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Hydroguard 4 Litre

by Botanicare

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Unlock explosive growth and explosive root mass with revolutionary hydroponic booster.

Harness the power of natural microbial activity for accelerated growth with innovative inoculant.

Maximize yields and achieve maximum plant performance with revolutionary root enhancer.

Stimulate plant growth, increase resilience and improve root mass with groundbreaking new product.

Enhance plant health, increase growth, and maximize yields with cutting-edge hydroponic booster.

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Botanicare Hydroguard is a revolutionary hydroponic booster that harnesses the power of natural microbial activity to stimulate plant growth and increase plant resilience. This groundbreaking product is specifically designed to maximize yields and achieve maximum plant performance, by accelerating growth and improving root mass. Hydroguard contains Bacillus bacteria, which help to increase root mass, promote nutrient uptake, and reduce stress from pests and diseases. The added root enhancer encourages explosive root growth and creates an ideal environment for beneficial microbial activity. Botanicare Hydroguard is the perfect solution for any hydroponic garden, and can be used in any growing medium to unlock explosive growth.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 5.44 Kg
SKU: 2515

Manufacturer: Botanicare

Date first available: September 25 2019
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 474 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #6 in Botanicare
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Amanda B.


Verified Purchase

May 15, 2023

I wish I had before photos, because this stuff really works! My DWC hydroponic setup is outdoors, and I live in the south. So it gets hot and humid here. The last two seasons I've had severe issues with white slime and root rot even though the previous years were successful. All of my efforts to save them had been a failure.

I found Hydroguard and had never even heard of it before. I followed the directions, and now I've got fuzzy white root growth and NO nasty slime. It's such a great feeling. My pepper plants should definitely be abundant this year. I highly recommend using this for your hydroponic systems. I'll be a return customer!

Nathan H


Verified Purchase

November 13, 2016

The product is five stars easy, I will never do another hydroponics system without this magic liquid. You can save plants you thought where long goners and you will be amazed by this product. Shipping of product has been hit or miss each time I have ordered this. Even with shipping issues I still couldn't give this product any less then 5 stars. Its not the fault of this wonderful product that humans can't place it into a box correctly. If you are considering this product at all buy it immediately. You will not regret your purchase and it will pay for its self.



Verified Purchase

November 16, 2016

OK I have been using Hydroguard for a little while now and I have zero issues with the roots . Hydroguard keeps the root healthy so it's a preventative. Shake well. Seaweed made the roots a little Brown of course its normal. I was expecting to see new white root tips . It just made the roots stay healthy I had zero root rot no slimy mess to clean I will buy more.

I'm just use to SM-90 to fix past issues it makes the new roots white . SM-90 smells really nice.



Verified Purchase

Works but the price....

February 22, 2022

It works alright. If you're not running a water cooler you may still run into root rot with it. Still have a large quantity left after a grow, however, I switched over to sterile. I now use UC roots which is expensive aswell, but proves to be more user friendly and seems to be the only way to avoid root rot in dwc, for me anyways. I do not use a water cooler/chiller and so far, no problems with my roots on this grow.



Verified Purchase

January 18, 2020

I,ve been using this since 2016, I've tried all the other methods to stop root rot. This is by far the best most consistent product I've ever used. Was late on may water change out. Still didn't have time to do it so I threw in some hydroguard! My roots looked like they were starting to turn. Next water change they were perfect again. This stuff really really works. Put it in at every water change.



Verified Purchase

July 19, 2021

I'm in Arizona doing DWC and my reservoir is normally at 78 to 81 degrees. I refuse to run a chiller, so I use Hydroguard. Zero root rot and two plants successfully finished, thrww plants going right now.

I don't know if there are cheaper options, I don't even look because it just works.

Donna T.


Verified Purchase

January 09, 2020

This product is a good one for cleaning roots. Not quite and enzyme but will clean up the dead stuff in the root zone and keep them white. Wouldn’t say it’s caused root growth but a little goes a long way. It’s good for reservoirs keeping out bacteria growth



Verified Purchase

November 14, 2020

This is the best I've used this product for root rot since it came out its the best out there in my opinion alot of product like this one leaves a brown film this destroys root rot . An a gallon is the best value for money dont waste your money try it out .



Verified Purchase

December 26, 2019

Do your cannabis plants have root rot? White, filmy growth crawling up the stalks? Buds empty inside? This will treat and prevent recurrence of root rot. Use during all flushes except for the last.

Sequoia Heuer


Verified Purchase

September 26, 2019

I’ve been adding this to my clone trays and getting great rooting results. Also adding it to my irrigation and along with some other products have stopped fusarium from killing all my plants.

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