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cal-med 10 litres

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Date first available: October 02 2019
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One of the most common deficiencies during the vegetative growth and flowering cycles is calcium, magnesium and iron. These deficiencies can cause nutrient lockouts, disease prone and decaying foliage associated with various of other plant vital health issues. Cal-Med™ is the solution to maintain healthy levels of these deficiencies to promote and maintain peak plant development and productivity. Cal-Med™ is made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and processing practice to ensure indisputable quality control.

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water for cutting and seedlings.
Apply 3-5 mL per Litre of water for all other weeks of vegetative growth and all of flowering cycle.
FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply in full concentration of Cal-Med™ (3-5 mL per Litre) combinated with recommend concentration (4 mL per Litre) of Quantum™ Part A & Quantum™ Part B together for both vegetative growth and flowering cycle. Be sure to check EC & PPM to maintain safe concentration level.
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