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rainmaker pump sprayer 4 litres

by Rainmaker

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Get the Power of a Professional Sprayer - No Matter Where You Need It.

Quality Sprayer with Varied Flow Rate - Suitable for Different Applications.

Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort and Ease of Use.

Durable and Reliable - Built to Last.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning - Ready for the Next Job.

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The Rainmaker Pump Sprayer 4 Litres is a multi-purpose sprayer, ideal for use in the garden and other areas of your home. This practical pump sprayer is made of high quality materials and is designed to last. It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use, and it features a variable flow rate so you can adjust it to meet your needs. The pump sprayer is easy to maintain and clean, and it is perfect for spraying herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other liquid applications. It is great for reaching hard-to-reach areas, and it is lightweight and easy to carry. With its durable construction, reliable performance and easy-to-use design, the Rainmaker Pump Sprayer 4 Litres is the ideal choice for your home and garden needs.

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Product details
Product Dimension: 60.96 x 30.48 x 30.48 cm
Shipping Weight: 11.28 Kg
SKU: 0100

Manufacturer: Rainmaker

Date first available: November 24 2010
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Bestsellers Rank: #1 in Spray Tank
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August 14, 2015

Verified Purchase

Very pleased with it. I've used it twice and wondered why after 6 years just got around to buying one. I used to use the 1 gallon lawn killers on the market but bending over was killing me so thought I'd try one of these types. So glad I did. I almost enjoy spraying now. The sprayer in my opinion is top notch. It has the adjustable spray head and it will turn down to just the lightless spray to a good far reaching stream.

The construction and material of the unit seems more than enough to last for years. Love the shoulder strap. The wand itself is kinda light duty but if you take care of it I'm sure it'll last a good long time. It's just kinda inexpensive made but do you really need more. I love the way you relieve pressure without worrying about it spraying up on you.

Only time will tell if this lasts for years or not but I think it will and very happy with it.

Bobbie Batten


September 07, 2022

Verified Purchase

Great value for the money. Heretofore, I was using a regular spray bottle with homemade weed killer (eco friendly) & hurting my back as I had to really bend over to reach the weeds near garden beds, patios, walkways & garage area! It was easy & quick to assemble…with the long wand and hose, almost NO bending & the wand tip is easy to adjust to spray stream from narrow to wide. I bought the gallon size for lighter weight (advise to fill 1/2 way for most pressure)…the strap works great & the pressure holds a long time!!! The container is opaque so easy to see your levels when filling & when running low! It has made a CHORE into something quick & easy and more effective because I will use more often!



January 27, 2021

Verified Purchase

I bought my 1/2 gal Rainmaker April 2020 and noticed a slit at the bottom of unit in Jan 2021 which confirmed the reason why it had been leaking for the last couple of months. After corresponding with the company I received another working unit that I can now use again. I have a one gallon unit which I purchased in June 2020 because my garden grew and so I needed more water power without having to refill the 1/2 gallon 2-3 times per use. Rainmaker has proven to stand behind their product and I am grateful for the good people who run their company and respond to customer's issues in a timely manner. Thanks RAINMAKER!



July 05, 2016

Verified Purchase

I purchased this sprayer to use multiple products in such as weed/grass killer and other products that require a pump sprayer. It is built very well and is easy and comfortable to use. All of the parts easily go together and the shoulder strap is a nice bonus. It makes it easier to lug around the yard when you have a lot of area to cover. You can adjust the spray tip to either a wide spray or a narrow stream. It has a good adjustable range.



March 11, 2016

Verified Purchase

This sprayer was purchased because it has a pressure release valve, increasingly unavailable on a one gallon sprayer. It is all plastic, a plus because it is very light weight. It comes assembled except for attaching the wand. It stays pressurized better than any sprayer I have ever owned and is translucent and has markings for easy filling. It would need a longer wand for the strap to be of any benefit to me, but it is design perfection.



February 27, 2018

Verified Purchase

This sprayer feels great in your hands. We use it almost every day. The nozzle produces a very fine mist which is hard to get on most sprayers. I use it for spraying my tomatoes with preventative measures and the volume goes much further since it is such a fine mist. We also use another one for misting microgreens. One star off because the extra fine mist only lasts about a year and you can't buy just the wand/nozzle.



July 16, 2016

Verified Purchase

Overall, it's a good product, but the nozzle only has one setting: mist. Not good if you are applying weed or bug repellents. For those applications you need something with better nozzle options. I felt like I had to be within 9 inches from the ground at all times with even the lightest of breezes. Better suited for garden work where less pressure doesn't harm your plants rather than lawn applications.

Donna G.


August 08, 2016

Verified Purchase

I've used several sprayers from big box stores and so read a number of reviews before buying yet another one. My problem is usually that the spray nozzle just doesn't work very well and the pressure is poor. This sprayer has a pressure release valve, a shoulder strap, and a good spray nozzle. If it holds up, and I have no reason to think it won't, I'll be happy for seasons to come!

Dr. Z


August 27, 2015

Verified Purchase

the pump assembly requires only a simple twist to seal the tank prior to pumping. Other Units require several turns (like a screw-in motion) which is more awkward than is the Rainmaker Pump system. A very functional innovation in a somewhat standardized product. Makes a significant difference especially when using more than 1 gallon per application.



August 14, 2019

Verified Purchase

Great one gallon sprayer (I've had MANY in my 35+ years of professional landscape maintenance): sprays well in all modes, doesn't clog, and best of all...after inadvertently damaging the wand, a new one was sent right away! Free of charge!!! Super product with super service!

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