plantimatter prodigy level kit 1 litre

by PlantiMatter

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Easy to use and switch to formula

Cost efficient and highly fruitful results

Improve plants resin, aroma and taste development

All you need to grow from seedling to harvest

Made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients for efficient flush and cleaner outcome


Unlock your plant's maximum hidden potentials with PlantiMatter.

PlantiMatter is a powerhouse challenger to the hydroponic nutrients line-up with higher goals and standards above current dominating players. Their formula contains a familiar yet powerful upgraded version of pre-existing similar products. Made with pharmaceutical-based ingredients and the latest of bioscience and technology proven to produce higher yield and better quality makes it a professional grower's choice for their cup-worthy prized plants. This prodigy level is comparable to the competition chart's high-tier formulas.

PlantiMatter Prodigy Level Kit Contains:

- Legacy Grow 1 Litre
- Legacy Micro 1 Litre
- Legacy Bloom 1 Litre
- Cal-Med 1 Litre
- Root Bound 1 Litre
- Exosilica 1 Litre
- Atomic Bloom 1 Litre
- Bud Golem 1 Litre

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Manufacturer: PlantiMatter

Date first available: June 10 2021
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