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Bluelab Soil Ph Pen

by Bluelab

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Achieve perfect soil conditions for your plants.

Test soil pH levels with ease and accuracy.

Monitor soil pH levels quickly and effectively.

Get the best out of your soil with the right pH balance.

Monitor soil pH without the need for expensive equipment.

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The BlueLab Soil pH Pen is a reliable and accurate tool for testing the pH of soil. It features a slim, waterproof design that allows you to quickly and easily measure your soil's pH level. This pen is designed to be used on soil samples, and it can help you manage the perfect soil conditions for your plants. With its easy-to-read LCD display and simple one-button operation, the BlueLab Soil pH Pen is the perfect tool for professional and amateur gardeners alike. With this pen, you can monitor soil pH levels quickly and effectively, so you can always make sure your plants are getting the right pH balance for optimal growth. Plus, this pen is a cost-effective way to measure soil pH levels without the need for expensive equipment.

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bl bluelab ph pen bl bluelab ph pen

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Product details
Product Dimension: 25.4 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 1.6 Kg
SKU: 2789

Manufacturer: Bluelab

Date first available: July 08 2020
Average customer review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 855 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #19 in Measuring Device
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Verified Purchase

May 03, 2022

I received my probe in the mail today. I was really confused as to what the KCL fluid was, because there was fluid in both the cap and inside the probe it seems.....I feel like the instructions could be clearer but I figured it out.

So after powering on I noticed there's no check mark next to the pH label meaning that it needs to be calibrated. So I can't even use this right out of the box. The pen should not only come calibrated but it should also include one small pouch of calibration fluids as well as KCL fluid, just for backup. I understand these things need to be sold separately as they get used up pretty quick each season, but I feel I should be able to use this right out of the box. What has ended up happening is that there wasn't enough KCL solution in the dibber to bathe the probe, and so I had to add 2 drops water to the dibber and soak it overnight (it really only requires a couple drops of water, which you think it would require more by looking at the dibber but nope). So I have to do two things: let the probe soak overnight now that there's enough fluid inside, and now I have to order the pH calibration fluids and wait for them to come in the mail so I can calibrate this thing before using it. I admit, this is a bit annoying. I understand that maybe the calibration will be lost from when this pen is produced in the warehouse and by the time the buyer receives it. But that's why you should include a little bit of calibration fluid with the pen so I can calibrate it, allowing me to use it right out of the box.

Anyhow, it has nice packaging and is a nicely put together device from what I can tell. I don't expect to have any problems and trust it will do its job reliably. I will update this review in the future if necessary.



Verified Purchase

July 16, 2021

I got the solution to assess the calibration of the bluelab pH pen and been detecting consistent data for water and other solutions. Perfect for knowing how to keep my drinkables at a higher pH so to balance my acidic diet of foods. In doing so, I detoxify my body every day and help the digestion of foods work as it should. In this age of modern polluting factors (a mountain of factors, really) our basic water and other fluids are poisoned by chlorine, chloride , flouride, and other unwanted pollutants. These products change the water pH. Our natural streams (with higher pH because of magnesium and potassium) are no longer the standard we evolved to intake. This other water, delivered via pipes or with well shock treatments with Chlorine isn't part of our evolutionary diet. So the Bluelab Pen permits me to make sure what I drink is going to be something I've evolved to drink that helps me balance the toxic effects of too much of one thing (acidic foods that need to be digested and distributed by alkaline fluids).



Verified Purchase

July 30, 2020

For 150 dollars they could have included small packets of KLC and/or cleaning solution or calibration fluid (or raise the price up to 200, I paid 150 I can pay 50 more) . It's very accurate but drifts incredibly quickly, a cleaning and recalibration is required after every use to keep the metrics accurate. If you're looking for a consistent way to measure the PH of your soil without buying a 150 dollar PH pen (and 4 bottles of essential fluids needed for propper function that are 10-15 dollars each) just water your substrate with PH balanced water and measure your runoff water with a chemical kit. It will cost you less and be accurate enough to actually make a difference in growing quality. I like the product but question it's efficacy because it's sort of an expensive paperweight without the necessary accessories, looks like a pretty cool magic wand though.

Brian Smith


Verified Purchase

July 03, 2022

I finally purchased what I personally thought was the best ph pens and ec pens on the market. I bought this one because it could check the soil ph and the liquid solution also. So it was a win win. This was my favorite pen to use and after 10 years of growing indoors I've went through some ph pens. I have a box full of them. So I decided to step up my game and invest in a quality product from a reputable manufacturer. But just like everything else you can get a bad one. After 11 months of use approximately 3 auto grows i started having a deficiency issue with my current grow and I tried calibrating it as I had done many times before "the easiest one I've had to calibrate" would not read the 4.0 solution. I contacted Bluelab and filled out a request for help ticket to try a fix my favorite grow tool. So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed ?



Verified Purchase

costly but not as costly as bad results....

March 11, 2021

If you are like me you want the best return on investment. I'm not happy growing blind. I'm the type of grower that spends time with his plants and nurtures. I harvest when trichomes are a ripe milky white at the peak of perfection. I figure why spend so much time and energy and resources growing a plant and not care if nutrient uptake is possible. I don't want to wait for deficiencies to show up in my leaves to know what's going on in the medium. Yes they are one of the most expensive but yes they are worth every penny in my opinion. If you're ok with calibrating every other day with inaccurate results go ahead and save a few bucks and get a $20 one. Some things you can't cut corners on. This is one of them... Happy growing!

w theron


Verified Purchase

October 29, 2020

bought this for my Wollemi Pine that needs acidic soil that is slightly more acidic than the brands of soil you get at local garden centres. It comes with no test solutions so you have to get those and you need to (acidic and alkaline). The device performs well when calibrated and i was able to test the different soils i bought to find the right one.

1) accurate
2) doesn't take long to sample

1) cleaning -but that's to be expected
2) you need to buy calibration solutions - i wished they added small bottles of it given the price point
3) price - but it is accurate and more so than cheaper brands

jerry gray


Verified Purchase

August 19, 2022

I bought this after my other pen quit working, and I wanted a good, easy way to check the soil, or coco's PH.
I saw a lot of reviews about this not working, and I had problems at first, but all you have to do is rinse the probe in clean tap water before using, to get the storage solution off the tip.
I like that the storage solution (Buy some when you get the meter, you will need it immediately) is a constant PH of 4. That alone helps me keep an eye on the probe to see if the numbers are drifting on it, and whether it needs premature calibration.
My plants are growing beautifully now. Thank you.



Verified Purchase

Best investment If you grow in soil or coco or even Hydro

March 02, 2020

I dont know why I didn't buy one sooner . Since legalization the bales of dirt have not been as good with ph all over the place . I was doing the old run off . But after buying this I kick myself now . Cause we are talking ph 0.5 difference or more in a few pots . To some that's not bad . But to me and my plants it's like good days or bad lol also don't keep it in RO water it will shorten the life of probe and will wreck it . Says in small print . Also you can use in your food solution (water) To adjust pH. Hope this has helped hit the helpful button and let me know its help thanks so much.

Asha Vahishta


Verified Purchase

December 20, 2019

Received a unit, it would not calibrate. Soaked the probe in storage solution for 24 hours. Probe will not calibrate. Contacted Blue Lab, they said I must return it. How nice for me, I get to do the RETURN song and dance because I was shipped a broken product. If you lived as far from the UPS office as I do, you wouldn't like returns either. Replacement arrived. It calibrates properly and gave repeatable results on 14 test areas. You will need calibration solution for two pH test points and you will need pH probe storage solution.



Verified Purchase

Can't comment on functionality because I returned it

March 06, 2022

I don't know if this probe works well or not. I ordered two of them both of them came with very little storage solution in the probe container. So little that the probe was not touching any of it at all. I returned it them. The probe tip has to sit in a special storage solution. If it dries it dies. So these were probably very old stock. But even still I don't know how the solution could evaporate. I wasn't taking the chance of the probe being defective because of it so they were returned.

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