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Super Thrive 4 Litres

by Vitamin Institute

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Boost your plants' growth and overall health with this exceptional vitamin solution.

Witness a significant improvement in crop yield and quality with this unique formula.

Enhance root development and reduce transplant shock for a healthier, more resilient garden.

Trust in a proven, non-toxic solution used by professional growers and home gardeners alike.

Experience the ease and convenience of a concentrated formula that requires just a few drops per gallon of water.

$308.69 Loading Data

Introducing a game-changing solution for gardeners and growers seeking to boost their plants' growth, health, and overall resilience: a powerful, concentrated plant vitamin formula that delivers exceptional results. Our product addresses the Five Ws and H to provide a comprehensive understanding of its benefits.
Who: Ideal for professional growers and home gardeners alike, this vitamin solution caters to all types of plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and trees.
What: This unique formula is a blend of essential vitamins and hormones that work together to enhance root development, reduce transplant shock, and promote overall plant health. With just a few drops per gallon of water, your plants will experience a significant improvement in growth, yield, and quality.
When: Use this solution throughout all stages of your plant's life cycle, from germination to maturity, to ensure optimal growth and health.
Where: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this versatile product can be used in gardens, greenhouses, hydroponic systems, and more.
Why: By providing your plants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive, this product enables you to achieve a more vibrant, healthy, and fruitful garden.
How: Simply mix the required dosage into your watering can or reservoir and apply as needed. The concentrated formula ensures that a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective solution for all your gardening needs.

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Product Dimension: 33.02 x 22.86 x 17.78 cm
Shipping Weight: 4.54 Kg
SKU: 0577

Manufacturer: Vitamin Institute

Date first available: March 20 2011
Bestsellers Rank: #2 in Vitamin Institute
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Jamey Machmueller


Verified Purchase

January 14, 2019

the price may seam steep but then again not really because the dosage per each gallon of water is very small and this is a 1 gallon container. My mom has used this for over 10 years she swears by it and i can also attest it is the best fertilizer i have ever used hands down. It will make your plants so huge, healthy, strong and beautiful. After my plants looking meh for years and going to my moms house and seeing all her gorgeous prize worthy plants i decided to start the Superthrive trend also. Wish id done it sooner because my plants get me compliments every time i have visitors i have around 70 and they are the most vibrant colors and healthy looking. I initially put ordering this product due to the price being a bit high so i waited and waited and i can say that sometimes you really do get what you pay for and this is one of those instances where you need to just swallow the cost and buy it!

M Harris


Verified Purchase

July 25, 2020

Started with an experiment in my garden, with and without superthrive. Clearly, although subjectively, there is a significant difference between the plants . We’ve never had annual flowers last past April/may here in south Florida but it’s July and flowers are thriving in the heat and humidity. Have been applying systemically as per directions, and as a foliiar spray mixed with Miracle grow. Using on Citrus-biggest improvement, blueberries, pineapples,peppers and tomatoes. Even applying by spray to my orchids now. Again my observations are just that.. observations, but i did do side by side comparison for several months. Highly recommend.



Verified Purchase

May 27, 2020

This really revives a plant! We have had trees nearly die and we have seen them come out of it and literally flourish. We do use a much stronger dose than recommended. We mix 4-6 oz in 5 gal bucket and poor around the tree every 7 days for 4 weeks. We have seen exceptional results on a Japanese lilac - a dogwood tree- a weeping Norway Spruce.
We do experience a lot of winter kill in our area and in the spring we use super thrive about 1 Tbsp per gal. water pouring a little on each of the bushes and trees to give them a boost. Also on our new plantings as a stimulant. We have had very good results.

David Beaubien


Verified Purchase

enfin,avec un bouchon en plastique

October 01, 2020

pour ceux qui connaissent et qui ont déjà travailler avec du superthrive vous avez certainement déjà constater la volatilité du produit...problème enfin résolu et ce de façon simple et efficace"bouchon plastique"en fait il suffit de nettoyer régulièrement afin de ne pas avoir à vous battre et tordre la bouteille dans tous les sens pour enfin la rouvrir...de plus le prix est beaucoup attrayant qu'en magasin,je vous souhaite des récoltes abondante ce produit est miraculeux lorsque l'on sait s'en servir...



Verified Purchase

June 03, 2021

Best Plant food EVER

I normally buy 5 the small bottles and they would hold me through the winter months.
This past winter I was unable to get this and all of my plants suffered.
This time I invested in the gallon jug and right after receiving it fed my plants, WOW what a Difference they really perked up and are now Flowing.

I have always sworn by this stuff and will continue doing so.

Thank You Super Thrive for making a GREAT product

Mark C.


Verified Purchase

April 26, 2019

We have been using this product for years. This is the first time we have purchased it by the gallon and the savings is wonderful. SUPERthrive is amazing and you can see the difference when you use it and when you don't. Plants nourished with SUPERthrive grow faster fuller and with greater yield than those with conventional fertilizer. The liquid is easy to mix and can be used by the plants right away. I would recommend this product.

Melissa R


Verified Purchase

March 12, 2019

I was first introduced to Superthrive when we planted trees in 2011. We would add a cap full when we watered our newly planted trees. By the first year we had apples and nectarines!!! Now no matter the climate we live in, we still use it. out trees grow strong and fast. It also works great in the garden to give me big beautiful plants with healthy veggies. Love it!



Verified Purchase

November 19, 2019

I have always used Quick Start on our newly planted landscapes. This beats it BY FAR! I've never seen such growth in one season. Granted, I used more at the beginning and then tapered off as the shrubs caught, but still - unbelievable! Even our new 14' Colorado Spruce trees caught the first season and got new growth. I will never use any other fertilizer.

warren boudreau


Verified Purchase

June 02, 2019

Friend told me about this. This has revolutionized my gardening. Really gets new plants going and excellent for transplanting. Seems expensive but it is so concentrated it will last for months at least. I also use it as folar spray when plants look a littler peaked. You can see growth spurt in 1-2 weeks after using. Super easy to apply.

Mark K


Verified Purchase

March 11, 2019

I use a couple tablespoons of this stuff every time I water my 8 citrus trees in our sunroom. You’d think they were growing in Florida and not in north west Arkansas. New leaves, vigorous growth and plentiful blossoms in February ... it’s gonna be a rich citrus Christmas again!!!

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