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sulphur pellets 1 pound

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Sulphur Pellets 1lb

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Last Updated: September. 25 2022
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Sulphur pellets for sulphur burner.
$15.00 + $33.18 Shipping
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Product details
Product Dimension: 20.32 x 20.32 x 15.24 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.25 Kg
SKU: 0780
Date first available: November 06 2012
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Bestsellers Rank: #2 in Pest Control
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Counter Culture Homesteading

  Took out my mildew issue in an hour..

January 15, 2020

Verified Purchase

This stuff works to kill white powdery mildew.. amazing. Shipping was ultra fast... I put about a table spoon or two in a tin can and held it about 2 inches over a tea candle with a makeshift stand. Burnt it for about an hour ..let it sit for 2 and turned on the exhausts.. wpm dead!


  It is rough milled sulphur

August 06, 2022

Verified Purchase

If you want this product for skin treatment you'll need to mill it down a lot more but it is what it is described as-sulphur pellets. Prices vary-this fairly good and although it took about a week to get to me-that's less than the estimate-so I'd buy again.


  I Am Pleased

February 19, 2021

Verified Purchase

Yes, I am pleased by this purchase, however I thought the crystals were larger not grounded as they seem to be , but it is not a problem for me, since it works very well for what I intended and I would purchase it again!


  Arrived on time and appears to be good quality, blueberry bushes are bouncing back again, thank you!

May 27, 2021

Verified Purchase

Got this sulfur for my blueberry bushes that had pale leaves and little new growth, and a couple of weeks later their leaves are darkening, there is new growth and berries forming, happy with purchase, thanks!

Morgan Eros


May 25, 2021

Verified Purchase

For some reason even though this sulphur was produced in Canada... where I live... I had to pay for it to be shipped across the Pacific.. and back. That said.. I did receive what I paid (extra) for.


  Très très bien !

October 29, 2018

Verified Purchase

Il aurait fallu qu'il soit mieux emballé puisque le contenant s'est brisé durant le voyage. Sinon tout est très conforme et de qualité! Je recommande!

The Hillbilly Hiker

  good quality, and good value

August 06, 2016

Verified Purchase

Item was exactly as described, good quality, and good value. Delivery was prompt, and price was exactly as quoted. What more can a customer ask for?


  Who reviews the taste on a product like this.

March 09, 2021

Verified Purchase

I can't even believe you put taste on the list of aspects to review... other than the taste i am completely happy.


  There's something about sulfur...

June 09, 2020

Verified Purchase

One of the most mysterious elements. Just heat it up in a glass tube and observe, carefully.


  Its sulphur

January 26, 2021

Verified Purchase

What can I say? Its sulphur, it's yellow, the price is good and it was delivered quickly.

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