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BL Bluelab pH Probe

by Bluelab

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Make gardening easier with a pH probe - perfect for hydroponic systems.

Keep your plants healthy with a reliable pH probe.

Get accurate readings quickly with a pH probe.

Monitor pH levels with a simple pH probe.

Keep your plants thriving with a pH probe.

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The Bluelab pH Probe is an essential tool for any hydroponic system. It is designed to accurately and reliably measure and monitor the pH of nutrient solutions, helping users to maintain optimal growing conditions for their plants. The probe is easy to use and provides fast, reliable readings in just seconds. It is suitable for use with a range of nutrient solutions, including water-based and soil-based systems. The Bluelab pH Probe includes a calibration solution, which is used to ensure that readings are accurate and stable over time. The probe is also compatible with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor, allowing users to view real-time pH readings on the monitor’s LCD display. The Bluelab pH Probe is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and reliable way to measure and monitor the pH of their nutrient solutions.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 27.94 x 22.86 x 20.32 cm
Shipping Weight: 2.59 Kg
SKU: 1464

Manufacturer: Bluelab

Date first available: April 11 2016
Average customer review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 830 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #7 in Measuring Device
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Your favorite colorado grower


Verified Purchase

July 29, 2019

I have been using bluelab products for over eight years. Highly accurate but priced a bit steep for many ordinary gardeners - If you are looking for lab quality and extreme accuracy look no further. All blue lab products that I have tested which include their combo meter, soil ph pen, and the guardian meter have all performed excellent. The ph probes must be kept clean and submerged in a solution (I use tap water that is frequently changed out after each use). To keep the probes lasting you must keep proper maintenance and always be sure to recalibrate one to two times a month for best results. Calibrate in ph 7.0 solution first and follow it up with 4.0 until your ph probe has a check mark in which it should now be perfectly calibrated and accurate. Be careful not to drop your ph probe as they can be fragile that most likely would resulting in accurate readings or cracked glass.



Verified Purchase

June 26, 2021

They send many of them void of the required storage solution. Either it leaks out during storage at warehouse or when shipped. In any case they are not suppose to be stored dry so when you open the box and see a dry probe you have to get it replaced. Once you get one that is properly packaged with solution they work great. I have had a pen last almost 3 year with proper care. Then took 3 tries to get one that was packaged properly. Although they did replace them until I got a properly package one. Just annoying cause you can't buy an extra and keep it the box sealed in case you break one cause you have to make sure they didn't send you a dry probe.

David Flores


Verified Purchase

June 20, 2023

I have an automated growth chamber (not from Bluelab) and was curious if these would be plug and play in the system. Sure enough, they were! I've bought almost 2 dozen for all my different setups, and, aside from minor issues likely related to user error or shipping, every probe has worked well.

Checked each against a separate calibrated meter and found all probes to be fairly accurate as well. Drift was easily corrected by calibration.



Verified Purchase

May 20, 2021

The one I ordered was delivered in perfect condition, and works well. It came with plenty of storage solution. The response time is good enough for a hobbyist to perform alkalinity titrations by pH, but not as good as the $500 probes in the lab I work at. Which is to say pretty good, but not instant. (The $500 probe isn't instant either.) I'll update in a year or when it dies to report on lifespan.



Verified Purchase

Not sure if it is possible but it would be nice to have its made a bit more durable

August 14, 2017

Delivery was fast. Product works as advertised, but it is exceptionally delicate. Not sure if it is possible but it would be nice to have its made a bit more durable. You need to ensure you take it out of the reservoir before stirring after putting the PH adjustment product in. I made a case for it out of bubble wrap because the last one I had stopped working after 6 months.



Verified Purchase

September 24, 2014

This probe is extremely fragile, albeit it works excellently and is reliably accurate. It is very fast at measuring pH and the storage tip does seal properly to protect the elements. This is a replacement for me, and my biggest suggestion is to buy a small Pelican case to store this in. I bought the Pelican 1120 and it fits, but i would go slightly bigger.



Verified Purchase

February 25, 2017

My Bluelab combo meter is used daily and is still running strong, I had to replace the probe as it was not giving a 4/7 at recalculating, .2/3 high so ordered a new one. First probe was accurate for about 4 years. Also ordered new solution, ph 4 and seven, back in the game, can't live without this team.



Verified Purchase

September 26, 2015

High quality with good accuracy. I bought mine on a tuesday, had it by friday. Probe was in perfect condition, had plenty of storage solution in the cap and after doing a 3 point calibration it works perfectly. I expect this probe to last many years so long as i don't break it by accident.



Verified Purchase

Good probe. Good price.

August 19, 2021

The price-point and quality on these pH probes is good. I use these for students who tend to break everything. Rather than risk my fancy $2000 pH meter, I bought bluelab meter for general lab use. This pH probe purchase was to replace one that a student killed =(

Kevin J Morse


Verified Purchase

Not broken, but leaked

January 24, 2023

Boxes were Undamaged, one box previously opened. The fluid required to keep the tips dry have leaked out. One probe was dry, the other had enough in it to keep it damp. I have not been able to get to them to try to ensure they work yet as I am away from home.

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