just like more expensive nutrients!

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