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Pure Blend Tea 1 Litre

by Botanicare

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Pure Blend Tea is a soluble compost tea solution that is easily absorbed by plants grown in hydroponic, soil, and soilless mediums. Select ingredients are brewed with beneficial humic acids to release each element’s unique attributes into this versatile blend.

Pure Blend Tea, Botanicare’s original flavor and aroma-enhancing supplement, is now better than ever. The Original Pure Blend Grow and Bloom formulas have been combined to create one highly effective formula. This single bottle formula, once again, sets the industry standard; using premium organic elements derived from all natural sources.

Pure Blend Tea contains all major and secondary components essential for maximizing flavors and aromas. This new formula is fortified with select trace minerals, naturally occurring growth hormones, cytokines and plant auxins. In addition, Pure Blend Tea is augmented with a complete array of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, ultra s

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Product details
SKU: 3541

Manufacturer: Botanicare

Date first available: September 29 2021
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 192 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #22 in Botanicare
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Verified Purchase

December 11, 2016

This product is a very good product it is just what it seems to be you can add this also and with your regular nutrients to give him the extra boost yes a boost for some luscious fat stem plants we started noticing things in the second week the plants started to pray more the leaves stand straight up at certain times we were very highly surprised and what this product does it seems a little goes a long way we only use about 4 miles per gallon and we add this in with her owner 20-20-20 product you have to see it to believe it so give it a try sincerely beetle



Verified Purchase

January 02, 2020

I am just making my way into the world of “teas”, and begins to understand how useful they can be. I have only tried GH flora blend and this Botanicare pure blend tea. Without a doubt this blows GH out of the water. However, the best tea’s no doubt will be ones that you prepare yourself. However if you don’t have the time, knowledge, or money to prepare your own this will help. I would add the 5ml per gallon and bubble vigorously for at least an hour before applying to your plants.



Verified Purchase

May 29, 2015

I purchased this as a nutrient for a small hydroponics setup I did in my greenhouse and its been almost a month since it was setup and started using it. So far it looks like the tea is performing well with great growth on the tomato plants and lots of flowers. We'll see in a couple of months how things work out with the fruit but it looks really good.



Verified Purchase

April 11, 2016

Didn't realize this is meant to be more of a booster than full on nutrients but even so, it did the trick! I'm now using it as it was intended, for a boost of nutrients in addition to my base. I use this in my hydroponics system which is currently growing tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and spinach. Great product at a good price.



Verified Purchase

This is a quality product

January 13, 2021

Nothing better than this product to give your garden more organic flavor. No smell at all, easy to use for all levels of gardening indoor or outdoors. Can be used throughout the entire grow and bloom and flush period. Quality product right here



Verified Purchase

December 02, 2019

I've been using Botanicare Kind series for a while now and its never let me down - mixes well, smells pleasant, and my plants LOVE it! I'll keep at it as I see no reason to change a good thing.

Jay Alessi


Verified Purchase

January 05, 2022

I use this as an additive to my grow or bloom nutrients. However , being a "tea" , you can't go wrong. Good smelly stuff .



Verified Purchase

May 07, 2021

Great organic earthworm castings tea for all plants but perfect for cannibis smelly but just what is needed



Verified Purchase

July 04, 2019

The best blooming top dress tea for the most incredible organic tomatoes or any blooming fruit ?



Verified Purchase

February 10, 2020

Good stuff. Ladies responded well when added to the nutrient regimen. Would purchase again.

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