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Hydroclay Premium Clay Pellets 10 Litres

by Hydroclay

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Excellent value for premium quality clay pellets

Efficiently retain moisture

Provide equal distribution of liquid and nutrients to root mass

Environmental friendly and reusable for new projects

Perfect for Hydroponics, Soil Aeration, Coco Aeration, Orchid, Decoration and more!

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Hydroclay is a premium porous clay pellet used for variety of growing applications such as Hydroponics aquaponics soil drainage growing medium and decorative accessories. Our product does not contain contaminants from processing and our product is completely environmental-friendly.

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pp 6-11-31 hydroponic (15kg) pp 6-11-31 hydroponic (15kg)


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Product details
Product Dimension: 33.02 x 30.48 x 25.4 cm
Shipping Weight: 13.61 Kg
SKU: 2397
Product Barcode:  793585995419

Manufacturer: Hydroclay

Date first available: January 08 2019
Average customer review: 4.4 out of 5 stars 993 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #23 in Grow Mediums
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J. Ray Chrétien


Verified Purchase

Don't get fooled

November 27, 2020

You can find "hydroton" on EBay but you may end up with a bag of lava rock pebbles. This is the real deal and if you are not sure the difference, these clay pebbles float, the lava pebbles dont.
You can see many comments about these being very "dusty", as you can see from the photo of the water after washing them off, it is nothing unusual about it. A bit of dust from rubbing together in the bag and it should be expected with real unglazed clay.
Another complaint is about all the "broken" pieces. While many are still usable, as you can see by the photo, I separated all the broken pieces into a 3" flower pot. As you can also see in a photo, the overall vast majority are not broken.
If you are looking at "Deep Water Cultures", one 10L bag should fill 4 8" net pots.
Great product and I would buy again if I end up needing more at any point.



Verified Purchase

Has improved, and better then my previous pack

July 30, 2022

I didn't have to rinse too long for this batch. I'm very pleased ... I usually rinse them in small batches, per how much I need them over a strainer before transferring them to a bucket for soaking. I think also, the breakage and dust most likely has something to do with how people were handling them and how much it's been handled, like during transport, storing, shipping then delivery. If you think about it, these are made from clay, so what does people expect when they get clay balls in bulk, and shipped. Or people want the company to pack the balls like they would with glassware, packing each ball separately in shock proof styrofoam, and charge 10x the price you get now? If people want to review a product, think before you do so.



Verified Purchase

Very dirty and not the best

November 08, 2019

The amount of dirt and dust on these pellets is well alot even found bits of plant matter in the bag on the pellets. After 4 days of soaking hardly of any of the pellets want to sink which leads me to believe they arent ad porus or water retaining as hoped for. These pellets are incredibly alkaline and raises the ph high enough to kill well so far killed 4 seedlings but partially my fault to imporper ph adjustment but never had this issue with other brands of pebbles. Think ill be staying away from these ones for future!



Verified Purchase

Good purchase

November 29, 2020

I am using them in my terrarium for my face bottom and they are cheaper than the hydro balls and great variety of sizes for me and filled the space needed. They are dusty as to be expected but I wased them really well and have no issues with clouding the water. Very little broken balls. I am happy with my purchase. Be aware that some float and some are very large.

Carolyn G.


Verified Purchase

Best for bioactive!!

February 29, 2020

Absolutely love this for our bioactive vivarium. (Really wish I'd found this before I spent money on the zoo med brand. They're the size of peas and really heavy in the tanks.) This stuff is large size (think small cherries) super lightweight (so you can filter a big tank or viv and still move it around when needed and just as described. Highly recommend!!

Mark Guertin


Verified Purchase

Lots of damage

November 28, 2019

These seem like they will work well, but there were a LOT of damaged pellets in the bag. Big piles of dust at the bottom from all the pellets that had been crushed. If they were vacuum packed better that might be preventable, but there was a fair bit of air inside the bag which lets them bounce around during shipping/storage.

RoseAnn Yanke


Verified Purchase

Some maintenance required

July 30, 2019

Pellets retain enough moisture so you are able to leave your tropical plants for a long period without having to worry about them. You do have to add liquid fertilizer. I planted my tropical in it and my plants are doing well. Cannot place in direct sun as pellets would get to hot



Verified Purchase

Reputable seller & I highly recommend.

August 26, 2019

This product was very clean and perfectly sized. Professionally packaged also. I was quite sceptical about purchasing leca after looking at different sites and buyers comments. I highly recommend this seller’s product and I am extremely pleased with their product.



Verified Purchase

Not the greatest quality.

December 29, 2020

There was no sign of size on the bag and these ended up far too large for my needs (tropical house plants). There was quite a variation in size, a few broken pieces and it was very dusty compared to other brands I've tried.

Christopher S


Verified Purchase

Does the job.

April 09, 2020

I like this product. It wicks water throughout planters decently and/or allows great drainage. I was hoping, however, for the pellets to be a little more uniform. They do the job, but, are various shapes and sizes.

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