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Super Thrive 500 ML

by Vitamin Institute

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"TWICE as TALL, FULL, GREEN, HEALTHY" * in three months * with branches as wide as the trunks were * planted with Superthrive® * (compared to trees planted 2 months earlier without Superthrive®) * grown by the main agricultural testing lab. 50 VITAMINS, HORMONES. Economically saves waiting for plants to make these bio-organic complexes of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. NON-FERTILIZER. Dramatically healthier plants throughout the world, when SUPERthrive® ADDED to any fertilizing.

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Manufacturer: Vitamin Institute

Date first available: December 01 2010
Average customer review: 4.6 out of 5 stars 14986 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank: #3 in Vitamin Institute
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Verified Purchase

December 21, 2015

I have used this for years. It really works. It pays for itself many times over in plant health and increased production. It does not cause the plants to bolt but does increase the plant size. I use it when I start my seedlings and every time I water them. Always use it when transplanting and as a foliage spray about twice a month. Seedlings will show increased strength and just look better by planting time. The true results will be seen during harvest. Especially if it has been a stressful growing season. The 2014 growing season for tomatoes this year in central Arkansas was very bad. Mostly from heavy rains and flooding changing to high heat and humidity with little rain and damaging storms with high wind and hail. Over 1/2 of my transplants were killed by a heavy hail storm I had to buy Arkansas travelers to replace the ones I lost. The plants I bought were nice looking plants and $$$ ouch. I used super thrive on them also. The plants I bought never showed the results that the seedlings I grew did but all the plants were impressive in production. This year in our area most gardeners plowed down there tomatoes early and just took a loss or got almost nothing from there tomato plants. Fungal diseases were also a problem. All season I used superthrive. I did not have any disease problems and I got a lot of tomatoes and many very big ones. Plants were heavily loaded with fruit. Many plants were damaged from being pushed over in high winds. Some plants required two metal fence posts to support them. Other gardens that were within view of this one were not growing well. I know they had the same plants I used because I have heart failure and I supplied the tomato plants to them for helping me. I also used ferti lome blooming & rooting 9-58-8 plant food. I then used ferti lome yield booster a few times as I was concerned the large amount of fruit on the plants may need more calcium. I am also using superthrive on my indoor eggplants I cut back and took inside for winter growing under fluorescent light. They are now covered in blooms. This product works well for me. I will try to include a photo of one heirloom tommy toe plant from 2014. I used superthrive on from seed until end of season.

TM Conway


Verified Purchase

December 27, 2019

Wanted to come back and add that I took a tip from another customer & am now using this with water (1 part Thrive to 3 parts water) as a leave spray. I just mist my plants every day with this as I normally did with water. They seem to like it because, after just 9 or 10 days, they are perking up despite the fewer hours of sunlight. Just wanted to pass that along & thanks to the customer who mentioned this in the Q & A section!

The instructions are printed VERY small and are difficult to read. I had to use a magnifying glass (cos I'm getting old!), but I did notice the suggestion to apply as needed - "weekly, monthly, daily, or constantly - and that is why I am not sure about the value for dollar on this.

I am going to have to check the product page again to see how this should be stored because I didn't see that on the label. One Q & A mentioned storing it in the refrigerator.
The bottle is smaller than I expected (I am not good at judging amounts) but I really like the idea that this has B vitamins in it! My plants need something right now... I will have to give this some time to see if it will help my plants thrive this winter. They need a boost. Some of them are starting to fade and/or lose leaves. This is common for winter. So far, I know that this is MUCH easier to use than another product (and this is a larger quantity). The container is made so that it doesn't leak when measuring it out for use. The smell is very earthy and raw but dissipates once diluted and put in the plants. Because this is a small bottle but only requires 1/4 teaspoon, it could be really affordable. If I only have to use this once a week or less, the value will be good; if I have to use it more often than that (possibly daily?) that will eat into the value quite a bit.

If this helps my plants even a little, I will be willing to buy more. I will update in a few weeks or as soon as I can gauge how things are going.

Compton M. Cypress


Verified Purchase

August 09, 2015

I remember when I was a kid and my Grandma would buy almost completely dead plants on discount, only to take them home and show me how she worked her magic with this stuff, and then a few days later they would look healthier than the strong ones at the same store. Some people will tell you it doesn't work, and others will rave about this product, which leaves a lot of people unsure as to why. The easiest and best way to explain it perhaps is to simply say its like eating a healthy diet versus an unhealthy diet, the results don't show immediately but how often you do or do not get sick, how fast you recover when you do get sick, and your long term health all plays a part in it.

The B-Vitamins in this help plants recover and be strong when they are exposed to environmental stresses such as being to hot or to cold, it helps them have the strength to fight off problems which may affect them, not to say they won't or can't get sick, but rather they have a better chance to keep problems away and to recover should they fall victim to a problem. That is exactly why my Grandma would amaze me with this product with those sickly looking discount plants. If you plant doesn't need B-Vitamins at the time, then no you will not notice a difference by using it, but if you plants are lacking and in need of B-Vitamins, then you will notice a huge difference by using it. I personally like to stay protected by using it and not worry myself about if it does or doesn't need it, by making sure my plants have it readily available for when it needs it. A little bit of this product goes a long way, and when you look at what it does for you its pennies on the dollar and pays for itself many times over.

Mark Dirollo


Verified Purchase

March 30, 2022

Oh my God... If only this could promote hair growth on my head as well....

This has done for my houseplants what no other product has. I live in the northeast and decided to try to winter over indoors a beautiful Geranium I had gotten last year for my balcony. Much to my surprise it was doing ok - well enough that I had reason to believe it'd make it to the spring. But a month or so ago I found and bought this and started using it on all my house plants which have responded quite favorably as a result.

But the Geranium...oh my God the Geranium. If this thing grows any more it'll need it's own zip code.

It's not only grown like it's vying for the lead role in "The Thing That Ate Cincinnati" but it's become lush with blooms in the process. Ok, so if it gets the part it'll be a very beautiful "Thing That Ate Cincinnati" (I've already signed on as it's agent).

But seriously (what...me be serious??? Fuhgeddaboudit)... This stuff is great. And next of all a little goes a looooooooong way. Just a few drops per quart for house plants. Only downside is they don't include a dropper so you'll need to procure that yourself if you plan on using this on indoor plants.

So, to summarize...

If you use this product and follow the 3 basic, simple rules of gardening...
(1) The right plant
(2) in the right place/location
(3) with the right care

...then you can't go wrong.

P.S. the photo you see was taken in February. It's now March and this has grown even more - I now have to set it a place at the dinner table.

Hope this helps

Krystal Archer


Verified Purchase

July 20, 2019

This product is unbelievable! We live in California and grow medicinal marijuana. Our plants, for whatever reason, were not as far along as expected for 12 weeks. They were growing an average of about 3 inches a week. After reading the reviews, I ordered a small bottle of SuperThrive and used it in last Sunday’s nut-cycle. When I measured their height again, four days later, they had shot up a whopping 7 inches! Not to mention all of the new growth! The plants had popped new growth everywhere and the meager “flowering” they had started appears to be on steroids now. I am actually excited to go look at them each morning and compare to the previous day’s pictures - which I have to do because I would not believe how incredible this product works! I also had a basil plant and a Carolina Reaper pepper that were nearly dead from Septoria. One feeding of Superthrive and I happened to look at them yesterday...their color is gorgeous and they are both standing up, crisp and vibrant with no hint of wilting. I cannot believe what I am looking at. I had given them both up for dead but my fiancé wanted to try one last time. I’m a believer now...or will be once I am over the shock of what I am seeing. I ordered a quart of superthrive and am so excited for it to arrive today. I was skeptical over the price but not anymore! This stuff is worth every penny and I will be a SuperThrive customer for life!



Verified Purchase

October 15, 2020

My favorite thing about this fertilizer is that you can use it along with any other fertilizing program. I recently placed fertilizer spikes in my plants and felt kind of meh :/ about it. Some plants liked them, others burned, despite me using about half the recommended dose. My scindapsus pictus shot out this really long ugly vine with multiple nodes that had no leaves. So I started using SuperThrive, since you can use it no matter what you were already using.

SuperThrive is especially great for using the first year you have a plant. You don't know if that plant is coming to you over, under, or (unlikely) correctly fertilized. But no matter what, you can still use SuperThrive.

After using SuperThrive, my monstera deliciosa probably showed the most obvious improvement. It had been growing alright and slowly putting out slightly larger leaves, but after using SuperThrive, it put out two HUGE leaves. They look fantastic. My mimosa pudica started growing like a weed and I ended up having to sell it because I no longer had room, so that was a bummer. All my other plants have shown anything ranging from very little improvement, to lots of improvement. Which is awesome.

The bottle is tiny, but a tiny amount goes a long way, so it should last me awhile. Will definitely rebuy when I run out.



Verified Purchase

August 02, 2017

UPDATE: I gave this 5 stars but now I give it 3 stars.If this is your first time using a fertilizer like me, I recommend learning how to read the container to know what you are getting. This fertilizer is okay, but very weak compared to others. The numbers on the container show the number of nutrients your plant will get. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).It offers (0.5-0-0) meaning hardly anything!!!. I helped my plants a little but there is better out there. I recommend finding a balanced fertilizer.

I am so happy I bought this. I read the reviews on people using this for their Fiddle leaf fig and I had the same problem. My plant was not growing and I had it for 4 months since I have used this I finally see the growth I have 5 new baby leaves and it been about a 1 1/2 - 2 weeks now. I used this on all of my plants now and they are all growing a lot faster.

Because I have never used another fertilizer before I cannot say that this is better than others that are out there, however, this is a good start for people who have no experience with fertilizers.

THERE IS A SMELL! this smells strong if you are using this indoors so have some incense ready to burn. Also a little goes a long way for indoor plants.

Top Tier Reviewer


Verified Purchase

June 14, 2014

I love hydrangeas - except, I live in Southern California and my garden gets mostly harsh afternoon sunlight.

Within the first week of using Superthrive, I noticed a HUGE difference in the growth of my hydrangeas. First of all, my hydrangeas were badly burnt from being in the heat all day. I thought they all died. By the time I pruned-away all the burnt leaves and blossoms, I was left with just sad looking branches with roots. I hadn't expected the plants to live...but I just tried my best by transplanting them to a morning-sun and mostly shady spot under my oak tree. I administered Superthrive - just a 2 capfuls in a 5-gallon bucket and started to water my flower beds - including the hydrangea plants.

Guess what...they started to grow again! The leaves miraculously started to bud and grow in just 2-3 days. It's been about 8 weeks and I've watered with Superthrive just twice again since the first and the bushes are doing just fine. No blooms - but the leaves are green, very turgid, and sturdy.

As for the rest of my flower beds, I'm experiencing phenomenal growth. Blooms are bigger and more vibrant. Even my succulents are juicer and thicker! Heck, even weeds and mushrooms thrive with this stuff!



Verified Purchase

May 05, 2021

I couldn't love this product any more. I purchased an EXPENSIVE AF Monstera Albo cutting, and 5 months later, there was still no sign of roots. I was beginning to think I got punked.

Cut to me purchasing Super Thrive and using it in the propagation vase (yes, ONE drop per cup!) and my cutting started popping roots within ONE week. Now my roots are getting roots -- see pics!

Now I use this for EVERY plant, EVERY watering, as well as in my spray bottles and humidifiers and my garden plants. For my props, I change out the water once a week. My plants have, LEGITIMATELY, never looked better. It's as if they were waiting their whole lives for this product. My PPP's sprout new leaves one after the other, and my FLF has never looked better. If that's not a testament to this product, I don't know what is.

Just a few housekeeping notes, I still use my regular fertilizer when watering (when appropriate), as well as any insect treatments. I just consider this an extra, but VERY necessary, boost for my plant and bush babies.

When using 1 drop per cup, this is an outstanding value, so buy it NOW!

PS - yeah, the scent is potent, but who cares?! The results are all that matters.



Verified Purchase

June 29, 2015

I saw online that people absolutely love this product.
I've been using it for a couple of months, and I'm not sure if it 100% does or doesn't work. It's hard to tell since I didn't formally compare to a control group.
Most of the ingredients are secret. The company states that their product is non-toxic, even in the undiluted form.

Organic Growers: this is "natural", but the company states that this is not technically organic since somethings are made synthetically.

A great youtube video of an experiment can be found by searching "The Definitive Superthrive Experiment: Does it Work? (Day29)"
While it is a very low powered experiment, it might spur you to try an experiment of your own if you decide to use this.
The video does show a great comparison of fertilizer vs water only.

I will continue to use this on my garden this summer to further evaluate this product.

- Non-toxic, very safe around pets and people according to the website
- People passionately use this product

- No hard proof it works, except by word-of-mouth
- If someone has some evidence, I'm willing to listen and change the review

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