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Bluelab Combo Plus Meter PH+EC+TEMP

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Measures pH, conductivity / nutrient (EC, CF, ppm 500 and ppm 700) and temperature (°C, °F)
Leap pH Probe, toughened spear tip for direct root zone, multimedia friendly, for measurements across a range of environments
Lightweight and portable
Large easy to read display
Simple push button pH calibration
Successful pH calibration indicator
No calibration required for conductivity and temperature
Replaceable double junction pH probe included
Over range and under range indicators
Low battery indicator
2 x AAA alkaline batteries included
Auto off function

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SKU: 3858
Date first available: November 24 2022
Average customer review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 64 customer reviews
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Verified Purchase

Great but..

April 19, 2021

Like this machine and it's functionality, works very well and easy to use. Could use some more design thought. The pen when not in use need to remain submerged in the storage solution. To do this Bluelabs has a very small "pill bottle" type container at the tip of the PH pen. The container is held in place by friction and a rubber washer. It's a little awkward to remove, but even worse once removed can be easily tipped over or misplaced. The washer itself is just waiting to be dropped and roll away!

Also I do with the EC part of this was also removable like the PH pen is. The cabling of both the EC and PH pens are cumbersome when both are connected to the machine. As I mostly use the PH pen I wish I could disconnect the other pen and store it away for when needed.

Ron F


Verified Purchase

August 20, 2022

It's hard to finance both pens .. the soil probe is very breakable.. the meter on the ec ppm side is only .1 ec degree of freedom accurate which means if the true reading is actually 200... this meter could read 150 or 250... huge non helping difference!!! These companies like bluelab hanna and all the rest are total trash. Inferior products that scream for excuses. Too bad aroya solus teros 12 only reads the rootzone otherwise at the price aroya solus is asking would be way worth it compared to another temporary short lasting product from these abusive companies like bluelab hanna etc... sick of dumping money to these crap companies...



Verified Purchase

April 02, 2021

I have had this product for about 10 months now, it is by far the best ph meter I have ever used. Taking slurry samples and testing soil ph has never been easier. Its all in the one controller and its super easy to calibrate. I keep the probe in the storage solution and it works wonders, last night I went to calibrate my meter for the first time in around 6 months and it read 7.0 and 4.0 spot on.. I used to have to replace cheap meters every 6 months and who knows how accurate those readings even were.. Inspired me to come write a review!

Electro Geek


Verified Purchase

December 25, 2021

I love the accuracy of this unit. I find that I don't have to calibrate as often as the directions say. This is more of a professional unit. I should have just got a cheaper Bluelab unit. However, if I expand this unit can meet my needs for all grow mediums. My only complaint is it just cost way too much. If you are a home grower, do not buy this. Buy one of the cheaper bluelab units....like well under $100. But definitely go with Bluelab.



Verified Purchase

June 03, 2021

Love it!!! Fast and easy! Much better than my pH pen. It will make a good backup. This meter rocks! User friendly! It's nice to be able to stick the pen into tops like a milk jug to check. No more having to pour a test sample. Not to mention the ability to easily check the pH of the soil!



Verified Purchase

January 11, 2023

Yes, may be the best, also why I placed an order for, works fine, but to expensive for most doing our hobby like me, with only a few plants.
BTW: do it matters, if the PH on any cheap products is 0,3 +/- ? :-)



Verified Purchase

June 13, 2022

Love this meter, reads fast, does EC ppm 700 and 500
Some nutrients use ppm500 scale others use ppm700 scale
The ph meter does a 2 point calibration
Don’t waste your money on cheap ph pens.

Keith & Kim


Verified Purchase

May 11, 2021

User friendly & accurate

Carl Barnett


Verified Purchase

May 26, 2022

Very accurate device.

Herman J. Shim


Verified Purchase

March 18, 2021

Worked very well