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Liquid Karma 1 Litre

by Botanicare

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Get the maximum benefit from your garden with an all-in-one liquid nutrient solution!

Take the guesswork out of gardening with an easy to use liquid fertilizer!

Unlock the potential of your garden with a powerful liquid fertilizer formula!

Maximize the yield of your garden with a balanced liquid nutrient solution!

Unlock the full potential of your garden with a simple liquid fertilizer solution!

$54.99 Loading Data

Botanicare Liquid Karma is an all-in-one liquid nutrient solution for your garden that contains a powerful combination of plant metabolites, organic acids, amino acids, and natural plant extracts. It helps unlock the potential of your garden and makes it easier to achieve maximum yields. This liquid fertilizer is easy to use, and its balanced formula helps to make sure that your plants receive the right amount of nutrients. Additionally, Liquid Karma helps to create a healthier root zone and improves the quality of the soil. It also helps to promote strong growth, reduce stress, and increase the plants' resistance to disease. With its simple and effective formula, Liquid Karma is sure to maximize the yield of your garden!

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Product details
Product Dimension: 27.94 x 22.86 x 20.32 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.59 Kg
SKU: 3130

Manufacturer: Botanicare

Date first available: November 20 2020
Average customer review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 672 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #14 in Botanicare
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Verified Purchase

October 18, 2013

Good for Hydro, Soil, and Soilless mixtures (coir, peat).

I don't think I have ever been so excited about a plant food supplement before! I have both hydroponic and potted plants -- fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals that are either brought inside for the winter, or grown in my little solarium (with 400 hps light). I had had some issues with worms in my reservoirs which had damaged my hydro plants' ability to uptake nutes, as well as the usual issues with poorly looking plants whence bringing them indoors. I gave almost everyone a dose of Karma, no matter what type of nute I was using (they all take something different!!). Almost overnight I saw an improvement in my hydro plants -- they looked perkier. Now, ten days later, I am amazed at everything. The hydro plants are zooming (despite the worms), the indoor plants look like its June outdoors, my tunies have flower buds, and my orange tree which struggled all summer and I was about to toss out for dead now has a bloom on it and signs of new growth. All this in only ten days!

In a comparison between some basil and parsley I started as seeds in September, within a week's time, the pots I treated with Karma are almost twice as tall, lush, and sturdy as the untreated ones. It doesn't matter what nutrients one is using -- chemical or organic, cheap or super pricey like those 3-part hydro nutes, specific for a plant like rose, strawberry, or tomato food, or general like Miracle Grow, this really does help and does NOT seem to promote nutrient burn.

Thus far, I have found Liquid Karma to be suitable for all plants and compatible with at least four different types and brands of nutrients. I'm excited to see how it works with outdoor, in-ground plants next Spring...if my plants now are any indication of how well they will do, you should be seeing my yard featured in Better Homes and Gardens next year!

***If you're like me, you rarely trust 5 star reviews. However, let me assure you I do NOT work for Botanicare, and giving this product anything less than 5 stars would be wrong.***

Oh...and for people who complain about the container dribbling when pouring....POUR FROM THE SIDE, not like pouring from a tea kettle. That's just 'Pouring 101' when it comes to rectangular jugs. =)



Verified Purchase

Saved a rare hybiscus plant

November 15, 2020

A few years ago I was given a rare hybiscus potted shrub that was collected in the wild on an uninhabited Carribean island many years ago. Having read that hybiscus don't need rich soil, the owner repotted the plant in soil dug from his driveway. It also had been put in dim lighting conditions for 20 years so naturally when I got the plant it was in severe distress. I was surprised it was still alive,

My nephew was living with me at the time and he had the remains of a bottle of Liquid Karma from work. I gave the hybiscus a dose. A week later, I gave it another. Within the next few days there was new growth everywhere.

Liquid Karma by itself saved this plant and happily over the past few years it has given dozens and dozens of clones. The mother plant was donated as I don't have the resources to continue caring for it any longer. But I still have a small clone though . . . and it seems addicted to Liquid Karma. I use other fertilizer too, of course. But this plant does best with a little Liquid Karma occasionally.

Growth, health and blossoms make a happy plant. It was all achieved with Liquid Karma. A little goes a long way but I am now running low. You can be sure that I am going to buy a new bottle of this stuff for all my plants do so well with it.

Kindle Customer


Verified Purchase

July 04, 2016

I tried tea compost and brew my own tea and used expensive fox farm fertilizer and the result just meh. This year I don't want to spend as much money on fertilizer so I picked this up. My potted plants, raised bed vegetables grow like crazy. The cucumber leaves grow as big as a large dinner plate with hundreds of flowers and tiny cucumbers. My pepper plants stalks so thick and the leaves also super-sized, you wouldn't think that's pepper plants. My tomato? OMG.
I never had success gardening like this before. I'm sold. I'm never going back to expensive organic/tea compost again. I just mix this with regular Miracle-Grow in liquid sprayer and apply every 4-5 days. Plants grow like crazy.

joseph byrd


Verified Purchase

October 02, 2016

I love this product.I am an avid gardener both outside and inside.I grow alot of the food my family eats and am concerned about chemicals in my veggies i can honestly say that ive never found a problem or chemical taste to any of my veggies botanicare hit it out of the park with this product not only is it on the cheaper side but it works it really does i would totally recommend this product a 1000 times ive used this product for years and let me tell you they have a life long customer in me if your looking for something that will make your garden happy look no farther you have found it end of story

Michael Sosa


Verified Purchase

May 19, 2020

Liquid Karma is a Great product, really rich nutrients, keeps roots looking strong and healthy. I have been using Botanicare nutrients for multiple plants and I have to say it's easy to work with and last a good amount of time I'm hydroponics before water need to be changed. If you start with tap water, after you add the nutrients PH level may be right on point. What I've discovered is water from the local windmill water source outside the grocery store, will bring the pH down to about 4.0 so PH up is a must for that. Hope this info helps a little. Thank you

Daniel Soriano


Verified Purchase

July 28, 2020

This is a great blend of growth enhancement for the beginner grower to the master grower. I have been using this product for years for indoor gardening. If you are not going to buy all Botanicare products at least buy this one. I recommend starting at a quarter of the recommended dose after your plant shows first true leaves then after your plant shows it wants more increment by quarter dose until reaching 10 ml a gallon of water.



Verified Purchase

May 25, 2016

Magical potions are the temptation of every gardener. I've only used this product one in the last three weeks. We've had a colder than normal spring but blooms (roses) are fantastic. (Also had a mild winter so pruning was not as drastic as the usual pruning). The product did not burn (always a concern) and it's easy to apply. Would be great if they had it in one of those squeeze containers with the built in measuring cup.



Verified Purchase

January 12, 2018

Applied to liberally to reblooming Hydrangeas that were struggling to rebloom in unseasonably hot and dry July and August, and when applied in mid-August, leaf color did improve. Eventually did rebloom. I was using other nutrients, microbes, and soil amendments, but I believe this was the product that broke the Hydrangeas out of their rut. It's not a great value, since when used as a topical, it doesn't go that far.

M J W 01


Verified Purchase

November 18, 2012

First time I've used Liquid Karma during start and veg stages of my gardening and I'm seeing some amazing results. Understand that I am also using a new (to me)system and method (RDWC), but I am still amazed and am willing to give at least some of the credit to LK due to others posting similar results in their existing systems. For the money (you don't need a lot of the product), I think it's a wise investment.



Verified Purchase

December 20, 2013

I use Botanicare Liquid Karma with their Pure Blend Pro Grow for my Phalaenopsis orchids in clear pots with fir bark. They are healthy and happy. The general rule of thumb I follow with my Phals is to feed them weakly on a weekly basis. Been using both the Pure Blend Pro Grow and Liquid Karma at 1/3 to 1/2 the recommended dilution for over a year now with excellent results.

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