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BL Bluelab pH Pen

by Bluelab

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Save time and money with accurate pH measuring

Improve plant health with the right pH levels

Get quick, reliable pH readings

Achieve optimal growth with professional quality pH pen

Get the most out of your plants with the right pH

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The Bluelab PH Pen is a professional quality pH pen for measuring the pH level of water for plant, hydroponic and aquarium use. It is an easy to use, reliable and accurate hand-held device designed to help you get the most out of your plants. This pen quickly and accurately measures the pH levels of your water, allowing you to make adjustments to optimize growth and health. The pen also features an LED display that clearly shows the pH level, so you can easily make adjustments as needed. With its advanced technology and simple design, the Bluelab PH Pen is the perfect tool for any gardener or aquarist looking for reliable and accurate pH readings.

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Shipping Weight: 0.91 Kg
SKU: 0717

Manufacturer: Bluelab

Date first available: March 11 2012
Average customer review: 4.1 out of 5 stars 71 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #2 in Measuring Device
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Verified Purchase

January 26, 2020

I got this because the cheap ones are lucky to last 3 months. I went through 5 of them in two years. It gives excellent accuracy (I compared it to strips) and lasts. It's a bit more fiddley but that because they have a product that works and to work it has to be fiddley. It's easy once you get it calibrated but you have to clean and calibrate once a month so get some of the Ph buffer solution packets in bulk. You have to have both the 7.0 (usually 6.85) and the 4.0s to calibrate. Again, this is an actual scientific instrument so treat it right and it will treat you right.



Verified Purchase

Expensive to buy and maintain

November 09, 2019

Just like any other ph pen I have used. It needs constant calibration to remain accurate for growing cannabis. Bought brand new calibrated it successfully and with in a week it was out .1 ....used it for another week...same thing. Now I need to buy more storage solution and calibration solution as it only ones with singlenise packages. Expensive tool to use and maintain. We will see how long it lasts!



Verified Purchase

Tops stained blue, no instructions(in English), no protective layer on lcd screen,

March 15, 2019

Looks used, had no English instructions, no proctective (plastic) layer on lcd screen, was stained blue from postage rough handling... I just hope it’s actually accurate!

5/5 product if you receive it new :) enjoy! Great instrument! Easy to use and simple! Temp is a nice feature I guess but I will stick to Hanna



Verified Purchase

When PH matters........

October 29, 2020

When PH matters, get yourself a blue labs ph pen. Very easy to use and calibration is done at the push of a button. The package included ph 4.0 and 7.0 calibration fluid along with the storing fluid. After a couple weeks, you can definitely tell the difference. You get what you pay for.......

Coop w


Verified Purchase

Quality instrument.

December 26, 2018

Fast delivery. Works great . I wish I purchased blue lab first instead of wasting time and money on cheaper units. Just get blue lab and stop wondering if it's the correct reading. It is.

Rick James


Verified Purchase

April 29, 2019

BY far the best PH meter I’ve used in years. No need to recalibrate over and over unless you store it wrong. Great product I use it for my hydroponic system and my fish tanks.



Verified Purchase

The most important thing to know is you cannot find anything better on the market for your needs

March 24, 2020

This pH pen it's the best on the market I will not use anything else what glue lab equipment for my hydroponic needs you would just be wasting your time with anything else

D.L. Hither Creek Organics.


Verified Purchase

October 19, 2017

Quality as usual is great. Spend the extra few bucks and buy a good pen like a Bluelab and save the hassle a cheaper pen will cause.



Verified Purchase

Shoulda got one a long time ago

August 08, 2019

Great product wish I woulda just bought it to begin with than spending same amount of money on different cheap models that are crap.

Nathan B.


Verified Purchase

January 09, 2020

Does exactly what it says on the label just like every other piece of equipment I have from blue lab don’t hesitate Buy it

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